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The Spirits Central Church of Nomudou
Religion Map
First on the Path - Earl Samuel Quasath
First on the Path Earl Samuel Quasath
The Faith
Continent Dwilight
Realms of Faith Grand Duchy of Fissoa
Holy City Libba
Followers 23,900
Temples 6
Shrines 12
Priests 1

The Way of the Spirits, or simply known as The Spirits by the common folk.

Through journeys of self-discovery as well as consulting wizened sages in the desert, the truth of the spirits has been revealed.


Several nobles of the Grand Duchy of Fissoa began experiencing strange visions after imbibing strong alcohol. At first they believed that these were merely the effects of the drink. After some time, the images that saw during these periods became clearer and seemed to reflect either the past, present, or future.

Earl Samuel Quasath and Countess Silesia Wentwood discussed these visions that they both experienced and decided that more knowledge was needed to interpret them. Countess Silesia make a perilous journey into the depths of the Palm Sea in search of the famous Wizard of the Palm Sea.

After many days of searching, she found the Wizard who eventually explained that the visions that some had been experiencing were the Gods, or Spirits, attempting to communicate with mortals. The Wizard said that these were visions often not clear as to the intent of the Spirits, but did indicated what they wished the mortal to do provided they were interpreted correctly. According to the Wizard the Spirits had been trying to communicate with mortals for many generations but few had taken their visions seriously. Most people dismissed them as an effect of too much drink. The clear visions came from a particular herb from the Palm Sea. The Wizard there showed how to refine the herb into a potent brew. This Elixer of Illumination allows lucid contact with the Spirits, though it does warp one's sense of time.

With this knowledge at hand, Silesia returned to Fissoa where she shared this knowledge with others of similar thought.

Samuel Quasath listened to what Silesia said, confirming his own thoughts and whispers of the spirits in his ears. His path was then set and the spirits guided him to a decision to create a new church based on an old idea. Wisdom from the old spirits to guide the new lands.


Enjoy life to the fullest.
A full life does not need to be balanced, although balance can bring fulfillment.
Nomudou believes in self-confidence and listening to wise counsel.
The spirits are wise, a power beyond age and earthly bonds.
The spirits are guides. They can take you anywhere.
War is a necessary evil, but do not go searching for it.
There is good and evil in the world, and they both strive for satisfaction.
Self-control can be abandoned and regained, to achieve fullness.


Samuel Quasath, First on the Path
Hosts: Leaders of the community and owners of the temple/taverns. They are charged with attending to the greater needs of the villages and regions they are in.
Servers: Serving the faithful through prayer, hard work, and friendship.


Harold Godwin, Viscount of Munawai
Eldrond Nabarl, Earl of Fissoa Fields
Phonos Decimus, Viscount of Kamade
Talimer Anthas, Banker of Grand Duchy of Fissoa
Mkhai Rai, Marshal of the Fissoan Privateers
Betelgeuse Woodford, Viscount of Nuas
Camilo Gideon
Sir Rauffe de Grenefeld
Santino Slossius
Raych Seldon
Vertigo Johanson


  • First on the Path (founding prophet)
  • High Tender
  • Host (Senior priest rank)
  • Server (Junior priest rank)
  • Sentinel (A devoted Lord or Lady)
  • Patron (Lay follower rank - full member)
  • Follower (Lay follower rank - recently admitted)

Temples and Shrines

  • Libba - Small Temple
  • Fissoa Fields - Small Temple
  • Mangai - Small Shack
  • Kamade - Small Shack
  • Munawai - Small Shack
  • Nuas - Small Shack

Typical Prayer

The usual way to contact the spirits is through prayer and drinking the Elixer of Illumination.