Summus Ecclesiae Luria

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Praise to the Glorious Mother

The Supreme Church of Luria, we venerate the Lurian Pantheon. The great Kings and Queens, Emperors and Empresses, granted divinity by the Divine Mother, the Silver lady. Through her Prophet, Jonsu Himoura, she has revealed the Himoura Sequence, which is the pattern for all creation, and the existence of the Lurian Pantheon. It was the death of the Empress Alice Arundel that fueled the ability for our Divine Mother to reveal herself to the world.

The gods inspire their followers to strive for perfection in all things. They are the the flash of inspiration the artist relies on, they are the heat of the forge, the strength in the soldier's sword arm. Strength, courage, subtlety are the virtues of the gods, and it can be seen in the long history of their people. Civil war and strife have long been common occurrences in Luria, leading to a stronger, unified Empire, destined for great glory. For the Gods teach us that only in the fires of strife, are we as a people tempered. Our glorious Mother challenges us, so that we may rise to the occasion when it is demanded of us.

Our Divine Mother holds her children dear, and gathers them unto her upon her passing. The greatest of her Children become Gods in their own right, and when a God is born, a new star rises in the Night sky, for all stars are children of the Sun. Notable deities include Alice Arundel, the Goddess of Unification; Koli Bedwyr, the Lurian God of War; Kaennji Shenron, the Founder; and Katerina Arundel, the Hanged Goddess.

The Tenets of the Faith

  1. One people, one faith. Thou shall not tolerate a Heretic, Traitor, or Daimon to live.
  2. By word or deed, do not dishonor the Gods.
  3. Magic is a gift to be used by the few, on behalf of the many.
  4. Strive to better oneself, so that one may better the many.
  5. Seek perfection in all of your endeavors, repetition and patience are the greatest teachers.

The Ranks of the Faith

The Ecumenical Council is composed of all members holding the rank of Patriarch/Matriarch and above. They are all equals, and are the head of the faith in their Patriarchate/Matriarchate.


  1. Prima Ecumenical Matriarch. The Prophet of the faith, and first among equals. Matriarch of the Matriarchate of Askileon.
  2. Ecumenical Patriarch/Matriarch (not in use). First among equals, and the successor to the Prima Ecumenical Matriarch. Patriarch/Matriarch of the Patriarchate/Matriarchate of Askileon.
  3. Matriarch.
  4. Patriarch.

Full Members

  1. Imperator - for our most glorious Emperors and Empresses
  2. Rex - Kings and Queens
  3. Sacerdos - Senior Priest
  4. Servus - Priest
  5. Fidei Defensor
  6. Magus
  7. Secularus


  1. Novitius
  2. Initio

The Gods' Revelation

For ages, the Divine Mother and her chosen children she had gathered to her were unable to access the Superior, the mortal plane. Trapped in the Aetherium, the Divine Mother watched, and waited, and upon the passing of the Empress Alice Arundel, she was once again able to reach into the mortal world, and looked for a servant to spread her word. She found Jonsu Himoura, our Prima Ecumenical Matriarch, and revealed herself in the Silver Flames of the Lurian pyromancers.

Writings of the Faith

The Gods