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An Historical document detailing the dead realm of Virovene

The Theocratic realm of Virovene was steeped in history, both ancient and modern, which gave the realm a rich history. The realm was sometimes viewed with suspicion, as its birth broke up the greatest empire the continent had seen in an age. However, the people of Virovene were loyally dedicated to their lords and their religion, Sanguis Astroism, which penetrated every aspect of life within the realm. People of Virovene were generally fair-haired, tall, and stocky. There was also a stalk contrast between those who dwellt in the cities and those in the country, although all pulled together in times of need.

The realm was recreated by Cato De La Fere by seceding the city of Muspelheim from the Springdale Empire in the 4th year of Dwilight. His loyal lords, Marquess Tye von Snipe and Viscount Kole Kalmar, followed him with all their knights. The letter of secession details the list of grievances Cato had against Emperor Neel which led to the succession. The realm was based on the religious ideas of Sanguis Astroism while maintaining a monarchist structure.


As a theocracy, Virovene's state religion was Sanguis Astroism, one of the largest religions in the known world. Virovene's founder, Cato De La Fere, had been a devout follower for many years, and his lords also numbered among the devout. In the end Virovene was almost entirely made up of Nobles who followed the Bloodstars.


  • Virovene Defense Army- A force dedicated to protecting Virovene from internal insurgencies, whilst still marching to war in times of need.


The Codes of Virovene are the rules and orders that all members of Virovene followed.

The Council of The Kaiser

Diplomatic Agreements

Kalmar-Everland Prisoner Exchange Code - An agreement between Justiciar Kole Jalmar and Inquisitor Amalie Everland(Summerdale).


A list of regions to which Virovene claimed as belonging to the realm and were to be acquired.

History of Virovene

Virovene was young, but it was based on an older kingdom and so has a lengthy history because of that.

Ancient Virovene

(OOC: Ancient Virovene is roleplayed history.)

The history of Virovene began in the mists of time with the founding of old Virovene by the royal family, De La Fere. Little is known of the early years of this realm, but it is known that it was founded at a similar time to the realms of Old Springdale and the Nifle Kingdom. These realms existed in relative peace, although border disputes were inevitable in that early time. Due to its more mild southerly climate, old Virovene was one of the more prosperous lands, with its people enjoying more comfortable living then people in the colder, rainier regions to the north.

The people also were the first to begin worshiping the Bloodstars, learning of their effect upon the human condition, and is no coincidence that today’s Virovene’s also worship the same stars, as devote as their ancestors once were.

Old Virovene’s Capital was the great city of Muspelheim, with the fortress of Virovene sitting at its heart, next to Nifelhold one of the strongest fortress in northern Dwilight.

The end of old Virovene came with the invasion of the Daimons. These hellish creatures swept across the old realms like a wave of blood, leaving death and destruction in their wake. The daimons took advantage of the long-time division of the three realms and slowly defeated them. The last stand was made in Mimer, where the army fought the daimons long enough for King Charles De La Fere to escape.

Rediscovering and Founding Virovene

Many years later, long after the old realms had fallen into decay and there tales of the three kingdoms forgotten, many new nobles returned, along with many descendants of nobles who had left Dwilight long ago, including a descendant of the De Le Fere’s, Cato, who had not forgotten the old tales. Soon whole nations had been founded in the regions long vacant of any human habitation.

The most prominent of these new realms was the Empire of Springdale. Based upon the ideals of old Springdale, this new Empire quickly grew into one of the most powerful realms on the continent. In this new realm order, Cato rose to prominence as Duke of Muspelheim, his ancestors old capital. After a series of insults from Springdale’s Emperor Neel led to Cato deciding to resurrect Virovene, dedicating it to the new religion of the Bloodstars, Sanguis Astroism.

War of Independence

This secession led to a war with Springdale, a war that the fledgling realm would be hard pressed to win, if not for the intervention of another, far more powerful realm, dedicated to the Bloodstars, known as Morek.

Although long time allies with Springdale, Morek was willing to break that bond to protect the faith. The resulting war of independence led to the complete destruction of Springdale and allowed Virovene to gain a place of importance within the politics of eastern Dwilight. It also gained the fortress of Nifelhold, one time capital of the old empire.

Turmoil in the Realm, the Death of a Kaiser and the Final fall of Virovene

After Springdale had been defeated, the lands of Virovene became a peaceful place. This peace would not last. The regions taken from Springdale were battered and broken, required much work to rebuild, and food was becoming scarce. Starvation was rife amongst the general populace. But the problems did not end there. A rogue element of the Raivan Empire broke away from its parent realm and founded itself in Nifelheim, calling itself Summerdale in attempt to recreate the downed empire. This led to much anger in Virovene, who had spilled much blood to destroy Springdale, and resented it being recreated. In response, they claimed their land and declared war.

Whilst the war raged on there was much political turmoil within the religion of Sanguis Astroism. Claims and counter claims between members of different realms even led to an attack by a warder army on troops hailing from Virovene. Whilst this problem was dealt with and resolved, a great tragedy occurred.

Kaiser Cato De La Fere, a great and charismatic leader who was revered within the realm but viewed with suspicion by many outsiders, was holding court when an assassin, disguised as a delegation from the realm of D'Hara, entered the throne room and stabbed the Kaiser several times with a poisoned blade before jumping from a high window into a hay cart far below. The Kaiser breathed his last on the steps of the throne of his rule. His young son was spirited away to safety by some of the Justiciar's guards, to live away from hands which would seek to harm him.

The death of this great man may have been a problem for a less prepared realm, but Virovene had been prepared for any situation. The next day High Marshal Tye Von Snipe was crowned Kaiser of Virovene with the ancient crown of the realm. However, the death of the Kaiser was still a blow and unexpectedly led to Mt. Black Nastrond leaving the realm to join Morek and splitting the realm in three. The new Kaiser had a radical plan to try and reunite the realm. He challenged Baron Raimond to a Dual to the death. However, this dual was a bad choice as it led to his fatal injury and eventual death. For the second time within a week the Realm was without a Kaiser.

Justicar Kole was the next to be elected Kaiser, and proceeded to rule as best he could.

However, Kaiser Kole could not hold back the tide of change, and most of the regions of Virovene began to turn to easier times by joining Morek and other realms. Virovene slowly fell, not to war, but to fear. And so Kaiser Kole presided over the death of a Kingdom. It was not a noble death, in honour in the midst of battle, but through subversion and tricks. And in the end only Muspelheim remained. A single city, locked in past glories with no hope of survival, and there, slowly Virovene faded, and finally died, to be forgotten by history as a brief flash of light, no more.

Virovene colony Thulsoma kingdom of Bloodmoon

During the last dying days of Virovene. Two nobles Glaumring Apasurain and Randemicos Pope with a small army. Set off across to the northlands and there founded the original kingdom of Thulsoma in the Storms keep.

Historical Documents