Palm Sea

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Palm Sea
Located on::Dwilight
Part of::(rogue)
is regiontype::Badlands
East Desert
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“The beauty of nature”

Keepers of Lore - Summer of 10YD

Known for its rich vegetation of many palms across the far and wide desert plains, it is named Palm Sea. The Southern desert of Dwilight, with its borders rising as far as the sands goes making it the largest region of Dwilight. But for some reason the sands are uninhabited. Probably because the natives of Palm Sea have been expelled our killed by the monsters and demons of Dwilight, making any account of its history difficult. And from what has been left behind can not be assumed that the inhabitants were civilized people, but rather mostly nomadic people living from the fruits of the palm trees.

The small village of Palm Sea

Palm Sea knows a minor diversity of vegetation, but is richly covered with palms all across the desert. In numbers that amaze the mind, for it is not common that there grow so many trees in a desert territory. Had the palm trees not existed in Palm Sea, the original expansion of the human race in hot and arid parts of the desert soil would have much more limited going. The palm trees not only provided food that can be easily stored and carried along on long trips in the desert, but also creates a more amenable habitat for the people to live, through the shade and protection from the desert winds. Presumably the palm trees find there origin in the woods of Kamade and Maraba, spreading themselves from the south as one of the few plants able to live on the dry desert soil. The palm trees are found in large groups and are mostly near little oases. Likewise to the palm trees the groundwater is essential for the habitants and of course making life more comfortable for all living species in Palm Sea. Certainly, the region owes much to its palm trees as it made small nomadic tribes possible. But in contrary, large scale civilization of Palm Sea would probable cause more wrong than good.

A group of Camels

The wildlife of Palm Sea. Besides all the little animals who dig their way through the sand when the sun is at its highest, to cover from the heat during the day, you also find the large pack animals, known as camels. They live in herds and are most seen close to the oases of Palm Sea. Since the people left or were expelled from Palm Sea the main inhabitants of the desert soil are now the camels. They are known for their ability to carry great burden and travel for long distances without any drop of water or food. The camels feeds on grass and other plants. Even the tough, thorny, salt and dried plants that most other animals would pass over. The camels eats only a small quantities, but enough to go on without any food for some days if it is required. Likewise they can go on for long periods without water. But when they drink, ow Gods of the Sea, watch out for they will slurp your waters dry. Thus it is likely that the original nomadic tribes made use of these mighty animals.

-- Julius the Explorer

Palm Sea Diaspora

About three centuries before the colonization of Dwilight, the Palm Sea experienced a sudden ecological disaster in which many of its natural wells ran dry for an extended period. This forced the majority of its inhabitants to migrate to other areas, most notably to Garuck Udor (The Udorian Conquest) and the islands of the southwest. Since then, the region has never recovered to its previous levels of population.