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Order of the Seven
Members 10 Nobles
High Brehon Borric of Tyr-Sog

Vast and Splendid Temple Area (7)
Small Temple (3)
Small Shack (1)

A religion founded in the region of Rye in the Duchy of Springdale in the realm of Springdale by Borric of Tyr-Sog.

Note: This religion is now defunct.

The Book

Some time ago Borric, who was then Lord of Rye, was visited by an old man. The hermit refused to give his name to Borric and one of Borric’s guards tried to remove him from the court. The guard was struck down with one blow, after which the old hermit walked towards Borric. Borric could smell the hermit before he even was half way the court. The smell could kill a man if he wanted. The hermit threw old book to Borric after he turned around. As he walked through the door he said that they would meet again.

Borric, first upset by the insulting appearance of the hermit, refused to look into the book. But after time his curiosity became to great and he looked into it. He could not read much of it, as if the words didn’t allow him to read them. After some time he could read the first pages which told him the tale of the beginning. In time more and more pages “let” him read them. Here is a collection of the stories he was able to recover.

The Beginning

The Gods

The gods live in a city of the gods high in the sky. The city is split into seven parts. Each of the gods have there own place to life. More details can be found on this pages on which the gods are introduced. The gods each take a turn in watching the cage in which they imprisoned there father, Tamot.

The gods are:

God or Goddess Domain The Gods Chosen One
Gussalen, the Ice Lady (f) Sea, Winter, Death
Brunhild, the Blacksmith (f) War, Trade, City-life, Fire Zyrrin Fallan
Hadrian, the Messenger (m) Travel, Weather, Air
Althalos, the Old Rock (m) Mountains, Farmers, Earth
Zantorian, the Calm (m) Wilds, Forests, Animals
Eleanor, the Balance (f) Judgement
Rose, the Thief (f) Trickery, Humor, Espionage

The Temples

There are several possibilities for temples. First is there a primitive dwelling where a few statues are placed of the Seven. After this temples can be enlarged, some small others as large as castles. The biggest temple is most of the times the High Temple, which is the place where the Book of the Seven is kept. Note: After the Morek took control of many of Springdale's regions, temples to The Order of Seven were closed and The Book of Seven lost.

The Ranks


The Elders are the command of the temples of the Seven. They bring the word and guide there followers. They try to keep in contact with the Seven, but that is not always as easy as it seems. The High Brehon is the founder of the religion and he is helped to lead the followers of the Seven by the other Brehons. They are the last line of protection of the Temples of the Seven. Only from the High members a Brehon can be chosen. At most there are four Elders.

-High Brehon


High Members

The High members are the chosen ones. They are the personal knight of one of the Seven. One knight for each god. They are known under the name of the animal shape the god uses the most. This animal will be shown on the banner the knight carries as a show he or she will defend the seven. To become one of the chosen ones one must be asked by the Elders. After they are asked they are given an assignment, depending on which chosen one they become. Some assignment are easy, other hard, but they always make a person the chosen one. Once a person has become a chosen one, he can not become another chosen one.

-The Bear

-The Serpent

-The Wolf

-The Squirrel

-The Horse

-The Stork

-The Cat


The members are the defenders of the temples. There ranks are divided by how far they may stand guard in a temple. The first rank is the rank of Defender of the Gate. After that one may be promoted to the rank of Defender of the Temple. From that one can be chosen to become the Defender of the Book, the last of the ranks of the members. At this rank, one has proven to be able to become a chosen one. Also a Defender of the Book may take a squire to teach the ways of the seven.

The rank of Squire is a strange one. Although it is a member rank, it is also a rank that does not allow one yet to defend a Temple. As one becomes a Guided one may ask a Chosen one or a Defender of the Book to become his or her squire. If one accepts then there bond will be formed at the temple of the Seven. From there the Squire may learn from a knight and serve him until the knight or the Elders think the squire is ready for knighthood.

Nobles who join can also donate a sum of gold to the Temple of the Seven to become a Defender of the Gate. AS nobles already have there time as squire behind them

-Defenders of the Book

-Defenders of the Temple

-Defenders of the Gate

-Squire of the Seven


As one comes to a temple for the first time and starts to follow the path of the Seven one becomes a traveller. A traveller is a person who can go through the ceremony of Guidance. After this one becomes a Guided. A guided can ask a Defender of the Book or chosen one to become his squire. Nobles can pay to become a Defender of the gate.



Priests and Ceremonies

Priests don't have any special rank. They are treated like normal members, although for there devotion they will rise in the ranks more quickly then other members. They are mostly called Bringer of the Book. To become a priest one must go through a small ceremony to recieve the blessing of the Seven.

To gain some ranks one must go through a ceremony. These ceremonies can be found here:



The followers

-High Brehon Borric of Tyr-Sog