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Morek is one of the four founding realms of the island of Dwilight.

Morek is a theocracy with its capital at Donghaiwei. It is composed of four cities, Donghaiwei, Muspelheim, Aegir and Nifelheim, as well as the Duchy of the First Temple (composed solely of the townsland of Caiyun) which is bequeathed to the Church of Sanguis Astroism.

The Celestial Order of Morek



The idea behind Morek is based on the Teutonic Order on the southern Baltic coast in the middle ages as well as some themes from The Holy Roman Empire. The Teutonic Order was constantly pushing east into pagan Lithuania in an effort to end paganism in that area, or at least in the guise of doing so. As Morek has been made the only theocracy in Dwilight and Dwilight has such a lopsided, rebel concentration; it would only make sense to give the starting realms reason to push west.

Moreks's political climate is quite different from what many may be used to. The customs established have been crafted to make Morek the most like a medieval state as possible. Everything Morek is and is not is defined by collective subjectivity. What Morek thinks it is, it is. Thus great care has been taken to remove modern concepts and values to reestablish a decentralization likely unseen on BM. The specifics of this are listed under Political Custom.

The story of Morek is lightly based on this proposal.

Political Custom

Morek is highly decentralized. It is a combination of many factions including duchies, military orders, religious institutions, and individuals. Any one of these could act in a very independently political way. The past has seen wars with entire nations by a single faction with the realm.


The Grandmaster is the secular leader of all of Morek's knightly orders, and people.

The Ordermarshall is the leader of the Holy Armies of Morek and subcommander of the knightly orders. He is an elected official.

The High Inquisitor is the overseer of the priestly ways of the Sanguis Astroism. By law he is appointed by the authority of the prophet of Sanguis Astroism, but it is the grandmaster that makes the actual appointment(this is a game mechanic).

The Coffermaster is the overseer of the realms coin. He is an elected official of little power. By law he cannot hold lands for the purpose of retarding any corruption. This office is meant as a means for the powerless highborn to advance.

There has been a long and colorful line of succession through the years.


Morek's ability to rule will be a balancing act between the ruling men of the realm and the priests who attend to the flock.

Morek's throne is traditionally ruled by the Grandmaster, a man of both political weight and some religious authority. His task of maintaining order within the order is monumental compared to that of more centralized realms. Power in Morek is not only divided between the rulers and nobles, but the priests as well. And although priests have little power, their sway is undeniable. The priesthood is multinational and therefor can have foreign influence.

Morek was once the greatest realm in Dwilight by far. It ruled over lands near half and again as large as the other realms. This glory was brought down by a monster invasion of legendary magnitude. The monsters were several times more powerful than the entire army of Morek but spread out over 3 or 4 provinces at any one time. Morek collapsed into a nucleus of its former self only to shaken by a rebellion.

Zul'Jinn II Stormreaver, on grounds that the current regime is incompetent, led the rebellion. He and his rebels were quickly crushed by the loyalists, who knew of the imminent rebellion. Only a handful participated in the rebellion and only 2 nobles had the sense to be in capitol.

Morek also joined in the succession wars, fighting their old allies of Springdale on behalf of the fellow theocracy of Virovene. This led to Duke Sammael of the Springdale city Duchy changing his Duchies allegiance to Morek, effectively ending Springdale and again making Morek the largest region on Dwilight.

The Two Day War with the Raivian Empire Was a short conflict in the region of Aegir's Deep. It was a means of Morek it impose widely held claims to the Mimer Peninsula after Chancellor Raiva occupied the lands and ambiguously suggested that he would release the lands to the Holy State, while refusing to at the same time.

After this, Morek stagnated for a while, trying and failing to occupy Unterstrom. At the end of the seventh year the Duchy of Doinghaiwei seceded to form the realm of Xinhai where the original lands of Morek were. When spring came, it was to turn of the Duchy of Springdale to secede and form the Libero Empire.

Morek ultimately recovered much of its former territory but new conflicts ensued. Helyg Derwyddon broke away both from Morek's territory and from the religion of Sanguis Astroism. Many astroists to this day regard it as an apostate realm. Then after years of grueling war with Luria Nova Morek was forced to further divide itself, with its northern regions splitting off to become Arnor and others forming Antiqualia.

Today Morek controls six regions and has recently recovered Muspelheim.


The official Religion of Morek is Sanguis Astroism. The Bloodstars are three red stars: the Maddening Star, the Auspicious Star and the Austere Star, that only appear a few times a year for a week or more. The constellation curiously hangs permanently over west Dwilight. The current phases of the Bloodstars can be found here. It is believed that the constellation causes madness among the natives of Dwilight and is a good omen to those of the eastern continents. It was the rise of Sanguis Astroism that led to Morek's rise over the natives.

Introduction to Morek

Written by Deverka Cryfdwr (edited for consistency with the style of this library, for grammar, wording, and to keep it a bit more up-to-date than it was) --- Greetings new nobles. Having a good sense of the local culture is key to enjoying your stay in the realm and understanding its daily going-ons. Here is a rundown that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere, though the information can be considered common knowledge among Morekians.

Dwilight is colonial. Most nobles are Easterners (as from the perspective of the other islands, Dwilight is technically West island) Local minorities are largely defined by the naming style of their place of origin(Chinese in Donghaiwei, German in Unterstrom, Springdale is unspecific, etc.).

Morek is divided into the southern and northern camps. The south is the majority, is deeply religious, and tends to favor the ruling council and other faithful nations (including Virovene, Aquilegia, Corsanctum, Astrum, and to a lesser extent, the non-theocratic realms of Terran, Ravian Empire, and Summerdale) and is considered Morek Proper. The south is also made up of the Warders of the Temple, a semi-independent religious/militant order.

The North is from the Old Spingdale Empire, that collapsed, and was largely annexed to Morek, with Virovene and Raivian Empire becoming independent during the Wars of Secession. The breakup was spearheaded by Virovene, the base of Sanguis Astroism in Springdale, and proclaimed itself a theocracy. Morek, being a protector state of SA had to annul its alliance with Springdale at the order of the Prophet, Mathurin Hossenfeffer (head of Corsantum and Sanguis Astroism) in order to defend the newly formed realm of Virovene. Springdale focused on Virovene, defending Niefelhold. Morek had free reign in the duchy of Springdale, which brought Duke Sammael to switch sides to preserve his duchy.

There is a certain animosity between the two duchies, but duty keeps Morek together. Springdale also seems to hate Virovene with great vim, despite religious conflicts with the south.

Short synopsis of the realms of Dwilight

Everguard is a former Springdale colony, once a great nation, which overextended itself and was nearly destroyed by monsters. In its heyday, Astrum, a Morek colony, established itself in Libidzedd, several regions from Everguard, which bullied it. It had done so successfully with Caerwyn, which Everguard forced to move further south in its infancy. Astrum is a theocracy of SA, like Morek.

Raivaland is very secular, but otherwise a faithful nation. Its had its run-ins with its neighbors, most notably the two day Ravian-Morekian War, mostly over claims to Freke.

Corsanctum is SA's holy state. It acts as the Papal state of Sanguis Astroism.

Pian in Luries is inconsequential in terms of Morekian affairs. Its isolationist, obscure, remote, and absolutist if the rumors are correct. It is considered part of 'the south' and is largely ignored by the northern realms.

Madina is the home of almost every other colony on the Mediterranean besides those founded by Morek. It is also part of the south and generally ignored as a result of the distances between the two realms.

Fissoa is ditto.

D'hara is an was once a great thorn in Sanguis Astroism's side. It's state religion is based on Dragon worship. It was once ruled by a colorful and fanatical queen, now deposed. She was the Duchess of some Piani city, rebelled, exiled, left and settled in Shadowvar(former D'hara) rebelled, established D'hara, survived several rebellions, antagonized nearly the whole continent, then was deposed. Its been quiet ever since.

Terran is... Terran. It mingles between Caerwyn and D'hara, never quite touching bases with either. Wars occassionally, but nothing much happens that impacts the East. It has some ties with SA (Sanguis Astroism) stronger than most non-theocratic realms as a couple of their prominent figures are believers of the faith.

Ordenstat is new, mostly a crusader state whose objective is to purge Dwilight of the Zuma. They've recently suffered a rebellion.

Zuma is a daimon camp in Nightscree. Its intent is murky.

Summerdale is Springdale reborn, as of now, it is undefined in purpose.


The fighting men of Morek are organized into knightly orders and led by Ordermasters or Marshals.

  • Panorder Reserve Commandery - Sponsored by Deverka Cryfdwr, Grandmaster of Morek, Duke of Unterstrom - Purpose is to take any noble not in one of the other armies. However, as it is empty, it is merely a name.
  • Guardians of Springdale - Sponsored by Sir Sammael Haine, Duke of Springdale Sejieda Vita, Marshal of the Guardians of Springdale - One of the realm's main armies, it is the Springdale Ducal army and responsible for protecting their Duchy. However, as Springdale is a relatively sheltered region, the army is also commonly dispatched south, to deal with the large insurrections of Monsters. It is marshaled by Marshal Vita, a knight of Springdale.
  • Morekian Bureaucratic Order - Sponsored by Anabellium West, Duchess of Donghaiwei - This army is for the coordination of courtiers, so as to be able to conveniently and efficiently call on the bureaucrats of the realm when the need is there. It is Marshaled by Marshal Ahmdi Dehuz, Lord of Nimh. It will later be merged with the Austere Order, where upon the Marshal will be made SiC.
  • Order of the Austere Star - Sponsored by Anabellium West, Duchess of Donghaiwei - This army is currently more or less empty, as its knights fill the ranks of the Maddening Order. It will be marshaled by Marshal-to-be Lucas, Lord of Shomrak. It functions under the directive of its Marshal at the leisure of the Duchess.
  • The Order of the Maddening - Sponsored by Deverka Cryfdwr, Grandmaster of Morek, Duke of Unterstrom. It is the ducal army of Unterstrom and staffed by the knights of Donghaiwei Duchy. As the Unterstrom Duchy grows more powerful, the knights will be recalled to the Order of the Austere Star and replaced by knights from Unterstrom. It is marshaled by Sir Bustoarsenzio Peristaltico, Ordermarshal of Morek, and a knight of Unterstrom. It functions under the directive of its Marshal at the leisure of the Duke.
  • Warders of the Temple - Sponsored by Anabellium West - This is Morek's religious army. If Sanguis Astroism is ever under attack, this is the faith's sword and shield. When not following the directives of the Prophet, the army aids the realm in monster management and functions like a regular army. Marshaled by Marshal Maria, Lord of Zhongyuan.


Diplomacy is formally conducted by the Grandmaster, but the High Inquisitor has made foreign agreements too.

As Morek's duchies are semi-autonomous, it is not unusual for the Dukes and Duchesses of Morek to conduct their own diplomacy independent of the realm.


The Legends of Morek

The Manifestation of Morek

"In days now dead, in the lands betwixt Springdale and the ancestral lands of the Luries, the people from the continents of the eastern world settled colonies unto their own realms. The warlike natives of Dwilight, made their power known, tearing the banners of the east asunder. Under the sole of their feet, many of our fair hands toiled, all for the warcraft of the Guntor, as the Dwili called themselves. The wasteful skirmishes of the Guntor showed that Eastern produce was to be left in the field to rot, the crafts to be sold to pay their men of war. The incompetent rulership and bigotry of the Dwili flared the heart, raised the head, and tightened the fist of us. Soon our people made their hatred known, but many did not succeed, crushed by our former masters. It was until The Bloodstars were shown over the west, that The Cloudly One shown that even the heavens were with us, and the stars struck the Dwili with terrible madness. It was then that our people came unto their own, that the Cloudly One made known our righteous people would spread, to the west we advance, to the land of the Bloodstars!" -Under the Bloodstars, Chapter XXVII, ver. LXXI

The Month of Maddening

The Legends are still being written!(These will be filled in by popular in-game RP.)

The Lost Heroes of Morek

  • Armand Vici, Killed by monsters in Weinshenk. His unit of 53 men was wiped out. Other Moreki commanders led far fewer men. His sacrifice saved both the battle, and Grandmaster Deverka Cryfdwr.
  • Grandmaster Deverka Cryfdwr, Killed in battle against rogues in Nifel. His long service to the realm will never be forgotten. Morek owes its position today to him.

The Claims of Morek

Claims are legal rights to lands whether factual or perceived.


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