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Madina Isle


The isle of Madina is a diverse geological place, both it's Fauna and Flora are, as a large isolated island, one of a kind. With hilly plains to the west and north, and deep jungles to the east, coming down to a extremely fertile marshlands/plain in the deep south divided in the regions Madina Gardens and Madina City.

The west is divided in south west \ north east by a 400 mile deep bay, the enormous Panama Bay with on the north east side the plains of Panabuk and Laraibina and on the other side the peninsula mountain ranges of Panamana.


Madina isle is a tropical isle with 3 seasons, Spring(covering spring and the start of summer), the Dry season(the end of summer and a large part of the Autumn), and the Monsoon(covering most of the winter). Spring usually holds the most comfortable weather, sunny and stable temperatures of around 28c. Many lakes and rivers are on it's highest levels and many crops are seeded. The Dry Season hold temperatures ranging from 34 to 45 c, with it's height at the end of fall where water levels drop to the lowest levels. The Monsoon starts at the end of Fall with extremely heavy rainfall, this creates landslides and turns the island in a temporary Marshland.

Water Ways

  1. Panama Bay
  2. Panama Canal
  3. Fatmilak Straight
  4. Fissoan Straight