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The Holy State of Corsanctum

Corsanctum is a theocracy on Dwilight dedicated to Sanguis Astroism. It was formed on February 20, 2009, when Prophet Mathurin Hossenfeffer seceded the city of Mimer from Astrum.

The Founding of Corsanctum

After many years of dispute between the theocracies of Sanguis Astroism, the Holy Prophet Mathurin Hossenfeffer decided that a new theocracy needed to be founded as a focus for the faith. After many months of hot debate it was decided that the Mimer Peninsula would be an ideal location for its central placement. Regions were acquired from Astrum and the Raivan Empire which formed the core of the realm. The most important part of this realm is its capital, Mimer City, Holding the High Temple of the Stars, the Palace of the Prophet and The High Tower of the Magistratum.

The Government of Corsanctum

Corsanctum is a Theocracy of Sanguis Astroism, founded by the Holy Prophet himself and so politics are closely entwined with wishes of the Stars.

The Basileus (Basilissa for female incumbents) rules Corsanctum in the Holy Prophet's stead. The Basileus has all the powers accorded to the ruler, but must take into consideration the wishes of His Holiness Mathurin, founder and father of Corsanctum. An Inner Council exists within the realm for the Basileus to propose and discuss important matters with the Holy Prophet before acting on them.

The Exarch is Corsanctum's leader in military affairs, and is charged primarily with coordinating Corsanctum's defences. The Exarch is required to communicate with the realm's allies in times of war, and it is considered honourable for the Exarch to lead Corsanctum's forces personally into battle.

The High Inquisitor is the Judge of Corsanctum, whose responsibility is to uphold the laws of the realm and mete out justice as required. It is important that individuals in this position keep in close contact with the other government members, and it is equally important for the High Inquisitor to be unbiased and impartial when deciding whether to give out punishment for transgressions.

The Fiduciary is in charge of Corsanctum's coffers and food supplies. As the banker of Corsanctum, the Fiduciary must actively keep an eye out for food shortages in any region, and surpluses in others, so that the food can be sent to regions which need feeding.

The Military of Corsanctum

Corsanctum currently has one army - The Ferrum Sidereus.

The Ferrum Sidereus is sponsored by Lord Norgard Kaltenthal. Its name translates roughly as the "Iron of the Stars" in honour of the Astroist Bloodstars. The Ferrum is an expeditionary army, and its members are expected to be ready to fight in the defense of Corsanctum and her allies.

Service in the Ferrum is compulsory for all warrior nobles of Corsanctum. Every member of the realm must do their part, and for many young nobles military service is the quickest way to honour and glory.

Newcomers might like to read the Corsanctum/Guide to recruitment and operations.

Fallen Heroes

Lady Zirena Khan, Countess of Mamaroneck, fell fighting monsters in Mamaroneck

The Merge with Aurora

When Aurora could no longer sustain herself, due many Monster attacks, and abandonment by many nobles seeking to escape the Realms fall, her remaining nobles turned to Corsanctum. In July 2010 Mamaroneck and Weinschenk switched their allegiance. It was agreed that Corsanctum would soon march into Unterstrom to secure Aurora's capital but the hordes of Woodlings in the Unterlands hindered the army and as yet the banner of Corsanctum has not been flown from the ramparts of the city. The Morek Empire disbuted Corsanctum's claims to Aurora's old lands and relations worsened dramatically, with Corsanctum nearly invaded by a fellow Theocracy. After surviving that threat Corsanctum is working on honouring her promise to Aurora. In December 1010 Grandmaster Bustoarsenzio Peristaltico of Morek gave up the disputed claims to the Unterlands in favour of Corsanctum, making it possible now for the realm to press into the lands to the south without any political challenges.

A Modern Corsanctum

Corsanctum is always ready to welcome new nobles, from distant lands or those newly come of age. There are constant monster and undead threats to be dealt with, especially in the untamed reagions to the south and so Corsanctum offers the chance to quickly gain recogntion, glory and honour in the name of the Holy Bloodstars. Initiative and devotion are rewarded and there is always a project to lend your sword, pen or voice to.

The Druid Rebellion

The fall of Aurora was in part due to a group of rogue Druids who wanted to free the Unterlands from the influence of the Bloodstars. They amassed a large hoard of monsters called 'Woodlings' by native Unterlanders because of their resemblance to forest trees. The Druids quickly assaulted Unterstrom Vorsadt but their first attempts were unsuccessful due to the efforts of Thaur Metsamees and Zirena Khan. However, the Druids were eventually able to wear down the defenders and take the townsland, which marked the beginning of the end of Aurora and the true Start of what is now commonly refereed to as the Druid wars. Corsanctum now battles the Druids hoards daily in an effort to retake the Unterlands, in the first stages of the war, during a bitter winter, the Woodling hoard took more and more ground. The fighting so fierce it took the life of one of Aurora's Heroes, one of many to fall to the Druid armies. Eventually thanks to the leadership of Alana Deytheur and Aglovale Ap Rhodri the Shield have been able to slow the Woodlings to a stand still and are slowly retaking ground. The war rages on but if Corsanctum can continue on its course and keep the path back to the capital well defended there is no reason that Corsanctum will not be able to push the Druids all the way back to the Unterlands. The campaign is further troubled by the Druids continued use of propaganda that leads people away from the Stars, a problem Corsanctum must deal with if it hopes to not share the same fate as it's sister realm Aurora.

Since the arrival of the druids several new beasts were born that now roam the Unterwood, Thaur Metsamees had made a survival book, entitled The Woodlings.


Social Problems and Control: as a holy state there is little crime, and the typical problems are disputes over religious doctrine and governance. Strict statements and actions regarding conformity to doctrine, including censorship and the silencing of dissidents, have alternated with attempts at persuasion and expressions of conciliation.

Basic Economy: The economy is based on religious work: Corsanctum receives contributions from temples Realm wide. Pilgrims come to visit religious shrines and view the Realms great art. The major commercial activities are organized around religious concerns, the major industry is governance of the Temple, and trade is organized around religious goods.

Architecture: Corsanctum's capital is entirely urban. It has many artistic and architectural masterpieces, including the High Temple of the Stars, the Palace of the Prophet and The High Tower of the Magistratum. A sense of openness and comfort is created by the white stones and leafy green trees that line the wide major thoroughfares. The people of the Mimer peninsula have always been excellent craftsmen. Corsanctum has a great range of beautiful buildings that few other realms in Dwilight can boast.

Art is used to proclaim an important person’s power. Corsanctumite art usually shows images of the BloodStars and common people. A new art movement followed the expansion into the Unterlands in which people are portrayed without perfect form. In some sculptures people have long noses or ears.

Portraiture, though, continues to be a service in high demand and some people even travel to Mimer from other places to sit for portraits. Mimer artists are renowned for catching a persons 'inner' beauty.