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Located on::Dwilight
Part of::(rogue)
is regiontype::Townsland
North Mediterranean
Farming, Manufacturing

Regional Description

Emblem of Walefishire.

Walefishire borders the mountainous regions of Chrysantalys Mines to the northwest and Duil to the northeast/east. Along its southern border are the fellow Caerwyn regions of Knyazes to the southeast and Dunnbrook to the southwest. The southerly flowing stretch of the river Dunn makes up Walefishire's western border. It is thus a traveler's joy, following a convenient river, but shielded from the occasionally harsh weather of the inland sea.

The regions capital is the large town of Walef. Other sizable towns include Mascoma, and Bron. Together, these three towns host most of the region’s population with the rest of the populace residing in small villages sprinkled throughout Walefishire. These three towns are reasonably defensible when the region lord is able to afford fortifications, and are home to the numerous craft guilds responsible for the regions thriving manufacturing industry, producing crafts from the iron coming south from the mountain such as plows, household items, and fine weaponry. Its access to clean water, a bounty of crops, wide pastures, and fresh fish makes Walefishire a gourmand's paradise, and its road houses are renowned for their excellent food, making it that much more of an enticement to traders.

Walefishire's climate ranges from temperate to hot with moderate rain fall. The region's terrain consists primarily of hilly, dry grasslands with some small pockets of woodland throughout the region. Irrigated grasslands bordering the river Dunn have been converted to rich farm lands yielding a variety of crops including barley, wheat, cherries, and apples. Northern Walefishire is full of rocky, rolling hills primarily used as grazing lands for sheep, goats and cattle. Farming has become a thriving industry in Walefishire, second only to manufacturing.

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