Tower Fatmilak

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Tower Fatmilak
Located on::Dwilight
Part of::(rogue)
is regiontype::Stronghold
South Mediterranean
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The crumbling ruins of Tower Fatmilak were first seen from the sea by nobles arriving in the realm of Madina. Soon western expeditions reached the tower on foot, and the region was freed of monsters and undead so that the tower could be rebuilt. During the restoration, a prophet of Estianism, Margel Somra, discovered many texts and artifacts of his faith deep within the ruins. Whether the historical texts were religious or not, they did describe the battles of the first builders of the tower many generations ago, and their eventual demise to the hordes of evil.

Freed from the tyranny of the Republic of Madina in the later years of the second decade of the colonisation of Dwilight, the stronghold was captured and liberated by the Monarchist forces of the Commonwealth of Aurvandil. Known as Castillion d'Astarac in the Orvandeaux tongue, and Tower Fatmilak by the common tongue of the Dwili, the stronghold stands as the outer fortification of the Allo Mere, the narrow channel between the Fatmilak Isle and the Orvandeaux Candiela, whilst also being the centre of training for the Margravine's Marines, the finest soldiery in Aurvandil and on Dwilight.

The landscape surrounding the Tower is characterized by barren hills, once interspersed with marshes drained with the arrival Orvandeaux civilisation. The close proximity to the sea makes both winters and summers quite temperate, but the constant humidity makes the air quite heavy especially in the boggy lowlands with thick fog a common site on cool mornings.