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Wassgandr Felsenbach
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East Pastureland

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Castle Askileon
Heraldry of the Duchy of Askileon


The city of Askileon, the Jewel of the Euschean Sea, is located in the northern shores of the Euschean Sea. Although it is not the largest city in the vicinity, its beauty knows no equal. While its neighbouring city of Giask was fought over only to be abandoned later many times, Askileon was left mostly untouched by power hungry rulers and warlords which allowed the city to flourish as a centre of arts and culture. The city's centre still has many ancient buildings dating back to the first colonists and builders of the first realms in the region. Scholars from nearby cities often come to study these ancient architectures in hope of replicating them in the future.

While the city does not produce anything of significance, the city functions as a trade hub for surrounding regions. Goods from surrounding and far regions are traded every day in huge volumes, making the city one of the most populous regions in the vicinity along with Giask. To profit off of its many visitors, one of the lords of the city filled a district with brothels and restaurants near the city's harbour. The district grew into one of the city's most visited places.

Due to its location, the city is humid throughout the seasons but especially during summer and winter. High humidity combined with hot summer makes people feel rather miserable as their sweat soaked clothes stick to their bodies like glue.

Visitors often are impressed by the statues of heroes from the past ages populating the central road which leads to the palace district. Many palaces built across different eras are well preserved and are slowly expanding as each lord builds upon the palaces built by his or her predecessor.


Duke Amaury Capet

Appointed after Duke Proslyn fell ill to a mysterious sickness, Duke Amaury's most challenging task was repopulating his city after several bad harvests and harsh winters triggered massive starvations during Proslyn's rule, a task which he managed to complete. When the city had reached its population cap, a tournament was held to honor the occasion along with honoring the fall of Myern. Amaury replaced the defunct Silver Shield of Askileon with the Silver Hammer of Tyr, and serves as Marshal himself. Under Amaury's rule, the Count of Santoo re-aligned his region with Askileon, though the reunification was rather short, with Santoo falling to anarchist rebels shortly after.

Duke Proslyn Merytis

Appointed in the wake of Duchess Marie Euphrasia's banishment, Duke Proslyn has been working hard to surmount the difficulties posed in the wake of his predecessor's neglect. After creating the Silver Shield, the City's recruitment centres were rebuilt.

The harsh winters and waves of monsters following the Kaennji Secession had Proslyn struggle to keep the duchy intact. Fortunately, recent times appear to be more fortuitous.

Duchess Marie Euphrasia le Foie

Askileon was the second city to come under Pian en Luries' control. Shortly after Lady le Fois was gifted with the title of Duchess Askileon, Askileon Purlieus and Santoo became vassals of the Duchess. It didn't take long for the Duchy to become a great power, as they spearheaded the taking of Giask. Its borders extended from eastern shores of Santoo to the coastline of Ciarin Tut.

Unfortunately, the Duchess became deluded with dreams of power and, forgoing her responsibilities to her lords and nobles, schemed alone in the city. The loss of Ciarin Tut to a peasant uprising was eventually followed by the change in allegiance of Santoo to Giask. After the Duchess's continued silence, even Askileon Purlieus followed suit.

King Aylwin Gottfried

Owned the city by appointing himself as the lord of the city. He has constructed two recruitment centres, one range 5 SF and one good MI. Later, he passed his ownership of the city over to his successor Wassgandr Felsenbach.

Imperial Marshal Wassgandr Felsenbach

Inherited the city from his predecessor King Aylwin. Under Wassgandr's rule, the city prospered more than any point in its history. The city's infrastructures were developed to the limit, and high quality recruitment centres were built until the city could no longer find any trainer to be in charge of another centre (meaning the city has 10 RCs).


Askileon maintains a militia, known colloquially as the Guard. Currently commanded by Alphonse Erando, it has three companies, two companies of infantry and one of special forces.

(ooc: Alphonse Erando is an NPC)


The Order of St. Iestyn (Dead)

The dominant religious movement in Askileon is known as the Order of St. Iestyn, counting the vast majority of the population as followers.

(Update) Died. Was later replaced by Sanguis Astroism and its variants.

Eleryonism (Dead)

Recently, a new faith called Eleryonism has appeared in the duchy, centered mostly in Askileon Purlieus.

(Update) Dead long ago.

Sanguis Astroism

It took awhile for SA to be accepted into the city. But once it became a part of it, it replaced all other religions. When SA finally began to decline, ESA(a variant of SA) rose to fill in the gap.


Paganism has mostly disappeared from Askileon since the introduction of the Order of St. Iestyn, though many of its traditions still survive to this day. Harvest Festivals to the Sun are very common sights, especially in Santoo. Another is the Festival of Nights held in Askileon.


Active Guilds

Royal Rangers

The Great Halls of Luria

The Great Halls of Luria is what connects all Lurians. It was created to allow Lurians who now are scattered across multiple realms to be able to contact each other as they all are members of the Lurian Empire.

Ordo Leonis

The Lion Knights of Luria.

University of Dwilight

Nobody fully understands what this university stands for. Not much happens within the university.

Dead Guilds

Path of the Sword

Keepers of Lore

Poryatown Press


The Festival of Nights

A young girl is locked at the top of the Tower of Twilight, and the task is given to four young men to climb the outer wall of the tower. It is very dangerous as one can only use the vines that grow from its base and reach up to the four windows. It is not unheard of for the men to fall and die having not reached the top. For it was here in the Tower of Twilight that the Moon having taken a human form dwelt.

The Sun Harvest

A pagan festival to the Sun most commonly held in Santoo.


Askileon has a has feature::marketplace, making it a popular spot with traders, lords, and stewards from the surrounding regions.


The Keepers of Lore have gathered stories of Askileon. Read them here: Keepers of Lore/Regions/Askileon


Recruitment Centers Type Training Equipment
Felsenbachi Armoured Guardians Special Forces 55 60-5 / 90
Felsenbachi Bolt Throwers Special Forces 50 80-5 / 50
Aestian Sharpshooters Special Forces 65 75-5 / 60
Felsenbachi Knightslayers Special Forces 95 75-5 / 85
Kihalic Deicidas Special Forces 100 100-5 / 100
Aylwinic Auxiliaries Mixed Infantry 45 75-3 / 80
Felsenbachi Armoured Sentinels Infantry 70 70 / 85
Felsenbachi Heavy Infantry Infantry 55 80 / 75
Felsenbachi Battlemasters Infantry 80 85 / 85
Felsenbachi Warlords Infantry 90 90 / 90

Other Infrastructures

  • 2 Houses of Healing
  • 2 Banner Manufacture
  • 4 Workshop
  • Academy
  • Weapon/Armour Smith
  • Marketplace
  • 2 Tournament Ground
  • 5 Granary
  • Harbor
  • Shipyard

Monuments and Statues

Statue to Aylwin Gottfried in King's Palace

A Marble Statue of Aylwin Gottfried, King of Moon Hall and Suzerain Emperor of Luria, was erected in the Grand Hall of King's Palace to honour his legacy.

— erected by Margrave Wassgandr Felsenbach from Luria Nova

Monument to Aestia Lapallanch in King's Palace

The Crystal Garden was built to honour Lady Aestia Lapallanch of Poryatu for her service to both Solaria and Luria Nova. She constructed several recruitment centers across the Northern regions of the Empire during her life and her best recruitment center 'Aeastian Arbalests' was heavily used to defend the Empire from both monsters and invaders throughout the ages. A marvelous crystal statue of Lady Aestia Lapallanch stands tall in the center of the Crystal Garden.

— erected by Margrave Wassgandr Felsenbach from Luria Nova

Statue to Wassgandr Felsenbach in Lord's Vigil

This Magnificently Large Golden Statue of Wassgandr Felsenbach was built to show the world who turned Askileon into the envy of the world.

A plaque by the feet of the statue holds the following words: "I turned a city of bricks into a city of diamonds!"

— erected by Margrave Wassgandr Felsenbach from Luria Nova

Monument to Kihalin Lapallanch in Lord's Vigil

A Large Shrine enshrining a Golden Statue of Kihalin Lapallanch, the most famous general of Astrum who dedicated his life to Sanguis Astroism and later to Ecclesial Sanguiastroism. He spent the later portion of his life contributing to his family's military guide for those who wish to learn about the way of war. The statue and the building which houses it were built by Wassgandr Felsenbach who was inspired by him.

— erected by Imperial Marshal Wassgandr Felsenbach from Luria Nova