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The only thing one can rely on in the world is Vita and Nex, Life and Death, the only true Eternal Forces. Everything else is up to those who support it and is either a form of Chaos or a form of Order. Chaos is to be destroyed or reformed, and Order to be created or reinforced.

The Argent Order stands as a new beacon of Order on Dwilight were past faiths of Order have failed. We realize that Order comes in many forms, and that Chaos sometimes disguises itself as such.

Our three Saints realized such as well when they began to instill Order in the world. They were known as: Alexius the Brave, Relinon the Wise, and Telani the Silver.

If you wish to strengthen the cause of Order in these lands, we welcome you to our faith.


The Argent Order was born out of the discontent of Saint Iestyn followers in Ordenstaat. Both faiths fight to preserve Order and destroy Chaos, but there are differences. Among other things, Argentists such as we recognize the Eternal Forces of life and death, while Iestynites have their gods of Tyr and Zisa. Being the leading member of Saint Iestyn in Ordenstaat, Zanaras was one of the first to notice the faith's quietness in matters not concerning only Ordenstaat but also overall. Initially he tried to cover this up. Eventually this turned into a wish to break off the West from the East. First it was going to be a new faith that was almost entirely the same. Then an old friend of his brought him the "Silver Tome".

It was this that introduced Zanaras to the two Eternal Forces and the three Saints. It taught him the beginnings of the faith. That book converted him from Iestynite to Argentist, and from there he went on to convert others. When an order was sent out to present options to break away from the East, the Argent Order was born.

  • Exemplars - While the Nobility may lead with their heroes, the common folk have those who they look up to as well.
  • History of the Argent Order - An account of history of the faith according to the Silver Tome.
  • Oaths - As recited by each members of the faith.
  • Timeline of the Faith - From the very beginnings of the Argentists to present. Sorted by the Ages.
  • Enemies - Naturally, the Argent Order's main enemy is Chaos itself, but there have been those that have either attacked the faith directly, or caused damage to the Order in some other way.

Faith Heirarchy

At the top of the Argent Order is the Silver Archon, Zanaras Tian. It is he who carries, as he calls it, the "Silver Tome", that contains an as of yet not totally translated quantity of information pertaining to the faith's history and ways.

Beneath him there are the Four Echelons, the Echelons of the Sword, Shield, Pen, and Staff. Each of these Echelons make up the functional parts of the faith. Each of the four Echelons is equal in power, though they each have their own separate internal ranks. Theoretically it is possible to hold the highest rank in all four of the Echelons, though it would take an amount of time that most nobles wouldn't be able to dedicate. By no means however is it advised against, and should a member receive conflicting orders from faith Archons, they are trusted to follow that of the Echelon they hold highest rank in.

Echelon of the Sword

Archon: Arden Fury
The Echelon of the Sword, making up the front-line, in-the-trenches branch of the faith. Warriors and heroes will typically find themselves here, as will marshals and generals quite often. Typically just about any noble can find a reason to be in this Echelon. Assassins will also often find themselves in the Echelon of the Sword. For these reasons this is expected to be the largest of the Echelons once the faith is more established.

Echelon of the Shield

Archon: Zanaras Tian (Temporarily)
The Echelon of the Shield, as a side of combat they are represented by lords, traders, dukes, bankers, judges, anything that handles the more logistical side of things. Supply and Demand type things along with realm maintenance and law enforcement. Generals could likely fall under of the Echelon of the Shield as well, marshals to a lesser extent, though to balance out the Echelons and as these positions are typically more front-line oriented, they are considered part of the Echelon of the Sword.

For the time being, the Echelon of the Shield is managed by Silver Archon Zanaras, until a replacement can be located.

Echelon of the Pen

Archon: Brynden Tully
The Echelon of the Pen, the history keepers and the auditing branch of the Argent Order. As a side of combat they represent politics, rulers, diplomats, and ambassadors. As such the Echelon of the Pen is also in in charge of the faith's newspaper, Order Reports. Generally this is handled by the Silver Archon though.

Echelon of the Staff

Archon: Padraig Havershim
The Echelon of the Staff deals with all things related to the priests of the faith, be it their training, assignments, or punishments. The only way into this Echelon is by interview with the Archon in charge of it.

The interesting thing about this Echelon is that it doesn't fit into any of the three sides of conflict alone. Rather it is better seen as the thing that holds the other three Echelons together. Once priests reach a certain rank within the Echelon of the Staff, they will be granted a dual membership into one of the other Echelons, so that they may better serve the faith by coming to understand the different Echelons.

This Echelon also has the task of tracking any Oath's of Faith that are recited within the Argent Order.

The Wardens

General: None Currently
The Wardens of the Argent Order make up the Faith's own personal military. Primarily they are tasked with defending the priests and Archons of the faith, as well as protecting the temples and holy sites. Different times throughout the faith's history they have been mobilized to actually defend the faith itself, as well as sent out to teach the faith's enemies exactly how militaristic the Argent Order can be.

While they are not recognized as a separate Echelon of the faith (thusly, not requiring an Archon to lead them), they do however have their own leadership. Typically, the next General of the Wardens is selected by the Echelon Archons from either the Echelons of the Sword or the Shield. It is rare for a Warden General to be from the Echelons of the Pen or Staff, but not altogether impossible.

While the General of the Wardens is chosen by the Echelon Archons, they answer solely to the Silver Archon.