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Located on::Dwilight
Part of::(rogue)
is regiontype::Woodland
South Mediterranean
Duchies and Regions of Maritime Kingdom of Fissoa
Duchy of Madina

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Duchy of Fissoa

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Duchy of Drowenton

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Duchy of Candiels

Geographical and cultural information

Lawataling is almost completely dominated by large forests. The weather is fairly constant in temperature, but like the surrounding regions can be a little hot during the summers, and extremely wet and rainy during the winters.

Those who live there make there homes in one of the small fishing villages along the coast, or one of the lumber and hunting camps setup on the outskirts of the forests. While there is very little cleared land available for growing crops, those who live in Lawataling make do the meager amount of grain, fish caught from the coastal villages, and game hunted in the abundant forests.

While not having much of value, the variety of valuable and desired wood in its forests causes Lawataling to be visited on a somewhat regular schedule by merchants and craftsman. Among the Isle of Madina, the wood of Lawataling can be seen in most homes and noble estates in items ranging from simple chairs and tables in taverns and commoners, to exquisite bookshelves and intricate tables gracing the dining halls of nobles made from woods such as Night Oak and Silver Arn.