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North Mediterranean

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Mimer was the capital of Corsanctum, the Holy State of Sanguis Astroism. Now it is the Astrum.

Wards Of Mimer

Mimer is roughly divided into wards. The wards originally all had guards and walls in the manner of Unterstrom and other ancient cities, but the press of progress has toppled or bored through most of the wall. Only the walls and guards around the City of the Dead are still maintained.

Palace Ward

This central ward encompasses Mount Mimer and much of the government of the city. Here is located The High Tower of the Magistratum, the place of government, as well as the Palace of the Prophet, Regent Medugnatos Stormcrow’s private residence. This ward is also a common place for retired adventurers to make their homes.

City of the Dead

This park-like area is surrounded by high walls. It is often visited during the day by wanderers and the odd picnicker. At night, the gates of the City of the Dead are closed, for it is Mimer’s graveyard. The more important personages have their own personal graves or family shrines, while others are confined to larger crypts. The reason for the guards is not to protect the graves, but rather to protect the city from the occasional restless undead creature that does not appreciate its accommodations.

Dock Ward

As one might assume, the Dock Ward is situated hard on the Great Harbor of Mimer and holds the docks, shipbuilding yards and warehouses for the sea trade. The harbor is inhabited by mermen who keep the peace within their own aquatic city. Most criminal groups operate in this ward.

North Ward

Tucked in the northeastern portion of the city, North Ward is the land of the nobility and their villas. The moneyed classes make their homes here, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the lower classes by the docks and in Southern Ward.

Sea Ward/ Temple ward

The wealthiest of the wards, Sea Ward contains many of the temples of Mimer, along with a good helping of the newer noble families and retired adventurers who can afford the odd villa or two. The High Temple of the Stars is located here.

South Ward

Officially known as the Southern Ward or slums warden, but only nonnatives refer to it as such, is a place of caravan masters and traders, for it is close to the South Gate, the opening to the Trade.

Statues and Monuments

Monument to Mathurin Hossenfefer in High Temple of the Stars

A Grand Memorial was built in honour of Mathurin Hossenfefer , the Holy Prophet of Sanguis Astroism. The memorial has three shrines each in the direction of three holy places of the stars - Darfix , Mimer, and Caiyun. In the center of the memorial, a giant black marble statue of the Prophet himself holding a sword in one hand and a cup in the other is looking over to the direction of the three Bloodstars.

— erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

Statue to Seoras Madigan Nifelleisca in High Temple of the Stars

A Bronze Statue of Seroas Madigan Nifelleisca, the Founder of Ecclesial Sanguiastroism, was erected beside the Holy Prophet Mathurin for his accomplishments. The statue symbolizes the unity between both Sanguis Astroism and Ecclesial Sanguiastroism.

— erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

Monument to Brance Indirik in Basilica of Maddening

A Granite Statue of Brance Indirik the Magnificent, Vasilif of Astrum and Regent of Sanguis Astroism, stands tall before the Grand Basilica of the Maddening Star looking down on the city. As expected of one of the Seven Founders of Astrum, he led both the holy faith and Astrum to glory during his life. May his legacy live forever.

— erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

Statue to Bustoarsenzio Peristaltico in Basilica of Maddening

A Silver Statue of Bustoarsenzio, holding a banner of Morek Empire in one hand and a sword in another, was erected to honor his dedication to Sanguis Astroism. Known as the Greatest Grandmaster and one of the most decorated leaders the northern Dwilight has ever seen, he conquered and eradicated many foes who tried to undo the work of the holy prophet. May his bravery known by those who follow his steps.

— erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

Map of Mimer