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Sallowsitte Cape

A cultural and geographical region of Dwilight mainly referring to the East Desert regions of Sallowtown, Sallowwild, Desert of Silhouettes, but depending on what you are referencing could invoke the extant of the arexi Principate, which included the regions of Sallowtown, Sallowwild, Desert of Silhouettes, Axewild, Girich, Nyuushi, Shyussei, Mattan Dews, Lupa Lapu, and the furthest reach Ciarin Tut.

The vast history of this region is recounted in the great collection Sallowsitte Dawn.

A noble named Sir Zanaras Tian explored his way through the Sallowsitte Cape. His recordings have been found in the second chapter of the "Dwilight Traveler".

In addition, an essay on the people of the Sallowsitte Cape was submitted to the Dwilight University by Prince Bowie Ironsides explaining one quality of the Sallowisan people. It was titled "The Sallowsian Melting Salad." The essay was completed in the Spring of 6 YD (or the 14th of June 2009).