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(The Divine Spark - The holy symbol of Elrism)
Continent / Island Dwilight
Main Temple Realm Barca

Number of Priests
Number of Temples
Number of Shrines

  • 1
  • 1
  • 0

Founder/Head Priest
Additional Priest(s)

  • Cedric Pelgart
  • None

1st Temple [Size]
Other Temple [Size]

Shrine Locations

Congregation Around 150 peasants
Noble Members 3 Nobles

Elrism teaches the virtue of truth and has strict ideas about the role of peasant and Nobles. Elrism proclaims itself the one true faith and actively seeks to convert others in an attempt to better serve Elrin (the one true god of Elrism) and save as many people as possible from servitude in Kragmar upon death.

Elrism acknowledges Elrin as the creator of all things and that by dedicating one’s life to Elrin's service one can achieve salvation and be granted a place in Trasia with Elrin. Those that fail to do so and fall under the influence of the Delmai, the Deceivers, are doomed to suffer in Kragmar. The Writ (the religious book of Elrism) states that Elrism is the only true religion and that all others are misguided. It is also taught that it is everyone's responsibility to spread the teachings of Elrism so as to save as many people as possible.

History According to the Writ

The Great Beginning

In the beginning there was Chaos. Amongst the Chaos emerged divinity and this divinity took form as Elrin. Elrin was powerful yet Chaos was ever present and acted like a cancer upon his being. So Elrin created the realm of Trasia. A place of order and safety. A paradise and haven that provided shelter from Chaos. Elrin thrived in Trasia and grew ever more powerful. Still Chaos assaulted him and constantly threatened the borders of Trasia. So Elrin created the realm of Kragmar to contain the corrupting power of Chaos and the Realm of Battlemasterra to act as a barrier between the evils, destructive and twisted realm of Kragmar and the peaceful, harmonious and divine realm of Trasia.

It was not possible, however, to completely contain the power of Chaos. Elrin knew this when he placed Battlemasterra between Kragmar and Trasia and watched as his Divine power, emanating from Trasia and Chaos’s twisted strength, emanating from Kragmar intermingles and exploded into a cycle of creation and destruction. With a gentle hand Elrin shaped the realm of Battlemasterra into a varied land full of beasts, vegetation, elements, perfection and corruption.

Of all the things Elrin loved about his creation he loved the humans of Battlemasterra best. They were capable of so much, felt so much and were so varied. Life was hard for humanity however as the land was full of fearsome beasts and dangers both seen and unseen. To aid them Elrin created the Delmai by selecting the most promising of humanity and giving unto each of them aspects of himself and knowledge beyond belief. The Delmai were made powerful and eternal. Unlike the rest of humanity they were not bound to Battlemasterra and could freely roam all of existence. He tasked his newest creations with shepherding humanity. They were to teach humanity and give them the tools needed to thrive in Battlemasterra.

His creation complete Elrin retreated deep into Trasia entrusting his Delmai to do his bidding.

The Great Uprising

In the beginning the Delmai loved Elrin and eagerly did the work he had tasked them too. Humanity prospered greatly under the guidance of the Delmai. They learned to use fire and tools and lived in peace with each other and nature. This golden age did not last. Slowly, the power of Chaos began corrupting the Delmai. The Delmai began to question their place and grew Jealous of Elrin's love for humanity. One by one they began to grow greedy and arrogant until all of them had turned from Elrin.

The Delmai began thinking of themselves as gods in their own right. They began gathering human worshipers of their own and began competing with each other for followers, land, and treasures. War and strife ran rampant. Only a precious few held to the proper worship of Elrin. The Delmai grew ever more corrupt and began to despise Elrin and his work. When Elrin discovered had had passed he greatly saddened and rightly angry.

The Delmai, overly confident joined forced and attacked Elrin in Trasia. They could not compete with Elrin's power though and Elrin drove them from Trasia and barred them from ever returning to Trasia again. Defeated, the Delmai retreated to Kragmar to recover and back in the corrupt power of Chaos which had grown stronger through the actions of the Delmai.

Elrin then rewarded those humans that had remained faithful to him by naming then Nobles and giving them, and their descendants, rulership over humanity. Those who had supported the Delmai, the descendants thereof, where made to be peasants destined to serve the Nobility. Elrin then vested in each man, woman and child a small spark of his divine power so they, and their descendants, could care for themselves in the absence of the Delmai's stewardship.

This divine spark allowed Elrin to give guidance to the faithful from his seat in Trasia. Those that were faithful to Elrin and nurtured their divine spark would be granted a place by Elrin's side in Trasia upon their death. Those who allowed Chaos to tough them through the influence of the Delmai would find their spark snuffed out and would find themselves in the nightmare realm of Kragmar upon their death.

The Great Purpose

Eager to protect and aid humanity, Elrin found a man of great piety and character. He taught this man, named Kelam, how to men and women could nurture their divine sparks by giving proper worship to Elrin and how doing so would protect them from the influence of the Delmai and grant them a place in Trasia upon death. Elrin also warned Kelam of the Delmai and of Chaos's corrupting influence and that those who failed to nurture their divine spark would find themselves doomed to Kragmar with the Delmai.

Kelam went on to write all of this in a holly book known today as the Writ. Kelam and the other nobility then began organizing humanity and spreading Elrin's blessings to all and establishing Elrism. As time passed, however, the Delmai slowly regained their power and began to once again to act as gods and demand worship from the humans of Battlemasterra. Many people, peasants and Noble alike fell for their deceits yet again. Upon Kelam's death Elrism suffered greatly and slowly lost followers to the Delmai until its last stronghold in the jungles of Thysan collapsed over two hundred years ago.

Elrin continued to watch from Trasia and gave small aid to those who followed his Tenets. He resolved himself to letting each person chose their own path though it saddened him to see so many fall to Chaos. Elrin would not directly interfere, however, as it was key to him that people embrace him and his greatness by choice. So is it that people are born into Battlemasterra with a spark of divinity and given free rein to determine their fate. So had Battlemasterra become a testing ground for the faithful so that only the worthy will be granted entrance into Trasia and Elrin's presence. This is known as the Great Purpose.

The Restoration

While leading a team of scouts for Terran Cedric Pelgart came across the ruins of an ancient temple in the heart of the Thysan Jungle. Intrigued he spent some time touring the ruins and eventually found an old book in what appeared to be a small sleeping chamber. Cedric felt compelled to take the book with him and began to compulsively study its contents. He spent countless hours learning the archaic language of the strange book. The more he learned the more he became convinced that he had stumbled upon something truly magnificent.

Since that day Cedric has done all he could to see to the establishment of Elrism. With the help of illiterate scribes, local historians and countless hours of study and prayer Cedric eventually came to understand this newfound religion. He was further shocked when his cousin, Marcus Pelgart, sent him documents describing a very similar religion in the Far East known as the Church of Echad. These more accessible documents allowed Cedric to make great progress in the deciphering of the Writ's contents.

Shortly after the reestablishment of Elrism Cedric fell into a deep trance. While in this trance many of the writ’s secrets were revealed to him and complete fluency was gained in the language the Writ is written. This divine guidance has led to a great many clarifications to the religion.

Once everything was in place Cedric began construction of Elrism's first temple with the support of Barca.

The Doctrine of Elrism

Elrism has a clear set of doctrine that followers must abide by based on the contents of the Writ. By obeying the doctrine and embracing Elrin one shall be granted a place in Trasia and enjoy an eternity of joy at Elrin's side.

The Tenets of Elrin

  • One must embrace Elrin with all their heart, soul and mind.
  • One must never place anything before Elrin for nothing is of greater import.
  • One must always speak of Elrin with the utmost respect.
  • One must always keep Elrin foremost in their thoughts
  • One must pray to Elrin before sleeping and upon waking.
  • One must give aid to all followers of Elrin.
  • One must not speak false words.
  • One must not covet that which they have no right to.
  • One must bathe daily to show their desire to cleanse themselves of Taint.
  • One must embrace their station as peasant or Noble.
  • One must serve those above them to the best of their ability.
  • One must not inappropriately intermingle with those of another station.
  • One must spread the truth of Elrin and guide others to salvation.

The Writ

The Writ is lengthy and complex text. Only priests are permitted to poses a copy of or read from The Writ. Thus, it is the responsibility of the priest to educate the layman as to the contents of The Writ and to interpret the passages held within for the layman during the daily services held in honor of Elrin.


Elrism places a strong emphasis upon building a strong community or members. Followers of the faith are expected to give aid to other members of the religion and can expect such aid in kind. Members should support each other and help each other in both the advancement of the religion and their own personal careers. It is taught that a strong membership will ensure a strong religious base.


While Elrism seeks to convert as many as possible, they only seek willing converts. Lip service alone is not enough and only truly dedicated members are sought. Elrism teaches that the beast way to convert others is through kindness and example. If the benefits of Elrin's faith can be seen then people will want to enjoy them in kind.

Nobility and Peasantry

When the first humans were exiled to Battlemasterra to live with the beasts and vegetation of the land, those that had aided the Delmai in their schemes where shamed. As just punishment Elrin decreed that it was their lot, the lot of their decedents, to serve those who had chosen to stay true to Elrin and their descendants. From this came the peasantry and the nobility. Peasants continue to be second class humans destined to serve the Nobility. However, Elrin has taught that a peasant may improve their status through piety and that, by giving proper service to a noble, it is possible for one to rise up and join the nobility in this life. Elrin has also decreed that by following His tenets all people, noble or peasant, will be absolved of taint and be allowed into Trasia upon their death.


Elrism puts strong emphasis on one’s station and how people of different stations are allowed to interact.


Peasants are the descendants of those who sided with Elrin during the Great Uprising. Their lot is to serve the descendants of those who proved faithful to Elrin, the Nobles. A peasant may, however, be promoted to the station of Noble by other Nobles if the peasant provides good service.


Nobles are the descendants of those who remained faithful to Elrin during the Great Uprising. They are tasked with leading the peasants and obeying the will of Elrin.


All people, peasant or Noble, must obey the will of Elrin. They must follow his Tenets and embrace him as their creator. This is accomplished by obeying the Doctrine of Elrism as described by the Priests of Elrism and following the lead of the priesthood in fulfilling Elrin's will.

Inappropriate Mixing

Elrism stresses that Peasants and Nobles should not engage in inappropriate conduct with one another. This includes romantic or sexual affairs and unprofessional levels of familiarity.

Divine Spark

Elrism teaches that everyone is born with a divine spark grated to them by Elrin and that by nurturing their divine spark they will benefit from Elrin's blessings and be granted a place in Trasia


Elrism is led by a council of High Priests lead by the Pontifex under the guidance of the Deacon. Priests serve these elder members of Elrism by spreading the truth or Elrism to all.


  • Deacon: Founder of the Elrism
  • Pontifex: The head of Elrism under Deacon
  • High Priest: Elder Priest and advisory member.
  • Priest: Priests
  • Parson: Full Member
  • Acolyte: Aspirant member


  • Acolyte: A follower that is still learning of the religion.
  • Battlemasterra: The middle realm in which animals, vegetation and humans exist.
  • Deacon: The title given to the new founder of Elrism.
  • Delmai: Powerful beings that reside in Kragmar and seek to subvert humanity for their own ends.
  • Divine Spark: A spark of divinity granted to humans by Elrin.
  • Elric: To be of Elrism. An Elric Temple
  • Elrin: What mortals call the one true God.
  • Elrism: The one true religion.
  • Elrist: Follower of Elrism. Congregation of Elrists.
  • High Priest: An elder priest of Elrism.
  • Kragmar: The lower realm in which the Delmai reside and to which humans are doomed to unless salvation is granted.
  • Parson: A Follower of Elrism.
  • Pontifex: The head priest of Elrism under the Deacon.
  • Priest: One who has chosen to dedicate their life to the practice and spread of Elrism.
  • Tenets: The rules by which one must live in order to find a place in Trasia upon death.
  • The Great Beginning: The creation of all.
  • The Great Uprising: An attempt by the Delmai to overthrow Elrin.
  • The Great Purpose: The reason for life and Elrin's decision to not directly interfere.
  • The Writ: The holy book of Elrism
  • Trasia: The upper realm in which Elrin resides. A paradise that once can only enjoy by dedicating themselves to Elrin.