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Itaulond was formed on July 20, 2011, when Duke Amandil of Umbar seceded the city of Itau from the realm of Caerwyn. Caerwyn was in the middle of a war with Astrum at the time, and Astrum immediately declared war on Itaulond, citing Amandil "The Butcher"'s role in the war. Itaulond was never able to successfully gain their feet, and foundered quickly. All of their neighbors (Asylon, Caerwyn, and Astrum) were hostile, and desired their destruction. After floundering ineffectually for a few months, they were finally destroyed by a combined expedition from Asylon and Terran. With the destruction of his realm complete, Amandil fled the city of Itau for Beluaterra on November 19, 2011.

From the Realm Description page of Itaulond:

"The lands of Itaulond have been created in times of anarchy during the destruction of Caerwyn.

Duke Amandil seceeded the City of Itau along with its surrounding lands in order to restore law and order in the Duchy and created what is called Itaulond today.

Itaulond awaits you for raiding and looting parties in far away foreign lands! Rum and women, as much as you want, all to be found in Itaulond!"