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Original Idea

The original version of the map was presented to the Discussion List on October 25, 2005, by Darfix Panzer using Microsoft Paint to rework existing maps (note that previous maps were created using the Age of Wonders map editor). The initial layout of region borders was drawn up by Gias Kay Lee, and was subsequently refined by Matt Andrews, along with some improvements on geographic arrangements, all done using Gimp. After a massive process of region name soliciting, the names were picked out and put into the map with the sea routes sketched again by Gias Kay Lee. In order to honor the above three co-illustrators of the map, there are regions in the map that were named after them. On November 17, 2005, the graphical design of the project was completed. After a flush of excitement in the community, however, the project gradually died down due to lack of further action.

Project Resumes

On August 23, 2006, Stephen Pollei picked up the hibernated project and began the database establishment process, in which detailing several necessary parts of numeral information that will make this map truly playable. Finally, once again after several complaints about the current playing worlds being overcrowded showing up on the Discussion List recursively, the project was brought back to full life under the coordination of Tom Struik, on October 27, 2006, 2 days after its one-year birthday.

Tom's Acceptance

It was on January 22, 2007, that Tom revealed for the first time he had accepted the project and will set the continent up accordingly [1] and initiated discussions on a proper name for the continent. Dwilight was decided by Tom eventually as the formal name, a merger of two suggestions from Gias Kay Lee [2] [3]. Half a year later, Tom revealed that the continent was nearly ready for opening up and a realm banner contest was launched on August 19, 2007. The continent began opening up at the beginning of 2008.


This is the history of Dwilight from the initial concept to the beginning of regular turns.

  • 2005.10.25: Darfix Panzer presents the original version of the map on the Discussion List.
  • 2005.10.25 - 2005.11.17: Region names picked and filled in.
  • by 2005.11.17: All graphical work finished. Gias Kay Lee and Matt Andrews aided in the graphics work.
  • 2006.08.23: Stephen Pollei picks up the project and begins the database establishment process.
  • 2006.10.27: project brought back to full life under the coordination of Tom Struik.
  • 2007.01.22: Tom reveals he has accepted the project.
  • 2007.01.29: Name chosen to be Dwilight after a merge of two suggestions by Gias Kay Lee.
  • 2007.08.19: Tom announces a contest to choose the banners for the starting realms.
  • 2007.08.20: Dwilight Daily, the continents first newspaper is started.
  • 2007.09.05: Finalists for the banner contest picked.
  • 2007.10.03: Winners of the banner contest chosen.
  • 2007.10.29: Tom announces Dwilight will replace one of the war islands (South-East Island or South-West Island) (See The TattleMaster/Archives/Issue 4)
  • 2007.12.13: Tom announces the South-West Island will close for Dwilight. South-East Islanders rejoice.
  • 2007.12.17: Tom announces the South-East Island will also close for Dwilight. The South-East Islanders no longer celebrate.
  • 2008.01.09: Banner contest winners moved to Dwilight.
  • 2008.01.10: Tom handpicks a few player to move a character to Dwilight.
  • 2008.01.14: New character creation opens on Dwilight at random times to keep the new land from overcrowding.
  • 2008.01.20: Emigration opens for a set number of characters.
  • 2008.01.20: First turn manually ran.
  • 2008.01.25: Turns start running.
  • 2008.01.28: Startup mode is over.

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