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Blood for the Blood Raven!
Skulls for the Raven throne!







Raven King Helm Altenahr


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The Kingdom of Arnor

Arnor is one of the realms created by the fracturing of the Holy Morek Empire. It consists of the lands of the Grim North East of Dwilight. The initial capitol was Nifelheim, but that quickly moved to Nifelhold which was a more central location in the realm. The people of Arnor are a blend of northern Barbarians, and Civilised peoples of Morekian & Dalian descent. They consider themselves heir to the traditions of all the ancient civilisations of North Dwilight. They believe that The Raven Throne stands as the bulwark of humanity against the monsters, undead, the Powers of Chaos and the coming of the Fimbul-Winter when the ice shall advance and swallow the land. They believe passionately in their independence and freedom from foreign control. They respect all religions and protect them as long as they don't try to control the realm.

The Throne of Arnor is made of black ebony, showing carved skulls and Ravens. Its known most often as "The Raven Throne" but some call it "The Skull Throne". After every successful battle, the skull of an honoured enemy is taken and mounted around the base of the Raven Throne.

The flag of Arnor is known as the Blood Raven. It is said to drink (metaphorically) the blood of the enemies of Arnor.

The Battle Cry of Arnor is: "Blood for the Blood Raven! Skulls for the Raven Throne!"

A warrior of Arnor fears only two things: (1) The coming of the Fimbulwinter; and he doesn't fear that much. (2) To be thought a Nithling, a man without Courage or Honour.

The Armies Of Arnor

  • The Raven Host (The first ever army of Arnor, now disbanded)
  • The Blood Raven
  • The Skull Takers

The History Of Arnor

Herein are the records of the Kingdom Of Arnor.

The Founding of Arnor

Duke Helm Altenahr seceded from the Holy Morek Empire and was crowned King of the Raven Throne [OOC: 08-06-2015] in high summer. This action simultaneously brought into being the realm of Arnor in Northern Dwilight.

The ceremony was conducted in The Golden Citadel, the largest Palace in the city of Nifelheim, rather than in St Belianzi’s Cathedral. Helm himself had decreed this, in order to symbolize his break with the Theocracy of Morek, and emphasize that the new realm did not favour one religion over another.

He sat on the Raven Throne, and the crown of Arnor was brought to him, made of the finest steel, but richly chased with gold, and bearing gilded ravens wings at the sides. Finally the senior priest in the city was allowed to bless him and place the crown on his head. The fifty one year old ex-General rose to his feet and the Kingdom of Arnor was Founded.

Helm went to the high balcony of the Citadel and was greeted by a roar of appreciation from the crowd there. He had long held the city and he was vastly popular there, moreover the city remembered its days as the Capital of Summerdale and it relished the chance to become a Capital city again.

“Helm! Helm! Helm!” they chanted. “Helm and the Raven Throne! Helm for Nifelheim! Helm for Arnor!”

Helm held up his hand for quiet and gradually the crowd fell silent. He began his speech.

“People of Arnor! Subjects of the Raven Throne! Hear these words and know what has been done this day! Today we have created the realm of Arnor. But what is Arnor? What does it stand for? Know this, that our Kingdom of Arnor is heir to the traditions of the ancient civilisations of North Dwilight. The Raven Throne stands as the bulwark of humanity against the monsters, undead, the Powers of Chaos and the coming of the Fimbul-Winter. We strive against the powers of Darkness under our grim Northern skies. Freedom is what we reap from this way of life. We protect all faiths, and favour none over the others. Now swear your oaths!”

And the people swore the ancient oaths that has been sworn in the north since the coming of mankind.

Laws of Arnor


1A) Subjects of Law.

i) All nobles of Arnor are subjected to these laws without exception.

ii) Changes to the law can be decided by the Royal Council with a majority vote and if so then communicated to the whole realm, until they are communicated the nobles cant be charged based on the changes. The changes to the Law cannot be applied retroactively.

iii) Ignorance of the law will not exempt an accused noble from the consequences mentioned in this document.

1B) Application of the Law.

i) Any member of the realm can send a personal or realm wide request to the Inquisitor to accuse another member of the realm of breaking the Law, if the accusation contains only opinions and no evidence it will be disposed of.

ii) If the accuser wishes to do so he or she can remain anonymous.

iii) The Inquisitor will give notice to the accused of the accusations being made against his/her person and a three day period will be given to present arguments and evidence. After this period the Inquisitor will issue a sentence.

iv) If the accused is the Inquisitor then the King will act as Inquisitor, follow the procedure and issue the sentence.

v) If an accuser refuses to abide by a sentence he or she can be instantly banned from the realm.

vi) Fines can be negotiated if the affected party agrees to a lesser amount of gold.

vii) Fines can be paid in a single payment or in a number of payments, each payment being not greater than the 20% of the weekly income of the accused.

2.- RELIGION: As a secular realm Arnor welcomes all religions and treats them equally.

2A) Temples.

i) The temples of all faiths can be legally built by Lords of a region without asking permission to the Crown. Temples can also be built if a region Lord gives his permission.

ii) If a temple is closed without permission of the Crown the region Lord will face punishment as follows: a) First Offense: Amount of gold required to re build the temple to its former size, this will be given to a priest of the religion of the temple that was closed so it can be rebuilt. b) Second Offense: the same monetary retribution as stated above, removal of Lordship and Government position. Ban to hold a Lordship or a Government Position of realm for 6 months. c) Third Time Offense: Banishment from the realm.

2B) Preaching.

i) Priests can preach only in lands where the Lord has given his permission. Regions without a Lord or that were part of the realm but are currently rogue can be preached by priests.

ii) If a priest preach without the consent of a Lord it will face punishment as follows:

a) First Offense: Warning.

b) Second Offense: 100 gold coins fine.

c) Third Offense: 250 gold coins fine and lose Lordship and Government Position.

d) Fourth Time Offense: Banishment from the realm.

2C) Respect of Religion.

i) All religions must be respected, if a member of the realm insults or mocks another religion then he or she can be accused. If found guilty the accused will face punishment as follows:

a) First Offense: Issue a realm wide apology. 50 gold coins fine.

b) Second Offense: Issue a realm wide apology. 200 gold coins fine.

c) Third Offense: Banishment from the realm.

Proverbs from Arnor

  • "Have we anything resembling a plan? Mm-hm. Ride till we find them... and kill them all."
  • "Where you recognise evil, speak out against it, and give no truces to your enemies."
  • "A cleaved head no longer plots. Hacked of feet do not wander far."
  • "A Thrall takes his Revenge at once, a Coward never, a Good man waits!"
  • "Deception is the point! Any fool can calculate strength. That one has been doing it since we arrived. Now he has to calculate what he can't see."
  • "Hurry to meet Death before your place is taken."
  • "Cattle die, kinsmen die; thyself too soon must die. Words of praise will never perish nor a noble name."
  • "To be without gold is better than to be without honour."
  • "There is more in the heart of man than money can buy."
  • "A man might be thought wealthy if someone were to hear the story of his deeds, and think them worth hearing."
  • "The Hardest thing to change is Wyrd (Destiny); But it can be changed."

Roleplaying Quotes, Arnor

  • "I will not bore you with my history, but I am afraid you have mistaken your man. "yellow-bellied" ? There are three dead realms that would tell you otherwise if they could speak from their graves." - Helm Altenahr, Raven King of Arnor
  • "In this realm we are a family. And our principles are the highest; obedience, honor, solidarity and vengeance. We know there’s no justice for us except we earn it. We earn respect. You're not doing that." - Helm Altenahr, Raven King of Arnor
  • "Still a man who is not a father to his children can never be a real man. So let me be speak as a father to you. Apologise for your action, submit to your punishment, and follow your orders. Earn respect. Because without respect, you've got nothing." - Helm Altenahr, Raven King of Arnor