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Agreements reached by the Grandmaster of Morek towards other realms.


Springdale-Morek Alliance

Springdale's alliance with Morek was the longest standing pact between any two nations on the island of Dwilight. The terms of the treaty were as follows:

  • Springdale's claim on Aegir shall be undisputed by Morek.
  • Springdale shall not expand into the Mimer Peninsula.
  • The border in the east is drawn on the regions of Nimh, Taishan and Bohai within Moreki holdings.

- This treaty is now defunct.

Pian en Luries

Pian en Luries-Morek Land Claim Treaty

  • The Order of Morek concedes all Order-wide claims to the lands held by held by or contested by The Kingdom of Pian en Luries south of and including: The North Divide, Tranquil and Nyuushi. This does include personal or Ducal claims to said lands by any nobles of Morek. (Individual dukes still hold rights to war, but the whole Order won't be involved.)
  • The Kingdom of Pian en Luries concedes all kingdom-wide claims to the lands held by held by or contested by The Order of Morek north of and including: Shyussei, Elntorrak, Fatexna and Turbul. This does include personal or Ducal claims to said lands by any nobles of Pian en Luries. (Individual dukes still hold rights to war, but the whole Order won't be involved.)


Kaennji Shenron
King of Pian en Luries, Duke of Poryatown

Deverka Crydfwr
Grandmaster of Morek, Duke of Donghaiwei


Treaty of Mimer

The Treaty of Mimer was signed by Deverka Cryfdwr and Alexandra Dwarvenite on August 29, 1008 as well as ratified by the lords of both realms.

  • Astrum will not expand beyond the Well of Mimer. Astrum will see no recognition of claims to Mimer or The Well on the basis of this treaty.
  • His Holiness or the Council of Cardinals of Sanguis Astroism may revoke any realm's rights and the rights of any nobles to Mimer and The Well at any time for any purpose. Mimer and The Well are church property, but may be deferred to any party for any length of time. (example: Astrum or Morek)
  • Lords may refuse to sell food that is not considered surplus by his peers. Embargoes, sanctions and prices set to discourage transaction in an attempt to loophole a forbidden embargo are forbidden. A dispute over 'surplus' will prompt a referendum by that lords duke, to be decided by majority vote.
  • Members of signed states will recognize this treaty may be deconstituted in the event of war with impunity.


Free Passage agreement

An agreement of the right of passage for individual nobles signed on January 3, 2009.


  • Nobles of both realms in foreign territory are to respect the laws of each others realm. Meaning those posted openly.
  • Our respective churches must request permission of the regional lord and get it before preaching in a region. This would go for the building of Shrines and Temples as well.
  • Foreign nobles understand that any cancellation of this agreement allows for the grace of those caught in its absence to peaceably amend their trespassing.
  • Should any noble forsake our agreement, than our head jailers shall free the detained as soon as possible.
  • With any transgression our Judges shall work together to see to the swiftest release. With one exception. Infiltrators caught shall be banned and then deported for their crimes.

Signed By

Katayanna Ogren,
Dragon Queen of D'Hara, Duchess of Port Raviel, and Royal Fiduciary of D'Hara.
Deverka Cryfdwr,
Grandmaster of Morek.


Grandmaster Deverka cancelled the treaty on February 12, 2009.


Morek-Corsanctum Open Workshops Pact

The Morek-Corsanctum Open Workshops Pact was signed by His Highness Deverka Cryfdwr and His Holiness Mathurin Hossenfeffer on the first day of winter of the sixth year of Dwilight.

  • By this treaty, troop leaders from both Nations will have access to the workshops situated in the other. Those leaders, or their respective Marshalls, are requested to inform the realm of their intentions when using the workshop, are asked to refrain from them if they clash with the policies of the other realm.
  • This treaty can be repelled at any time by any party involved.


Ymer's Fall Peace Treaty

The Ymer's Fall Peace Treaty was signed by His Highness Deverka Cryfdwr and Her Majesty Charlotte Grancourt on the fourth day of spring of the sixth year of Dwilight, in the presence of Ambassador Pierre von Genf and Duke Claudius von Ravenheart.

  • By this treaty, the signatories, Grandmaster Deverka Cryfdwr of Morek and Queen Charlotte Grancourt of Summerdale, solemnly pledge themselves and their realm to eternal peace, respect and friendship.

The day after, Grandmaster Deverka was slain by beasts in Nifel while travelling back to Morek.

Raivan Empire

Treaty on Morekian and Imperial Passage Rights

Signed by Alpha Imperator Raiva on the 19th day of Summer of the 7th year of Dwilight in Aegir.

  • The signatories of this Treaty, Morek and the Raivan Empire, declare that they accept that troops and troop leaders from both realms have a right of free passage through the regions of both realms, as long as their intent is peaceful. If troops are intended to help or hinder a third party, permission must be asked beforehand, and it may be denied.