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Jorvik Arial
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East Pastureland

Region Description

Ah yes, Shomrak: one of the major producers of food in the Theocracy known as Morek. The large, lush, rolling plains of the region are perfect for growing large amount of many grains such as wheat, oats, and barley. Other parts of the region grow fruits such as grapes an apples in order to make delicious beverages . Both the grain and fruits produced are of great quality because of the skilled people working the lands. Though there are no bakers are breweries in the region (this is sure to change in the future) the food is often shipped off to most of the cities in the Morek Empire.

Unfortunately, the monsters and undead have also realized that Shomrak is one of the vital production centers of grain in the Theocracy, and frequent the beautiful fields in an attempt to weaken Morek. Therefore, the peasants of Shomrak are some of the roughest, weathered men in the realm, and are used to the frequent raids of the vile creatures. There are even rumors that sometimes the killed monsters and undead are used to make the special fertilizer that is used through out the realm.

People of Shomrak

If you were to just visit Shomrak you might think that the people there are just like everyone else. By looking at them it would be easy to think this. After all if you have seen the people in one rural area you would probably know what they look like. They appear just like what you would expect from a region that is mostly built up by farmers and traders. In comparison to people you would find in Townsend regions and cities they may even look like simple and uncultured folk. You would be sadly mistaken to think this. Though to really know and understand the people of Shomrak you need to talk to them and get to know them. This is really not hard to do as they are friendly and wiling to talk to others if you just take the time. If you have an opportunity it would be best to live among them for a time and really get to know them.

Most of them are farmers by trade so they tend to spend most of the time in the field or in the groves of trees found throughout the region. When you see them work it is obvious that they not only find great joy and pride in what they do they put all of their being into the work they do. This is the same for the merchants and few craftsmen they have. Yet the determination and joy that they have does not stop during the day. When the day is over and it is time to relax there is food to eat and drinks to consume. The meals often consist of all the family in the area coming together. Each family will bring food and drink to share. There is always good conversation and jokes to be told. By the way the people care you would think that every day is a celebration and a party. If you ask them they would say it is. Each day is another day that everyone gets to enjoy the great gift of life and therefore is a reason to celebrate. After dinner the song and dancing begins. Young and old sing to the best of their abilities (or lack thereof). Once again the joy and sparkle you see in their eye is amazing.

Though with all this joy you would think they never have hardship. You would be wrong, all too often they are attacked by hordes of monsters or undead. When this happens usually they turn to their Lord or Lady for help. Though if need be they will fight to protect their homes and fields. They will not back down. To them dealing with the undead and monsters is just another challenge to overcome no different than harvesting grain before it goes bad or eating dinner before it gets cold. They follow the simple way of thinking that all things in life should be dealt with in turn and you should put all your effort into whatever you are doing. The only time you will see sadness in their face for the briefest time is when they hear of a death of a friend. Even then that does not last long because before too long they are remembering the good life that the departed lived and what we all should strive for.

I hope the next time you pass though the region of Shomrak you take the time to visit with them and get to know them. I am sure you we not regreat the time that it takes and will be greatly rewarded for you efforts.


Shomrak has been divided up into three regions each with their own estate. Each estate is named after one of the bloodstarts. Currently only one estate is in use at this time. Hopefully as the region grows the other estates will be put to good use

Maddening The Maddening estate is in charge of the northwestern part of Shomrak. Here you will you will find the vineyards of the region. Here you will also fine the few smiths of the region that are responsible for fixing whatever is needed for the region. At this time the smiths do not lack the resources necessary to make weapons and armor but hopefully that will change in the future. It is named such because the wine made from the grapes and the work of the smiths represents the passions that people have. The estate Maddening is one of two estates that have been set aside for future knights of the region.

Auspicious In the North East of Shomrak lies the estate Auspicious. It is the second estate that has been set aside for a future knight and so is currently unused. This estate is in charge of the apple orchards and the other fruits of the region. Most of the doctors and other learned people live here. There is hopes of building a library or school in this region at some time in the future. It gets its name because apples and other fruit are used for calmer and simpler food and drinks. This region is also where the majority of the scholars, writers, and philosophers reside.

Austere Lastly taking up the southern portion of the region is the Austere estate. It I currently occupied by the Countess Abbigail Pike. Here you will find the grain crops for the region along with the marketplace for the region. At this time the marketplace only services the locals but with work there hope that one day soon it will be able to send and receive items to the neighboring regions. The reasoning behind hits name is that the region is responsible for the items that keep the region going at all times. It is also the items that are used by all people.


Currently the region of Shomrack's infrastructure is quite sparse. Its local market is good enough for to keep region stocked with all of its needs and it ships its food out to some of the neighboring regions. It has a small temple to its faith of Sanguis Astroism and a single granary for storing food.

There is plans to build a gathering place of healers and scouts in the future. Though the idea of building a recruitment center has also passed the mind of its countess.

Though I think the biggest plan for the region will be that of a Library for all the people of the realm to enjoy. The countess of Shomrack hopes to build a storage place for books of all kinds. Books about history, religion, culture, or even books of fiction will be welcome. The hope is to create a place where people can learn about whatever they would like in a simple relaxed atmosphere or read a good tall tale. To simply get away from battles and everything else that the daily life has to offer.

Any other ideas are kept to the Countess herself.