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Fatmilak is a region with diverse societies and extreme class divides, both of which brought about by the first Lord of the region - Baron Halicos Stalker. The Baron was a man who viewed peasantry as a lower form of life and as such, ordered that his region be split into three distinct districts: the northern noble district, the south-east farmer's district and the south-west district for 'disposable' peasantry.

The northern district was the first to be properly constructed. It's borders extend from the northern coast all the way down to the farmland, then from the western boarder with The Tower to the eastern boarder with Bol. The region is composed of great manor houses built for the richest and most noble people in Fatmilak, court rooms for settling disputes of honour and some of the finest dance halls in all of Dwilight. Along the border of the noble district is a large wooden wall, patrolled by the local militia (lead, of course, by those of lesser noble blood) - only those with noble blood, or who have been granted trading rights may enter into the district. The part of the region also saw the foundation of the Fatmilak Trading Company under Earl Corin O'Neil. The company is based in and around the Earl's rather large estate grounds with connections to private docks that can only be used either by Company ships, the Earl's Gilded Dragon among them, or customers and friends of the Company.

The south-eastern district is homed to the farmers of Fatmilak. The whole area is comprised of great farmlands, split between the richer aristocrats of Fatmilak. The farmers themselves are granted large houses based on the plot of land they survey, while workers take residence in small villages which have sprung up between the fields. Over half of the food produced from this region makes it's way to the northern district to fill the granaries of the nobles there, the rest is split between the farmers and the south-western district. The district is also responsible for growing and brewing the local brew, a sweet and mildly intoxicating ale that is regularly shipped to taverns in The Tower Fatmilak and Madina City.

The south-western 'wasteland' district is home to the rest of Fatmilak's population. The district is by far the most populated of the three districts in Fatmilak, yet due to their lack of noble blood or wealth, the peasants are forced to live here. Despite it's lack of any wealth or noble blood, the region is responsible for all of Fatmilak's wood production (however little it may be). The region is also homed to a large merchant sector where most imported goods are sold and exchanged for Fatmilak ale and other regional goods. Peasants from this district will often try and seek work in the farmland district, or join up to the regional recruitment centres in the hopes of one day finding wealth.