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Silvery.jpg The Order

The Order was founded by Count Telamond Orgauth of Duil to defend and spread the ideals of chivalry, its an order of paladins and any who wish to become a full member must first swear an oath to an Elder, there are three sub-orders each for different class of members (one for warriors, one for priests and one for courtiers)

Silvery.jpg Guild houses

Since the Order has just been founded, the only guild house available at the moment is the Silver Hall of Duil. The Silver Order has high hopes to expand through Astrum, and in the dreams of the Grandmaster Telamond to reach every realm in Dwilight.

Silvery.jpg Oath

"I shall fight with Honor for without honor there is no victory
I shall be loyal and fufill my duties for my home, my superiors, and the Order
I shall be faithful and never betray my beliefs
I shall not fear the trials that await me, for fear is the enemy of the mind
I shall be truthful and never lie unless my life depends upon it
I shall have hope and seed it in the hearts of my people and my companions
I shall be good and merciful with all those who deserve my kindness"

Silvery.jpg Sub Orders

SwordIcon.jpgOrder of the Sword.(warriors)
PenIcon.jpgOrder of the Pen.(courtiers)
ScepterIcon.jpgOrder of the Scepter.(priests)

Silvery.jpg Hierarchy

First Grandmaster (Founder)
Silver Grandmaster (Leader of the Order)
Grandmaster of the Sword - Grandmaster of the Pen - Grandmaster of the Scepter
Master Paladin

Master of the Sword - Master of the Pen - Master of the Scepter
Silver Paladin - Paladin of Harmony - Paladin of the Scepter
Silver Knight - Paladin of the Pen - Knight of the Scepter
Oath Paladin - Knight of the Pen - Oath Priest
Oath Knight - Oath Scribe - Oath Believer
Oath Bound


Silvery.jpg Members

Silvery.jpg Count Telamond Orgauth of Duil, First Grandmaster, Absent
Silvery.jpg Dame Elise Surcliffe of Gelene Outskirts, Silver Grandmistress
ScepterIcon.jpg Cardinal Constantine Meneldur (Sanguis Astroism), Grandmaster of the Scepter
SwordIcon.jpg Count Channing Harte formerly of Sabadell, Grandmaster of the Sword
ScepterIcon.jpg Duke Aram Stien of Eidulb, Squire
SwordIcon.jpg Count Iuz Vidar Crownguard of Sabadell, Oathbound