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East Pastureland

The pasturelands of Caiyun have grown busy of late as the town has expanded. The paths have become roads, inns have become villages and where once the local crops were shipped to the city of Donghaiwei, now they are taken to the town to feed the ever expanding population. Caiyun has a has feature::marketplace, making it a popular spot with traders, lords, and stewards from the surrounding regions.

At the heart of the town is the cause of much of the activity, the High Temple of Sanguis Astroism, with its priests and pilgrims. The first stone building of the town, it dwarfs the surrounding wattle and daub construction favoured by the indigenous population. The stone for the Temple was quarried from the new pits dug by the last Lord of the region, the Prophet Mathurin. When the Temple was still in the planning stages, Mathurin had sent surveyors across his lands to scout for signs of good stone for building. Eventually, he found and followed rumours of an isolated village in the southeast that had a long-standing tradition of using beautiful variegated stone for headstones in their cemetery and discovered a supply of marble like had never been heard of in the area; a beautiful dark, smokey grey marble, swirled with lines of deepest red and shiny quartz. The Temple in Caiyun is built of such stone, as the color was thought to complement the color of the Bloodstars themselves.


The former home of the Holy Prophet of Sanguis Astroism

The Marchioness of Caiyun was Varchilde Esotericus, appointed to the position by Mathurin Hossenfeffer upon the latter's voyage to begin the establishment of the new Sanguis Astroism Holy Land, Corsanctum.

Upon Mathurin Hossenfeffer's voyage to begin the establishment of the new Sanguis Astroism Holy Land, Corsanctum, Varchilde Esotericus was appointed the position. Varchilde Esotericus left the region in the care of Pierre von Genf, after leaving for Astrum. Pierre von Genf left for D'Hara to go spread Sanguis Astroism in the South. He left the region in the care of Rabisu Daycryn. Rabisu was removed as Lord of Caiyun when he was imprisoned in the South leaving Caiyun to rot in anarchy. Menelaus Raghnall stepped forward to keep Caiyun away from heretics of the Church and to regain control and order within Caiyun. It was always planned to return Caiyun back to Rabisu but Rabisu died on the seas before this could take place.

Its present tenant Lord is Menelaus Raghnall, High Inquisitor of Morek.

In the Autumn of 16 YD, the sacred townsland of Caiyun officially became the Duchy of the First Temple, the first non-urban region to become a duchy. To inaugurate the elevation of the region, the History Department of the Dwilight University published an article, "The Duchy of the First Temple" by the Dean of History Bowie Ironsides.


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