Madina Gardens

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Madina Gardens
Located on::Dwilight
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South Mediterranean
Duchies and Regions of Maritime Kingdom of Fissoa
Duchy of Madina

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The region of Madina Gardens is a hot green fertile plain, well watered by rivers and lakes, and subject to high humidity fed by the strong ocean winds. Much of the area is arable, and what is not is dominated by forests or the rocky coast.


The towns of Madina Gardens are extensive warrens of flat roofed houses built of mud brick and painted white to reflect the heat. From the outside they are nondescript, but inside, the houses of the richer townsfolk each have their own lush garden providing shade and beauty in which the family can relax. Every town has its bazaar in which all kinds of trades flourish. The people of Madina Gardens are typically comfortable, cultured, and complacent, but recent years of strife and hardship have given these commonfolk a wary edge. For all their trouble, they remain a charitable people.


Madina Gardens had been divided into seven regions in the past, each dominated by a central fortified town of the same name, but constant warfare and monster incursions have taken their toll. The surviving four regions are Madriona, Lawdens, Gabina, and Labuk.

Once the smallest region within the Gardens, Madriona now sits as the largest surviving territory, having subsumed large parts of Larafa and Gofau, and remains the most powerful desmense, containing within it both a well-fortified town and, on a nearby hilltop, the ducal estate. It serves as a major trading hub within the Gardens, and most of the stores of grain are housed here in large warehouses. Also found in Madriona is a small temple quarter, housing both the temple of Verdis Elementum and the temple of Sanguis Astroism side by side.

Labuk, on the other hand, lacks the civilized splendor of Madriona. It is a moderately-forested region on the border of the Gardens and its northern neighbor Lawataling, and as a result is often subject to monster incursions and has been home in the past to several bandit groups. It is well known for its cultivation of pigeons and its sturdy cedarwood.

Lawdens is situated in the east, and is largely coastal. Many of its villages and small towns sit flush up against the sandstone cliffs it is now known for, providing its reliable, quarried stone for the building of walls, houses, castles and garrisons since the abandonment of Gofau's renowned quarries. Much of the citrus coveted by the rest of the Gardens is grown here, and anchovies, sardines and tuna are fished here in the strait that separates the Isle of Madina from the border of the Grand Duchy of Fissoa.

Now the smallest region within the Gardens, Gabina has become increasingly militaristic over the years. Its towns are all fortified, and even its smallest farming villages are palisaded by sharpened, fire-hardened logs. It contributes much of its young men to the regional garrison of Madriona, and is known for its skillful spearmen. South of Madriona, it is used extensively for its rich pastureland and herds of goats, sheep and cattle can be seen roaming alongside fields of olives and grain. A small, southern port allows for some trade, though this region is insular.

Garden map.jpg

  • Orange: Madriona
  • Light Blue: Larafa (DESTROYED)
  • Yellow: Gabina
  • Brown: Gofau (DESTROYED)
  • Green: Labuk
  • Red: Probag (DESTROYED)
  • Dark Blue:Lawdens

Sailors have honored the gardens with a song which is known for generations.

I sailed on the Madina sea blue, I sailed me with my true love
My strong heart strove the two between, the old ship and the one
The old for her, the new that made me think of Madina Gardens
While strong wind blew in my sails and shook the green gardens

T'was hard the woeful words to frame to break the ties that bound us
But harder still to bear the shame of ocean storm around us
And so I said, "We drop anchor here, and sail out morning early”
And join the bold fortunate men," while strong wind shook the gardens

While sad I took away her sails, a tear for her long service
A ocean’s storm burst on our decks from out the big blue deeps
A thunder pierced my old love's side and taken by the deep blue
And I full of tears she sank while strong winds shook the gardens

But blood for blood without remorse I've taken on the big blue sea
And granted her my old love's wreck and some day I may follow
So deep her grave I still dream, noon, night and morning early
With breaking heart when I hear the strong wind that shakes the gardens.

OOC: The song is taken from The Wind That Shakes The Barley, a song from Ireland. Of course it is changed to fit Madina more but I suggest you all listen it once and go see the movie.