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Located on::Dwilight
Part of::Astrum
Part of::Holy Island
Jakoth Zahnbalotia
is regiontype::City
North Mediterranean

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The city of Libidizedd is a prosperous trade city located on an island at the northern end of the great central sea of Dwilight. The city is connected by trade routes to the cities of Eidulb and Mimer. From there the trade routes branch out and lead to several other cities through greatly profitable trade routes. A has feature::marketplace has been constructed in Libidizedd to facilitate trade among the northern realms.


The city of Libidizedd was first conquered by enterprising nobles from the realm of Morek. Long-secret plans finally came to fruition on the First of May, under the brightly shining Austere star. With the great sympathy that the commoners of Libidizedd felt for the realm of Morek, the city veritably rushed to greet the new colonists. In a little over 24 hours the colonists had completely taken control of the governance of the city. During the takeover, the nobles of Morek took the opportunity presented to them to confirm that the city of Libidizedd had never before acknowledged the governance of a noble realm.

The Royal Palace of Astrum

The royal palace of Astrum is built atop the cliffs above the western reaches of the harbor. From this location the palace commands a breathtaking view of both the harbor to the east and the ocean to the north. The cliff-top location of the palace also marks the highest spot on the island, with the exception of the small mountain at the far western tip. The site therefore holds religious significance, as it signifies the Vasila's relationship as closest to the Blood Stars that are holy to the followers of Sanguis Astroism. The palace is the residence of both the Vasila of Astrum and the Duke of Libidizedd.

The Temple of Sanguis Astroism

The first temple of an organized religion in the city was constructed by Duke Brance Indirik, and dedicated to the faith of Sanguis Astroism. The temple is located next to the royal palace of Astrum. It, too, shares the palace's breathtaking view of the harbor of Libidizedd. The temple is constructed as most temples of Sanguis Astroism, with three tall towers. Each tower is dedicated to the following of one of the three Blood Stars. One of the most remarkable features of the temple is the large, three-paned stained glass ceiling of the main hall. The three panes depict a stylized map of the island of Dwilight. The windows are aligned such that the Blood Stars shine through the window to indicate the current phase of the Stars. At midnight on the day of each Star's ascension, it shines brightly through the city of Libidizedd in the central pane.

Regional Information

Investment Cost: 410 gold

Statues and Monuments

Monument to The Seven Founders of Astrum in Forest Tower

A Grand Memorial built to commemorate the Seven Founding Nobles of the Holy Theocracy of Astrum, the First Theocracy to rise in the Western Dwilight. Aram Stien, Alexandria Dwarvenite, Brance Indirik, Boreal Arakiss, Justin Greystone, Marrick Montrez, and Sergio Mozzoni.

— erected by Strategos Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

Statue to Kihalin Lapallanch in Forest Tower

A Golden Statue of Kihalin Lapallanch pointing his sword toward the city of Darfix on his old horse to commemorate all those who fought under him during the Great Western War where Astrum fought Niselur, Aslyon and Farronite Republic.

— erected by Strategos Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum