Kiri-Jolith Family

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Kiri-Jolith Family

Hiddukel & Micna (Westmoor, EC)

Hiddukel is strong minded and stubborn. He marshaled Perdan's biggest army, the PSF, before he retired from the leadership due to a commitment to strengthen and continue his military training. He moved to the Westmoor duchy before the creation of the new Westmoor realm to lend his strength to the cause.

Micna joined Perdan after her elder brother. She is more quiet and composed and took an immediate liking to burocratic work. After the secession she was elected (three times in fact) to the position of Arch Priestess. She has established excellent relations with her peers, whether foe or friend, and is a quiet strength for Westmoor.

Hiddukel and Micna.jpg

Innoova (Fronen, BT)

Priest of the Blood Cult


Tenebrioun (Falasan, BT)

Editor of Falasan Inquirer.