Moses' End

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Moses' End
Located on::Dwilight
Part of::Astrum
Part of::Holy Corsanctum
Linden Arindal
is regiontype::Rural
North Mediterranean

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Moses' End sits at the end of the peninsula known by some as the Mimer Peninsula and as the Moses Peninsula by others. It is a small region, and fairly underpopulated compared to the surrounding regions. Moses' End is known for its fishing. Those who do not live in the town, by the same name of the region, that resides at the edge of the peninsulalive on farms or one of the few small villages.

Her name is derived from the small town that sits along the coast, which shares it's name. Local lore tells of a man named Moses who lived on the land the town now stands. He was a hermit, and had a great dislike for people. The waters just off the coast is regarded as some of the best fishing around. Moses disliked people fishing so close to his land, and is said to have chased quite a many fishermen off under a hail of arrows. Locals started to refer to his land as Moses' End as it stood at the end of the peninsula. His lore spread across the north east of Dwilight, as did lore of the supurb fishing. People came from far and wide to try and fish near Moses' End, and eventually Moses grew tired of chasing them off. It is said that one day he just walked out into the water and began swiming. He was never heard from again. A small fishing village sprung up arround his old cottage, and eventually it grew into the town it is today.