Dwilight Dueling Circuit

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This guild has been closed until further notice. (If anyone is interested in rebooting it please contact me. With the new training match feature maybe we can work the circuit again?)

D.west.ton 04:46, 25 April 2011 (CEST)

Please See:
Concepts from the Dueling Circuit have been shared in the new guild, the Convocation of the Sword.

19:45, 19 August 2011 (CEST)

Dwilight Dueling Circuit

"Everyone duels, no one rejects!"

Unlike tournaments, where participants may win money, the Dueling Circuit intends to pit the swordsmen of Dwilight in a serious competition to discover who is the strongest and best dueler in the continent. The Circuit will promote regular contests among members, both within and between all the collaborating realms, for the pursuit of the ultimate goal, Champion Swordsman of Dwilight, or the greatest rank, Grandmaster of the Circuit. To do this, we shall collect skilled swordsmen and arrange authorized duels. Experience will earn recognition and promotion in the guild. Victory and skill will earn reputation.

A true swordsmen competes to defeat the most dedicated and best opponents. This guild will facilitate that ambition. It is assumed that a dedicated swordsmen's drive to reign supreme over others will supercede all banal duties. Therefore, if a continent wide circuit is called, all applicable members are expected to participate - no matter its location. These events will be the highlight of the guild.

  • Ordinances: All applicants must read and agree to the Ordinances of the guild.
  • The Protocols: All members are required to be knowledgeable of the Protocols.


The Dueling Circuit was founded in the region of Qubel in D'Hara in the Summer of 7 YD (July 4th, 2009). It was conceived by Duke Mathias Ridder and Prince Bowie Ironsides, authorized by Count Gislher Ehrenstein, funded by the Prince and supported by Duke Hexic Jeckyl. These gentlemen were immediately labeled the Founding Four.

In the Summer of 8 YD, Duke Hexic became the first Grandmaster. At the time, Lord Bowie was acting Grandmaster until a true one was found. A realm wide incident led to the expulsion of Lord Bowie from D'Hara and a death duel with Duke Hexic. Both were Ironswords but because of the death duel they were immediately promoted to Bloodsword. Since Hexic defeated Bowie (though Bowie lived), and since Bowie was on his way out of D'Hara, and since Hexic had the best record of any duelist in the Circuit, he was promoted right up to the Grandmaster rank. He was the most eligible and deserving duelist in the Circuit. Grandmaster Hexic Jeckyl was killed fighting monsters in the Spring of 9 YD.

Wall of Champions

Those who have won official circuits.

Form: Champion's name, Victory Circuit #, Type of Circuit, Location of Circuit, Date of Circuit, A brief detail if necessary.

Ex. The Sword, Circuit #0, First Grade, Qubel, July 4th, 2009 (Foundation Day).



  • Qubel, the Capital Arena. It is the first guildhouse.
On a platform in the middle of the audience in the arena stands a memorial statue of Grandmaster Hexic Jeckyl.