The Way of the Dragons

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Katayanna on a visit to Dragon's Roost.jpeg

Lady Katayanna as she entered Dragons Roost for the first time and saw the Great Dragon Fafnir.

The Creation of the World

Once there was only chaos. The world was a swirling mass of energy and all was dark. There was no world as we know it now. From that mass of energy, four eggs were formed. These eggs had all of the potential of the world to come contained within them. From these eggs hatched four Great Dragons, each having a part in the creation of the world. Nailyon was the great Mother and her element was water. Grael was the great Father; being of earth. Sairys was of air, and Fafnir of fire. The four decided that there needed to be a place for them to live so they created a world that had solid earth, seas, and air around it all. Fafnir kept it warm with a ball of fire in the sky. The dragons desired to have someone to enjoy their creation. Knowing that it would take male and female to populate this world, they merged all of their elements and man and woman was born. They set about making all of the other creatures and plants to make the world complete. Then they taught mankind how to live and shared with them all of the wisdom of the Way of the Dragons.

In the Beginning

Before any of the world's realms were established, Great Dragons ruled the entire world. They ruled over all the continents, between the cold, icy, forbidding lands at the top of the world, to the warmth of the southern seas. A Great Red Dragon named Fafnir lived in the western mountains, in the place that would become Dragon's Roost on the continent of Dwilight. A Great Golden Dragon named Sairys lived in the mountains near what is now Akesh Temple in the East Continent. A Great Green Dragon named Grael lived in the mountains near modern day Nazia in Atamara. A Great Blue Dragon named Nailyon lived in the mountains of Toren Stronghold near the Cave of Guilt on the South-East Island. A fifth Great Dragon was recently discovered named Raviel. He was the patriarch of the Stormrage Family. He is black as night, and can often be seen in the storms all over the world, but his home is in the city and townsland that are his namesake; Port Raviel and Raviel in the Kingdom of D'Hara in Dwilight.

All of humanity treated the Great Dragons with gratitude and respect while the world was still young. As the guardians of humankind, the Dragons demanded unwavering fealty, and often dealt harshly with those who opposed them. It is believed by many that the Dragons chose the first rulers of humankind, spoke the first laws, and eventually forgave even those who sought to destroy them. The Dragons had the best interest of all humanity at heart, but man chose to turn their backs on the Ways of the Dragons and the lessons that the Dragons tried to teach them. Mankind was not so benevolent to the Dragons. As the people took over more and more of the lands of the world in their greed for money and power, they sought to destroy the Dragons so that no reminders of their ways could plague their conscience for their wrong actions. The constant war of the South East Islands, eventually caused its destruction, and with it all traces of the Great Dragon Nailyon were lost. It is not known if she will return. The Great Dragon Grael, and The Great Dragon Sairys simply faded away, still watching over mankind and whispering in the ears of those who would listen. Raviel also called the Storm Rager, sired a human child who would start the legacy of the Stormrage Clan. Now only the Great Red Dragon Fafnir survives. He has long slept in his lair in Dragon Roost, but has recently awakened and is making himself known to a few who will listen in Dwilight.

Regional Variations

Since the spreading of the Way of the Dragons out of D'Hara, the faith has been mixed with regional beliefs and customs. One variation has occurred in the region of the Sallowsitte Cape known as the Way of the Arexi Dragon. It worships the great Dragon Sallow, the immortal dragon incarnate of the ancient Prince Sallow whose name was given to the city Sallowtown. In addition to all of the practises of the Way of the Dragons, followers of the Arexi Dragon have their own indigenous set of rituals and rites. Many of them were long standing pagan traditions fused into this incoming faith.

Way of the Dragons Priestess..jpeg

Virtues of the Dragons

Under the guidance of the Way of the Dragons, a follower must uphold these nine virtues;


Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty and danger without fear. It is also known as bravery. Most of the world challenges our values because they are not the easy way to do things. Living honorably is simply too inconvenient, but the only way to change things is to have the courage to refuse to take part in anything that is not within our values.


Truth, in the sense of honesty, is essential to personal honor and to any system or morality that is not based on rigid legalism. If one is to uphold an honor code, one must be brutally honest with oneself and with others.


Without honor we are nothing. Honor is knowing that what one is doing is right and decent and correct. We remember two types of peoples from ancient times: those whose honor was so clean that they shine as examples to us and those who were so without honor that their names are cursed a thousand years after they lived.


Fidelity means being faithful to someone or something. Fidelity is most important in terms of our faith and loyalty to our teachings.


Discipline is the exercise of personal will that upholds honor and the other virtues and translates impulse into action. If one chooses to follow a system of internal honor, one must be willing to exercise the self-discipline necessary to make it work.


Hospitality is treating other people with respect and dignity. It means seeing people as if they were all individuals with self-respect and importance and perhaps from time to time, they are literally the Dragons in human form.


Industriousness is working hard to achieve our goals. There is much to be done, and it cannot be done by sitting on our virtues. Industry also refers to simple hard work in our daily vocations, done with care and pride.

Self Reliance

Being self-reliant means taking responsibility for ones life and actions. Things may be unfair, but it is our own responsibility to deal with it.


The final virtue is Perseverance, which is the one that we most need to keep in mind in our living of the other values. We need to continue to seek after that which we desire. To accomplish without striving is to do little, but to persevere and finally accomplish a hard fought goal brings great honor.

The Ranks of the Order

Dragon Prophet


High Priestess

The High Priestess and the High Priest are equal in rank and there may be only one of each at a time. The are elected solely by the Priesthood.

High Priest

The High Priestess and the High Priest are equal in rank and there may be only one of each at a time. The are elected solely by the Priesthood.

High Council

The High Council consists of mo more than 3 full members of the faith. One is appointed by the High Priestess, One is appointed by the High Priest, and One is elected by the Guardians.


Guardians are an elite group of followers that are in positions of power and are charged with the well being of the followers in their area. They do not have to be Priests or priestess, But must be dedicated to the faith and be elected by the followers in their area. All Guardians are equal in rank and there may be only one for each direction.

Eastern Guardian(Sairys/Air)

Charged with the protection, well being and growth of the eastern regions.

Southern Guardian(Fafnir/Fire)

Charged with the protection, well being and growth of the Southern regions.

Western Guardian(Nailyon/Water)

Charged with the protection, well being and growth of the Western regions.

Northern Guardian(Grael/Earth)

Charged with the protection, well being and growth of the Northern regions.

Second Degree

This is the Second level of the priesthood. He is also dedicated to spreading the word. These have served as a first level for some time and built at least one temple.

First Degree

This is the first level of the priesthood. He is dedicated to spreading the word.


The Follower is a True believer, but has not dedicated his life to the faith.


The Novice has decided to follow the path and is still learning.


The Aspirant is curious and not yet committed to the faith.


These are the rules by which our priests live by. First Degree, Second Degree, and High Priest/Priestess.

Do as you will, so long as you Harm none
Protect all True Believers
Spread the Word
Build Temples when able.
Educate that Dragons are not evil, but Guardians and Teachers. Holy Seers old and wise.


All Priests must make a Pilgrimage to Dragon's Roost and Preach there for three days before they can be elevated to the next rank. (First Degree, Second Degree, High Priestess/Priest) They must send reports of each preaching to the Elder members.
Special Pilgrimages can be assigned on as as needed basis by any of the Guardians, High Council Members, High Priest, or High Priestess.


  • Temple of Raviel, in Raviel - The womb of the faith, this was the first temple constructed.
  • Temple in Port Raviel - Here sits a statue of the High Priestess, Duchess Kisharianda Onyxien, patron of the temple.
  • Temple in Port Nebel
  • Temple in Paisly
  • Temple of Sallow, in Qubel, dedicated to the Dragon Sallow.
  • Temple of the Great Dragon in Sallowtown, dedicated to the Prince of Sallowtown - Here sits a bust of the Prophet Tenebrioun Kiri-Jolith.

Associated Guilds and Orders

DragonShire/Order of the Knights Fafnir


Ritual of Dragon Kin
Dragon Protection
Sallowsian 'Arexi' Ancestor Worship

Prophecies of Tenebrioun Kiri-Jolith

Tenebrioun's Prophecies

Sermons of Tenebrioun Kiri-Jolith

Sermons of Tenebrioun Kiri-Jolith

Teachers and prophets(NPC)

Master Ugyel

Dreams of Katrina Dragul

Katrina Dragul was met by the Great Dragon Fafnir as she entered D'Hara. The story of her journey and meeting with Fafnir can be found at : Voyage to a New Life

Her dreams of the Dragons:

Katrina's Dream
The Prophecy of Nailyon
The Virtues of Nailyon
The Virtues of Fafnir
The Virtues of Sairys
The Virtues of Grael