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Lugagun is a rural region west of Madina with the landmark Bol-Gun Bridge (see below) forming a passageway to the unexplored islands to the west.

It shares a border with the regions of Bol, Panamana, Panabuk, and Madina Gardens, as well has having both a north and south coastline.


Most of Lugagun is coastline, with some of the continents best beaches protected by the narrower straits between Bol and Lugagun. There are two primary villages Lug, the northern village, sits on the north coastline, not far east of the foothills of Panaman. Gun, the southern village, rests just east of the Bol-Gun Bridge and west of the famous beaches. Both major villages serve as docks for trade, and for a small fleet of fishing boats, as well as a dock for the Lords personal craft. Smaller settlements are camped further inland, and primarily grow crops and hunt, or work as trade posts between the west islands and Madina.
The people are not overly friendly, but not rude either, they tend to mind their own. Many are capable hunters, from centuries of fighting off the monsters that come over the Bol-Gun Bridge. With military protection now in place, the region is growing, and people seem to be more at ease, they are becoming very loyal to the realm of Madina, and her armies and are thankful for their protection.


Much of this is just now being written as there is only some folklore about the past without any sort of government to account for the true details. The Bol-Gun Bridge seems to play a major part in the history of this region, as some of the fiercest known battles between Mankind and the Monsters took place, either on, around, or even under the bridge. Like most places of conflict there are heroes and legends are made, which for now is about all the history that is know. Here is a short excerpt from the best known tale, Bol:

He leads the savage pack,
The village they attack,
A child's cry in the back,
Their violence leaves no Soul;

The slicing scratch made by claws,
The bloody bite from his jaws,
The crushing crack of his paws,
They fear the beast of Bol.

It is assumed this is based off one of the darker times of Lugagun, where the people were losing the battles to the monsters, when not long after a pair of unnamed heroes killed the beast of Bol and were able to drive the monsters back across the bridge a permanent post was established at the Lugagun base of the bridge. The small fort did not entirely save the region from attacks though. Monsters were still able to wreck havoc at times, but in far less numbers and without such staggering success as they did under the beast of Bol.


Bol-Gun Bridge

The Bol-Gun Bridge is either a natural phenomenon, a great work of ancient man, or both. The most likely theories seem to think both nature and man played a part in this massive earthen bridge. It is nearly 5,000 feet long, spanning roughly 3,500 feet of water, with an apex height of about 100 feet. It is about half as wide as it is long, and has very gentle slopes up either side. The ground on the bridge is probably around 20-30 feet thick, able to support vegetation and the underside is entirely solid rock.
The best liked theory is that long ago man carved a small tunnel near the surface of the water threw this great rock connecting the two islands. Over thousands of years erosion has cut away at more and more of the rock, making this tunnel wider and wider to the point now where it looks more like a bridge rather than a tunnel. While no one is certain how much the bridge can hold, it would seem in the past, hordes of people and beasts would fight on it, or cross over it, so regular trade and army travel should be able to pass easily.

Lugagun Beach

A beach that has no real name, but is known for its perfection, protected by the straits created by the western island it doesn't receive the harsh waters of the ocean. The best beaches being just east of Gun, along the bay, on the southern coastline where the coast turns to run North and South. This vast beach front offers plenty of pleasant time to relax without much in the way of interruption from the rural countryside.