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South Mediterranean
Duchies and Regions of Maritime Kingdom of Fissoa
Duchy of Madina

Madina | Madina Gardens | Panabuk | Lugagun | Lawataling | Bol | Fatmilak | Tovabur | Tower Fatmilak

Duchy of Fissoa

Fissoa | Fissoa Fields | Munawai | Mangai | Libba | Kamade

Duchy of Drowenton

Drowenton | Maf | Nuas | Maraba | Palm Sea | Vaal

Duchy of Candiels

Nuas consists of long stretches of plains, sandwiched between the Kamade-Maraba Forest to the north and the Black Coast to the south. The county has stretches of beach; smooth golden sands along the western shore cross into Mangai, with rocky pools and cliffs towards Maf to the East.

There are only a few settlements of note in the area. The biggest settlement, Gargas, the regional capitol, is where the Lord's manor doubles as the Town hall, and is also where most of the minor nobles dwell. The majority of the population reside in rural farming hamlets on the plains, or in fishing villages along the shore. The lack of a safe bay has prevented any serious trading port from ever being founded, and the majority of sea faring vessels are the local fishing and crabbing boats.

The cuisine in Nuas attracts travellers as it blends the vegetables that grow in the area, such as courgettes, peppers and olives, with seafood. The Aldus crab chowder, named after the northern crabbing village, is one of the most famous in the area. Along with the major exports of cured seafood and vegetables, there are also shipments of wine. The vineyards of Alderberg grow grape vines on the smooth, south-facing slopes that lead up to Maraba.