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Kingdom of Avernus

Largest City


Located on::Dwilight

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government type is::Monarchy

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Storm King Cregan Starck
Lord Marauder

Arch Purifier
High Radiance

Agaric Thelyn {{#set: has general::Agaric}}

Northon Agawolf {{#set: has judge::Northon}}
Anita Wykeo {{#set: has banker::Anita}}

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In early 36YD there was an effort to colonize the city of Golden Farrow to form the realm of Avernus. After the colonization failed the nobles of the Morek Empire rebelled. The rebels were led by Corellon Dragul Mayhem and they quickly defeated the loyalists. Now as the ruler of the Morek Empire, Corellon Dragul gave himself the duchy of Muspelheim, known as the duchy of Old Virovene. Corellon Dragul did not waste any time and shortly after making himself a duke, he seceded from the Morek Empire to form the realm now known as Avernus.

The first king of Avernus, Corellon Dragul, had a brief reign marked by controversy. He was known as King Corellon Dragul the Fool, not only because of his interest in destroying the Morek Empire, which began to share false letters that showed crazy Astrum threats, but also because of the crazy idea of moving the kingdom of Avernus to the west of the Dwilight, in Golden Farrow, fact that caused that Zuma Confederation declared the war to Avernus, being the unique human kingdom that continues being in war at the moment. At the end of the 36 years, King Corellon Dragul the Fool lost the reason definitively, the enemies were increasing day after day, and for misfortune of all the own king disappeared when the kingdom of Avernus was in a desperate situation.

The Blaze Commander Argos Moonsun and the Vice-marshal Dekon Coldwater, faced with this situation, decided to rebel against the tyranny of the mad king. They assaulted the city and after three days of siege to the palace, they managed to enter the throne room. It was there that Argos Moonsun awarded the crown to Dekon Coldwater in the face of the need for a diplomatic man as leader, becoming the new King of Avernus. Through an acute diplomatic maneuver, King Dekon managed to arrange peace with the theocracies of Sanguis Astroism. In the negotiations, King Dekon reached an agreement with Arnor to acquire Nifelheim in exchange for returning Muspelheim to the Morek Empire. An alliance was formed with Arnor and the nobles of Avernus had to emigrate to the northern lands, which at that time were a gateway for monstuos and undead. Commanded by Argos Moonsun, the forces of Avernus marched north on 2016-09-12 and took the stronghold of Storms End, this conquest was so important that the king Dekon Coldwater was renamed King Storm.

The expassion to the north was hard, but the experience and professionalism of the nobles and soldiers of Avernus were up to the demands of their commander. In three months, the troops of Avernus entered through the gates of Valkyrja in 2017-01-21, passing the north to be a civilized place.

The explorers of Avernus even reached Darfix, being amazed by the great treasures that the great city had, many of them falling into avernian hands, since such explorers did not go with tourism intentions.