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Located on::Dwilight
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South Mediterranean
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The woodland region of Kamade is a smaller region of the Grand Duchy of Fissoa, but it has long played an important role both militarily and economically. There are several small villages located throughout the forest that are home to loggers and hunters, the largest of which is located in southwest of the region. A half a league from this village is the manor of the Viscount of Kamade.

Kamade has historically been the site of constant uprisings of undead from the rogue regions between Fissoa and Luria Nova. In recent days, these attacks have become less prevalent and the people of Kamade live in relative freedom and safety.

Hunting and logging are the principle occupations of the peasants in Kamade, but the most well known export is the Kamadian Wood Special, an ale of exceptional quality produced at the brewery and aged in barrels from the local oak.

Historic Landmarks

Statue of Bernard Evergreen

In this region you will find a statue demarcating the spot where the Fissoan Hero, General and Earl Bernard Evergreen, fell battling monsters.

The Three Stones

Near the center of the region, off the main road is a clearing in the woods with three stone monoliths. They were erected as monuments to significant battles and to the men and women that fought to protect Kamade. The inscriptions on two of the markers are well worn, but some words can be made out on the third. Visitors to the Three Stones generally report a feeling of calm and peacefulness surrounding the area.