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Located on::Dwilight
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is regiontype::Woodland
South Mediterranean
Duchies and Regions of Maritime Kingdom of Fissoa
Duchy of Madina

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Duchy of Fissoa

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Duchy of Drowenton

Drowenton | Maf | Nuas | Maraba | Palm Sea | Vaal

Duchy of Candiels

The land of Maraba is near the southern coast of Dwilight, in the wilds of Forland. Bordered to the north by the vast and forbidding Palm Sea, it is subject to frequent incursions by monstrous packs and half-rotten undead. The province holds broad reaches of rich timber, and many small farms. The inhabitants tend not to venture far into the woods- long experience has taught them the constant danger of waking powers far greater than they. Warriors of Grand Duchy of Fissoa cleared the lands of monsters in the winter of the 15th year of Dwilight. After the lands were returned to their peaceful state, Knight Ayrl of Nuas was named Viscount- the first of his family to advance to landed lord. Since that time, Viscount Ayrl has held rule over the region, attempting to bring its people back under the sway of the Grand Duchy.

Maraba was sacked twice during the War of Lurian Intervention, in the winter of the 18th year of Dwilight, and plagued by monster hordes throughout the year. In the spring of the 18th year (the same day that Eldrond Nabarl was elected Grand Duke, thus ending the war with the Lurias), the commoner Cellius discovered the Daemonic Gem of Maraba in a monster horde. Ayrl was quick to purchase the Gem and constructed a ward with it in an attempt to bar the monsters from his lands.