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There are a huge amount of lands in Dwilight, and so, there are many people to be found. Here are their cultures and histories. The following are the two main groups of peoples, along with their sub-groups.


Dwili is the collective name for all the native peoples of Dwilight.


This are the native inhabitants of most of North Toprak.


Native inhabitants of the Dongeselands.

Flow Dwili

Original people of the Flow Peninsula

Dalians (Natives)

Refers to the former people of the Empire of Springdale, which stretched from Aegir to Springdale Duchy. The lands is now occupied by several realms. The people live in a juxtaposition of rural regions or large cities. They were once proud members of the empire, but now merely live their lives under their new realms.


Those who lived under the former Nifel Kingdom. They are militaristic, cautious, and defend their homelands fiercely. They have long lived in independence.


Natives to most of Northern Occidens.


These are the indigenous people of Northern Occidens that hail from the coastlines.


These people originally inhabited the regions of Valkyrja, Yggdramir, Ygg d'Razhuul and Norrdir . They are tall, have very light hair, blue eyes, long heads and faces, and narrow aquiline noses.


These are the native people of the regions of Duil, Eidulb Outskirts, Eidulb and Ammando.


They occupy the regions in the plains of the far North of Occidens.


Based in the regions of Gelene, Gelene Outskirts and Sabadell.


Living in Aquitain, Zereth, all the way to distant Gaston and Gaston Farms, Jorradith and Forguthrie.


Based in different rival clans, with regular conflicts, they occupy the regions of Shrine of Seeklander, Mountain of Woe, Mountain of Betrayal, Mountain of Remorse, Mountain of Chrysalids, Chrysantalys Mines and Chrysantalys. Mountaineers are generally very religious. They dislike the Steppemen.


Originating from the Madina isle, these peoples colonized the Candiels Peninsula and South Forland.


Dwellers of the tropical forests of Madina (Realm), their civilization is very primitive, and they live on hunting and gathering. They have brown skin, dark brown eyes, prominent cheek bones, straight black hair, and scant beard. The hair is brown in childhood, but always black in the adult until it turns grey with age. Baldness is almost unknown. The eye is not held so open as in the Easterners. The nose is usually straight and well shaped. Their hands and feet are comparatively small (to the Easterners'). They are medium to tall, and rather of heavy build. Their name is pronounced "Hai-Poroo".


Not unlike the Jai-Poru, from which they originate, these natives differentiate themselves for their more muscular build, even though usually lighter in weight, their exceptional height and their darker skin. They have a more nomad lifestyle, presumably an adaptation to the less forested reality encountered in the Fissoan lands. Their name is pronounced "Roy-Poroo".


Similar to the Jai-Poru, it's theorized this tribes might have had high inbreeding with the Zuma natives, which would explain some of their differences: they are much shorter in stature, averaging but little more than five feet, possess strongly aquiline noses and their skin has a distinct yellowish cast. Their lifestyle, however, seems very similar to their Madinean brethren. Their name is pronounced "Pay-Poroo".


This are the original inhabitants of most of the Maroccidens and Mesoccidens.

Zuma Coalition

As the name suggest, these peoples are a mix of several origins, who escaped the conquest by the Easterners' realms. They inhabit the lands of the Zuma Coalition, ruled by the Daimons. In general, they are short and stocky, the men rarely more than 5 feet 6 inches tall and the women more delicately built with an average height of about 4 feet 8 inches. Skin color varies from dark to light brown, and the typical Zuma face is broad with a prominent, and often hooked, nose. Eyes are black or brown almond-shaped, and frequently with epicanthic folds at the outer corners. Hair is coarse, black, and straight. Men are endowed with only meager beards, only old ones wearing them, but these are at best thin and wispy.

Maroccidens Woodfolk

Inhabitants of the Marwood, this peoples make up to half of the population, mostly in the unsettled lands.

Maroccidens Townfolk

Living in the plains west of the Marwood, this people have suffered little miscegenation due to their relative isolation.

Mesoccidens Zuma

Largely extinct, the Zuma of Terran are rarely seen.


Heirs of the Echiur Dynasty, these peoples have seen a large immigration of Easterners with the founding of Asylon.

Lurians (Natives)

This are the inhabitants of southern Toprak Minor and northern Forland, around the Euschean Sea.


These natives are the original inhabitants of Poryatu and its surroundings. They have light to olive skins, mostly hazel and green eyes, moderately thick and wavy to curly fairly black hair and straight noses. Their face tends to be broad, and their body build is rather stocky. Many of the men exhibit dark beards.


Natives of the Askileon area, along with the northern coast of the Sea that takes their name, the Euscheans range from light brown to black hair, from fair skin to olive complexion, that usually tans easily, shorter height than its northern neighbors, but stockier than its southern ones. Their eyes are usually hazel or brown, their faces narrow and they have a characteristic long beaky nose.


Original inhabitants of Giask, Irvington and their surroundings, they have tall and slender frames, of lean body builds, with oval faces with a sloped forehead and pronounced noses with a bump along the bridge. Their hair is naturally curly and dark as their eyes. Their skins range from olive to dark brown.


Natives of the region between (and including) Shinnen and Aveston, they are olive skinned, with black or dark brown hair, usually worn at shoulder length by both men and women, and dark eyes. They are of medium height, quite robust and warlike. There is a minority who present reddish hair, more densely present in the northern regions.


Peoples of singular ethnicities, seemingly unrelated to the others studied.


First and native inhabitants of Forland, specially present around the Palm Sea area, they live in huts made of branches of trees and covered with clay. They are of middle stature, of brown to almost black complexion, large stature and woolly black hair. Their faces are short in contrast to their extremely long heads. The encountered men were thin and possessed little beards and soft voices.

Divide Dwili

Matrilineal and matrifocal people with the habit of shaving their heads (and, the men, their beards).


Easterners are those who have immigrated to Dwilight, and the most common area these people came from, as its name implies, is the east. From peasants to nobles, the Easterners come in ships and settle the regions they find.


The People of the Sea, also called Seafarers, first arrived in Dwilight on a shipwreck in the Madina Isle, founding the bases of what would become the Republic of Madina. These people have spread their culture and influence throughout all the south, and even up to the Mesoccidens.





Seafarer Caerwynians


Dalians (Immigrants)

First immigrants of the northern Dalian Expanse who later colonized the Northnastrond and part of the northern Occidens.


First immigrants of the Dongeselands, who expanded to the south of the Dalian Expanse, the Mimer Peninsula, the Libidizedd Island and northern Occidens.

Lurians (Immigrants)


Informally known as the 'Pianese', the Pian-Lurians inhabit the southernmost reaches of Toprak Minor, from Poryatown to Askileon.


Informally known as the 'Novans', the Nova-Lurians inhabit the northern coast of Forland, from Giask to Shinnen.

Mixed Origins

Tomb Islanders