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Young Kisharianda when she lived with her family back in Woodglen.


Kisharianda the night before her first ceremony in Port Raviel, this is where she takes time to prepare her body for what she is about to do.


Kisharianda becomes Priestess

After the costume party her sister held in Braga to honor the Onyxien Family. Aewyn sent a mixture her servants made to color her hair during the event. She had her servants make a new batch for her sister Kisharianda and had it sent to her in Port Raviel. Kisharianda always in search of new things tried the mix in her hair giving her a totally different look.


The First born daughter to Markus and Isolde Onyxien was Kisharianda, who left their home at the age of 17 to seek adventures and make a name for herself. She reached Cagil and pledged her services to Shanka Foonfa Courcelle, the Duke of Cagil, she served under his command for the Cagilan Empire. After a few months she met Master Ugyel who secretly showed her the use of magic. Months after she started her apprenticeship she became devoted and wanted to seek more knowledge therefor she followed Master Ugyel back his homeland in Dwilight and reached Port Raviel where she now serves Queen Katayanna.

She is a fun, loving, and giving person, she would do anything to help those in need. With the continued help of the Dukes and Lords of the regions she holds charitable events to feed and provide extra clothing for the children as well as those in need. In her garden she has opened an area to the back where she can hold special events for the children, gathering them for games, and puppet shows filling her garden up with laughter.

Her heart has known no love as Master Ugyel had warned her of the seriousness of trying to perform certain rituals if her body wasn't pure, only through a holy matrimony can she continue to perform her rituals as she vows to love only one man and no other, even after his death she stays true to her heart.

From Isolde's side of the family girls were known to live very long and healthy lives, to this day Kisharianda is the fifth daughter generation bringing her great great great grand mother well over 120's. Kisharianda remembers the tales that were told as she was growing up of a very unique bloodline that ran through the family line, but her mother promises to share those ancient stories when Kisharianda brings her daughter into the world.

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