Fissoa Fields

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Fissoa Fields
Located on::Dwilight
Part of::(rogue)
is regiontype::Townsland
South Mediterranean
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Fissoa Fields is a core region of Grand Duchy of Fissoa and is a flourishing, self sufficient townsland. The wealthiest townsland of the realm despite having a small population, it gives the most revenues after Fissoa city, the taxes sometimes even exceeding the city's collections.



Fissoa Fields is situated at the southern tip of Dwilight, thus it experiences a mediterranean type climate. It is surrounded by sea on two sides and the rest by land.

A vast plain begins from the southern beach and reaches the northern shores. This natural plain is made up of rich, loamy soil that supports harvests throughout the year. The eastern part of the region is comprised of grasslands which reaches upto Munawai.

Rainfall is abundant in this region, so is ample sunshine.


The region is blessed by peoples of different occupations, thus its economy is quite diverse:

  • Production- A large portion of its income comes from the wheat fields, specialising in white corn. Fishing is an important profession too, especially in the southern districts. Also the mediterranean climate allows a large number of orchards and vineyards whose produces fetch a large price.

  • Trade- Fissoa Fields has a has feature::marketplace, making it a popular spot with traders, lords, and stewards from the surrounding regions. The main export is the produce from the numerous vineyards and orchards which are mainly shipped to Fissoa for consumption and to Kamade where its is brewed into Kamadian Wood Special. Another important shipped commodity is the Red Baron Cheese, heavenly cheese saved only for the noblity, of which Fissoa Fields is the sole producer.

  • Manufacturing- This is an important occupation of the citizens of Flamingo town, which borders the city. Goods include mainly metal products and military equipment.


Fissoa Fields have Scouts Guilds, House of Healing, Banner Manufacture, Marketplace and Granaries.
The recruitment centres include: "Fissoa Fields Ferals" (SF) "Fields Fastbows" and "Longbows of the Field" (archers) and "Fields Fearsome" (cavalry).


Fissoa Fields is the birthplace of Path to Eternity, as such it has got the faith's first temple. There are also 2 shrines of the faith.

Major faiths include Path to Eternity and Aetheris Pyrism. The Earl, Alvin Windblack, Prophet of Path to Eternity, is often found preaching in the region.

Lord's Description

The Fissoa Fields have always been a core region of the Grand Duchy. The region is well known for it's Ferals, a veteran's unit renowned for it's high quality equipment and excellent training and skills in combat; the Fearsome, a high quality cavalry unit; the Longbowmen and the Fastbows.

The region have a stable population, spread throughout the three estates: the City Border, which taxes passage and goods entering the city. Most of the rich populace lives here, for the high walls and proximity to the city; the Fields, where the wheat is grown for the region's own needs. Its plains have rich, loamy soil that supports harvests throughout the year. The rich harvests makes this townsland self-sustaining, even being able to make occassional food exports. This region is the sole producer of the "Red Baron Cheese", cheese saved only for the noblity, whose secret recipe is known only to a handful: lastly the Coastal Estate which also comprised the grasslands in the far east of the region. Fishing is an important occupation here. Also the mediterranean climate allows a large number of orchards and vineyards. The produce is mostly transported to Fissoa, the rest goes to Kamade for a special ale. Thunderstorms are frequent, mostly during Winter which hurts production and trade. The connection of the capital to the rest of the realm is through four winding roads which soon join to form the "Great White Road", a road formed by a special kind of stone from Mt. Mangai which doesn't wear off easily. The road later forks into two, one leading to Libba and the other to Munawai. The stone is also used for many buildings of the region. This district houses the Earl himself in his mansion, the vast waterbody lining it.

Grand Duke Eldrond used to govern this region before his coronation and Skyndarbau Melphrydd was in charge after resigning as the First Grand Duke of the Common Era. Today Alvin Windblack is the Earl, being appointed by Duke Loathin.