Gelene Outskirts

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Gelene Outskirts
Located on::Dwilight
Part of::Westgard
Part of::Gelene
Monterys Velaryon
is regiontype::Townsland
North Shore
Farming, Fishing

Gelene Outskirts (pronounced: ge-LEEN out-skirts) is an important suburban town serving the city of Gelene, as well as an expansive area of land stretching from the coast of the western landmass inland toward the great mountain range. The outskirts surround the city of Gelene, and immensely important to travel and trade with the city - many merchants and traders do business in the outskirts before moving on to to city itself. The people of this region are fine craftsmen, skilled workers and are famous for hospitality.


Gelene Outskirts is a region full of variety, with flat, coastal planes leading into a hilly region, though never progressing to mountains. The long coastline and moderating impact of the sea gives the region a stable, moderate climate and allows for winter harvest.

Rainfall occurs primarily in two-three day, moderate storms during the winter. Summer rain, occurring only a few times a year, is generally in short, violent thunderstorms lasting less than a day, but quite spectacular to behold, especially at night in the hills.

Native Plants and Animals

Long ago Gelene Outskirts held a wide variety of animals and plants, but due to the cultivation of land and growth of towns throughout many species are no longer present.

Most animals are livestock of some sort, notably horses, sheep and cattle. A variety of birds, including several birds of prey, may be seen throughout the region. Some predatory animals, wolves and foxes, remain and occasionally attack livestock, but are little more than a small annoyance.

Wheat and corn are the staple crops of the region, and large fields surround the various towns.

The sparse forested areas which remain hold a limited variety of oak and other hardwoods while small copses of poplars are scattered throughout the fields and towns.

Economy of the Town Outskirts

Being a coastal community bordering a larger town and a city, the region is home to a number of harbors and many of the goods heading for Aquitain or Gelene come through the Outskirts' ports. While much of this trade is conducted in the more established areas, the customs made provide a healthy income to support the more traditional farming and herding. Access to trade goods from all over the world, often at relatively low prices compared to what areas inland must pay, means the stand of living for the citizens of Gelene Outskirts is considerably higher than one would expect.

Recently this trade and contact with foreigners has become more important, and prompted the various local governments to discuss the founding of an institute of learning for the welfare of the region as a whole and its people.

The towns serve another purpose- when raw materials from all over the world are shipped in to the region they are often processed in various specialty communities which have sprung up in response to demand for finished goods further inland.

Military Culture

The people of the region are civilized and kind by nature, given to lengthy debates rather than fights, but outsiders should be warned not to see this as a sign of weakness, for when the community is threatened a strong militia tradition exists, dating back centuries. While lax compared to a professional army, every adult male is required to posses a weapon (usually a mace, spear or bow) and practice every 7th day, along with the other men of his community. Many raiders have been surprised to find an organized resistance where they thought would be only farmers!

Given the merit based system of the militia, soldiers from the Gelene Outskirts tend to be more individualistic problem solvers than simple grunts following orders. This has caused problems when a new Lord finds his orders questioned by a common soldier, but successful Lords have learned to listen to the advice, even if they do not follow it every time.

The militia system also fosters a sense of pride and involvement with the larger community, and as a result people in the Outskirts are remarkably close to towns distant from their own, because of this shared identity.


The contrasting individualistic and communal nature of the Outskirts is the primary source of internal disagreement in the region. While resistant to outside domination by Everguard at first, even overthrowing the First Lord of the Gelene Outskirts, Lawrence Expatriate, the people eventually came to accept both Everguard and Marquis Lawrence. Each town has its own council or similar body, which controls local decisions and day-to-day operations. Twice a year each town sends a few people to a regional meeting, discussing business opportunities, trade, threats, and other happenings. This started as a simple exchange of news, but has evolved into a more formal system which has recently begun making decisions, by vote, affecting the whole realm. While these decisions have been so far limited to the creation of a institute of learning or dealing with threats to the whole, no one knows where this will end.

During the war with Astrum, the forces of Astrum wrested control of the townsland from Everguard and quickly established themselves in the region. Astrum proved able to both feed and defend the city, rapidly erecting a Motte and Bailey to both protect the region from attack, and cut off Everguard's capital of Gelene off fro the rest of the realm.

Lords who have ruled Gelene Outskirts

  • Marquis Lawrence Expatriate of Everguard - Ruled March 29, 2008 - April 3, 2008
  • Anarchy - Peasant revolt and control - April 3, 2008 - April 7, 2008
  • Marquis Lawrence Expatriate of Everguard - Ruled April 7, 2008 - unknown
  • Marchionesse Melania Rahl of Astrum - Ruled April 4, 2009 - March 23, 2011
  • Marquis Nuori Naseva of Astrum - Ruled March 28, 2011 - present

Regional Information

  • Investment cost: 350 gold