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The Dread Lord Tor Altar of the Rebirth
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Religion Map
Pontifex Primus - Jonsu Himoura
Divus Imperatus Rurik Clarke
Propheticate Primus
Interpretus Primus
Thanaton of Niselur
Thanaton of Torm
Karibash ka Habb
The Faith
Continent Dwilight
Realms of Faith R'lyeh
Holy City Seeklander
Followers 0
Temples 0
Shrines 0
Astroists Burned at the Stake 0

Torus Renatus

Eternal praises to the Eternal Lord of Mankind! The Dread Lord Tor, father of Mankind is the God of conflict eternal, and warriors from all across the land invoke his dread name before battle. For Millenia, mankind has worshiped Tor, dating back before written record. It was not until the Prophets of Toren codified the religion that his Church was born, long after Tor's chosen land of Toren sank in the Great Doom. The First Official Church as a result did not come into being until much later in Everguard, which was eventually destroyed, along with the Church, at the hands of Sanguis Astroism, foe of all free men. With Tor's chosen land destroyed, and now his mortal church in ruins, the Priests of Sanguis Astroism wrought powerful magicks with the blood of Kings, slaying the Dread Lord. Many years passed, and Tor slept beneath the seas, in the ruins of his beloved Toren Stronghold, waiting for the call of the faithful.

In the beginnings of the death of the Church of Sanguis Astroism, the dreams of Dead Tor began to travel to mortal minds, those attuned to the Dread Lord began hearing his voice, and seeing visions. The First of those effected were Karibash ka Haab and Jonsu Himoura. Through long months spent communing, and several errors along the way, Karibash and Jonsu were able to discern the fragments of Tor's dead dreams, and Tor's continued existence was thus revealed to the pair. Thus began the movement to restore the Dread Lord's Church upon this mortal coil.

The Worshipers of Tor at present refer to the holy text The Dictum of the Slain.

The Creed of the Dread Lord

Passions cannot be shackled by Laws, Nor Ruled by Logic, the Choice is Freedom or Death!

Blood begets Blood, And as the World was Born So too Shall it End

For a Wounded Man shall say to his assailant, 'If I Live, I will kill you.' 'If I Die, you are forgiven.'

We Believe in Tor the Eternal, Dread Lord, Dead Lord! We Believe that he shall rise anew.

For that is not dead, that which may eternal lie, for with strange aeons, even death may die.


A seal commonly used by Torenists, referring to the Himoura Sequence.

Followers of Torus Renatus chiefly worship the Dread Lord Tor, but they acknowledge and pay homage to other deities as well. Ancestor spirits are held sacred and worshiped with almost as much reverence as is show to Dread Tor. Ancestor worship may differ from culture to culture, but there are several common beliefs sacred to all members of Torus Renatus...

The Bloodstars:

The Bloodstars are commonly believe to be great hero ancestors of Mankind, their blood marks the night sky to remind us what they stood for, and to remind us that we too will join with great Tor in death... If we are valiant and true.

Of 'the Maddening': commonly referred to as the Maddening Star by the false believers of Sanguis Astroism, they are too foolish to grasp that this star is actually the blood and spirit of the Golden Rider, the patron and Hero of Northwest Dwilight.

Of 'the Austere': commonly referred to as the Austere star by the false believers of Sanguis Astroism, their self-righteousness blinds them to the truth. This star is the sacred ancestor Tiberius, a great tactician and skilled general who lived in an age mostly shrouded in mystery. Several families lay claim to being descendents of Tiberius, though many are false. Accepted descendents of Tiberius's blood line may be found here: Blood of Tiberius.

Of 'the Auspicious': commonly referred to as the Auspicious star by Astroist heretics, their arrogance keeps the truth hidden from them. This star is known simply as the Martyr, for this ancestor gave up her life to save the mortal world from Daimons. It is said magic used in her light is stronger, and that she bestows her gift upon a select few of low birth to wander the world as Sages and Wizards.

Other deities can be found in the The Dictum of the Slain.

Rites and Rituals

The Mass of the Rebirth

At the First Hour of the Second Day of the Third Week there are Five Masses held in each temple of Tor. Eight Supplicants form a circle in the center of the dark communion chamber and their they chant the praises of the Dread Lord so that he may hear them in his slumber in Old Toren Stronghold. The masses last for Thirteen Hours, and the only light permitted within the communion chambers is given from Twenty-One small braziers, burning wood and sacred powders, giving off a silver-blue light known to be pleasing to the Dread Lord.

The Prophet's Path

Followers of the Dread Lord in an effort to become closer with Dead Tor follow in the Prophet's path. This takes them through a number of trials, following the path of the Pontifex Primus, Jonsu Himoura. Each step mirrors a step in the journey she took to restore the faith, and though the trials are not in chronological order, the locations do mirror the path she traveled upon arriving in Niselur. Those that complete the final trial upon the Prophet's Path are celebrated heroes and given special status within the Church. They are promoted to Harbinger and it is only from the ranks of the Harbingers that the Thanatons of the mortal realms are selected. To mark those who have achieved such closeness, a special brand is carefully tattooed upon the neck of those so blessed.

The Trial of Torment

When the Pontifex Primus Jonsu first traveled to Niselur to bring the glory of Tor back to the sacred lands, she traveled through the Corridor of Torment from Asylon. Her horse had broken its leg in a rabbit hole, and so she set out on foot. The journey was agony, for the wounds she suffered at the hands of the torturers of the betrayers of Luria were still yet half healed. Three days of agony she traveled, and so too will the faithful undergoing the Trial of Torment. The Faithful will travel North for three days through the Corridor of Torment, flagellating themselves as they go, not stopping to rest or eat. They may drink water as they go, but otherwise must fast. At the end of the journey, successful pilgrims will be greeted and feasted, and their feet will be washed by the highest member of the clergy available.

The Trial of Woe

The Second Trial of the Prophet's Path is the Trial of Woe. After completing the Trial of Torment, pilgrims will journey to the Mountain of Woe, and ascend to the peak. Once at the top they will fast for two days and two nights to purify themselves. Upon completing the fasting, they will be administered a sacred mixture, its ingredients a closely guarded secret, which will allow them to experience the pain of Dead Tor. Visions swim before them, and as the cold winds of the peak swirl and beat at them, they will come to understand the Prophet's Woe.

The Trial of Betrayal

The Third Trial of the Prophet's Path is the Trial of Betrayal. After completing the Trial of Torment and the Trial of Woe, the pilgrim will journey to the peak of the Mountain of Betrayal. They will be greeted and feasted by the faithful on the way up, until they arrive at the peak. They will be invited to a grand feast, and poisoned. The poison will leave the pilgrim paralyzed, unable to move as they are affixed to a breaking wheel, naked, in the cold and left for a full day. At this point the pilgrim is brought inside and put to question concerning their faith. Those found to be true of faith will be feasted once more.

The Trial of Remorse

The Fourth Trial of the Prophet's Path is the Trial of Remorse. After completing the Trials of Torment, Woe and Betrayal, the pilgrim will ascend the Mountain of Remorse to begin their final trial. The exact details of the trial are secret, but it is known that the trial consists of ritual combat.

The Hierarchy of the Church

The Pontifex Primus

Tor's prophet upon the mortal Earth. The Pontifex Primus receives Tor's Holy Word, interprets it, and oversees the implementation of it within the Church. The Pontifex Primus governs the church jointly with those of Divine Blood, the Divus Imperatus.

The Divus Imperatus

Having been proven to be descended directly from Tor, the Divus Imperatus occupies a special role in the church. They are the rulers of states dedicated to the Church, and lead the armies of Tor's faithful. It is known that the fragments of the dreams of Dead Tor will occasionally bestow Tor's seed upon a woman, and the child birthed is a Son of Tor.

Thanaton Primus

A marshal of the Church who falls under the command of the Divus Imperatus, or governs in the absence of a Divus Imperatus. The Thanatons of faithful realms report directly to the Thanaton Primus, and must be selected from the ranks of the Thanatons.

Ecclesiastes Primus

An agent for the Pontifex Primus, the Ecclesiastes is charged with the coordination of priestly activities.

The Thanatons

A Thanaton is a blessed warrior of Tor, charged with leading the ranks of the holy warriors within a realm. To be eligible to become a Thanaton one must complete the Trials of the Prophet's Path and become a Harbinger