Chrysantalys Mines

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Chrysantalys Mines
Located on::Dwilight
Part of::(rogue)
is regiontype::Badlands
West Hills
Mining, Farming

Reforms and Development

  • Under Baron Rohan many reforms and development plans have been implemented
  • Serveing as a vital component of Astrum's military infrastructure
  • Special Forces Academy boasts of some of the best trained cadets in all the worlds - 75% training, 70% equipment and 90% armor
  • Infantry and Mixed Infantry recruitment centers flourishing
  • Scouts, healers and carts are available
  • Lowest tax rates in all the worlds

Duchy of Chrysantalys

Duke Reynard Vaughan now heads the Duchy of Chrysantalys. Chrysantalys Mines serves as a vital component in the Duchy along with Wallershire.

Under Astrum

The area around the city of Chrysantalys known as Chrysantalys Mines is a barren plain rising into the foothills of the massive Mountain range known as the Dragon's Teeth. From flat and arid scrub land around the city itself, the Mines gradually change into imposing hills of rock as it blends into the Moutains. These foothills provide the region with its primary industry of mining. From the barren towers of rock and scrub come a steady stream of stone and metal, primarily granite and iron. Deeper into the foothills, precious metals such as gold and silver can be found, though the prevalence of monsters makes mining dangerous. Less ambitious prospectors can pan the nearby River Chrysal for gold.

On the plain, the natives raise sheep and cattle for food and industry. The city of Chrysantalys is known for producing fine wool and leather goods from these herds, as well as great quantities of metalwork and stone craft from the production of the mines. Much of the region's trade goes south down the Chrysal River to Caerwyn, but vast herds of livestock are driven west into the capital region of Astrum once a year to be sold and butchered.

The inhabitants of the Mines are hardy and independent, as befits a people who spend weeks and months at a time in some of the most forbidding terrain on Dwilight. The nearby mountains hold constant danger. The terrain forms a perfect spawning ground for Dwilight's dangerous breeds of monsters. Many people still remember the fall of Viridian and the chaos of those times. Many of the inhabitants of the Mines who live and work far from the city have created hidden shelters among the foothills of the mountains. Mines in particular are used by the inhabitants as shelters and places of refuge. This occasionally backfires when the monsters break into the mines from underground, but by and large the mines are a place of safety.

--last updated on 2009-02-23 by Rowan

Under the forgotten realm of Viridian

1008 August 23 Moon Rise

The mines are rich in metals and minerals. Properly worked each week it could field and maintain a small elite army. However monster are attracted to the dark tunnels and many have traveled from the north west regions to lair in the mines. The walled hamlet we have erected around the main mine has now become a trap for any travelers looking for safe heaven from the country side. There are no more bandit groups in the mines as the monsters are attracted to groups of humans either by smell or, as I believe, by thought. The Hermit is still in the mines. Just yesterday we saw smoke to the north, how Hermit survived so far is a mystery.

--from North West Travel Journal by Viridian General and Minister of Justice Tsuboh Gothic