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Upper Occidens

Upper Occidens.JPG

Also termed the North Shore, Upper Occidens is the stretch of plains from the top of the Occidens to the The Golden Reach. It includes the cities of Darfix, Gaston, Gelene, Chrysantalys, Eidulb, Itau, and the Shrine of Seeklander. Its features include the Darfese Forest, the Gastonlands, Blackrown Flat, the Astral Coast (North and South), Wallereach, the Duil Corridor, Wynrest, the Mech Forest, and the Dragon's Teeth Mountain range. It also possesses one sole waterway, the Chrystal River.

Presently, it is the home realms of the Astroist theocracies of Astrum, Iashalur, and Kabrinskia, and the kingdom of Asylon.