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”The light of Eleryon shines within all, whispering to each their true destiny.”


Eleryonism is a new religion founded in Dwilight.

Eleryon is the bright silvery star visible in the evenings, the first one to lit on the horizon. Faintly as the flicker of a star it speaks to those who find a place quiet enough, or to those in the midst of a great darkness. It uses no force to gain its purpose, but rather gently beckons all to come and listen, for all to discover their true selves.

”May the light of Eleryon shine on all.”

”Light of Eleryon be with you.”

”May Eleryon guide you.”

Dreams are important in Eleryonism. While one may interpret a dream and its meaning for oneself, a dream meant for others has to always be interpreted by others, preferably by many. No individual may claim to have the true message from Eleryon, not for anyone else, but always for himself.

Since the path of Eleryon is different to everyone, there is no other underlying principle in the faith except to encourage everyone to become what they were meant to be and to share this enlightenment, the Light of Eleryon, with people around them. The Followers of Eleryon may thus have conflicting interests, and may even wage wars against one another. For this reason a true follower acknowledges that it is not necessarily the task of another follower to support him in his cause. But whenever there is a conflict between members of the faith, all are to acknowledge that the conflict itself may indeed be there for a reason, serving some higher purpose.

Everyone has a path of their own, on which they must walk alone. It is in understanding this that the followers find their unity. This in turn encourages the followers to assist one another on their paths, when there is no conflict of interests.

Politics and Eleryonism

Eleryonism has no interest in the mundane politics of the realms. As everyone is entitled to their own path, the Council of Eleryon only expects that their temples be respected and their preachers be not harmed. A priest will gladly assist the lord of a land by calming the population and will never turn the people against their lord. The faith strives for a situation of mutual respect with the lords of the lands.

Other faiths and Eleryonism

Since all have their own path, being a follower of another faith can very well be the true destiny for someone. Eleryonism has no interest towards the other faiths per se. Only if there is persecution or discrimination against the Followers of Eleryon, will there be active measures taken to counter the threat. It is within the will of the Lord to decide which faiths can be preached on his lands.

Ranks within Eleryonism

In the ranks of the faith there is no difference in being a priest or not, except for the Council of Eleryon, in which only priest characters can participate. The ranks are given by progression in the various aspects of the faith. The most important task of any member is to bring the light of Eleryon to all the people, especially nobles. This path takes the Seeker through the rank of a novice follower to follower, and finally true follower.

Parallel to this path is the ability and willingness to hear what Eleryon speaks to the follower and interpret that. The one who sees dreams and writes them down for all the members can gain the title of a dreamer. A dreamer never interprets his own dreams to the others. The ones who interpret are called the Whisperers, as this is the sound of Eleryon, a faint whisper that can only be heard in the silence of the soul. Those who both write dreams and interpret them to the others are called Seers.

There is no requirement for a member to do either, but those who do so regularly can gain the title they deserve as a show of appreciation.


The Elder ranks choose when to promote a member. Promotions are gained by achievement within the faith. Other members can send requests to the Council of Eleryon for promotions, but no-one can request to be promoted himself.

Aspirant ranks

Lost Soul

New members start out as Lost Souls. A Lost Soul is expected to write to the entire full membership of Eleryonism what he seeks for in the faith, why he seeks and how he intends to find what he seeks. After this he can be given a guide. Once a Lost Soul has been given a guide, he is promoted to the next rank.

Seeker of the Star

An aspirant with a Guide. A seeker is expected to learn the basics of Eleryonism with the help of his guide. After a Guide has led a Seeker to a satisfying degree of understanding of Eleryonism, the guide then also ensures the Seeker is truly committed to the faith. After this the Guide sends a recommendation to the Council of Five. The Seeker must then meet with a Nur-Eleryon, one of the Council, to be initiated as a full member.

Member ranks

Novice Follower

Once a Guide has deemed a Seeker worthy of promotion, when he has mastered the essential basics of the faith and proven his adequacy. Upon promotion, a small gift and a celebration is appropriate, often hosted by the Guide.

Novice Guide

Guide Resources

Follower of the Star

Guide to the Star

True Follower

True Guide

Guide of Many Souls


Whisperer is a Follower who has shown dedication in attempting to interpret the dreams that the other members of the faith have shared. The voice of Eleryon is a gentle whisper, and so is the voice of the Whisperer. The interpretations of the Whisperer have proven to be both accurate and well received by the members of the faith.


Dreamer is one who has actively shared what Eleryon has revealed to him in dreams. A Dreamer has not attempted to give any interpretations of his own dreams but has permitted the others to discuss their meaning. A Dreamer has shared visions that clearly have some theme, and the descriptions of the dreams he shares are not very long, not necessarily the entire dreams, but the parts which the Dreamer has felt have some significance.


A seer is what you call someone who is both a Whisperer and a Dreamer.


A Seer can declare his willingness to advance further in the faith and one day gain a higher rank of service. He then is promoted to Stargazer by the Elders. To prove his worth, ability and dedication a Stargazer is given a challenging task to be completed for the faith. The task can take a very long time to finish, or may in fact never be finished. There is no set time limit, so one can never truly fail the task, nor be delayed. The task must, however, be something that can be completed, given enough time and dedication. Once the task is completed, a Stargazer is promoted to one of the higher ranks. A Stargazer may request a rank he would prefer, or even request an entirely new rank to be created for him.

Elder ranks (Council of Eleryon, Council of Five)

The Council has no other agenda but to share the Light of Eleryon. Together they seek ways to accomplish this, to spread the message to distant lands, to patiently guide the followers to greater understanding of the Silver Star.

Servant of the Light

The one who leads the Council and speaks for it outside the faith is called the Servant of the Light. As a servant he is the lowest of all Eleryon, responsible to them and is at their mercy. If he oversteps his authority, he may be demoted to an ordinary Stargazer or worse. To lead is to take responsibility. To be great is to be humble. The Servant is chosen only in the time of great need, when swift decisions are needed and there is not enough time to consult within the Council.


Eleryon is within us all, but most visibly in those who bear in their name the title of the Voice of Eleryon. Those dedicated fully to the path may gain this rank, to be promoted to equal status and power as the rest of Nur-Eleryon.