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Royal Crest of Springdale
Former Capital
Government Type
Last Emperor Neel Arya
High Marshal
Imperial Inquisitor
Royal Treasurer
Last Region

Springdale was one of the four founding realms of Dwilight. The realm was located in the fertile east and thus was mostly grasslands and plains with several large cities. The area had few forests and much coastline. Springdale was a monarchy and was formerly referred to by the locals as the Empire of Springdale until the secessions of Muspelheim and Aegir formed Virovene and Raivan Empire respectively, and Springdale Duchy leaving the realm to join Morek. The climate of the area is a temperate one, but being so large there are nuanced differences. As an example, the lands of the former Nifelhold Duchy tend to be colder, rainier, and more mountainous.

Sprindale was destroyed when Virovene, a realm created by secession from Springdale, took over her last region of Nifelhold after multiple attempted takeovers, showing the strength of the realm even at the end.

Historical Information Follows


In the Empire of Springdale's Library there are many documents for your research needs.


Springdale is a relatively new realm, but it has had a decent amount of historians chronicling its past.

Pre-Secessions War

Springdale quickly gained Nifelhold before facing a rebellion soon after its creation. Neel Arya gained the support of the nobles against Attius Miriel. He promised to support Fisc Arylon's creation of Everguard and Cato, Duke of Nifelhold, for the city of Muspelheim. Springdale then expanded rapidly to gain Muspelheim and Aegir. They built up their regions over time before expanding to the north.

Acquiring Nifel

The northern expansion was quite botched from the beginning with Marshal Tye von Snipe of DAME and Marshal Joash Hamarson of the Sword and Shield competing to take the regions of Nifel and Torrents Breath respectively. When they rebelled, they became harder to regain. Eventually Marco Goodman of the Sword and Shield took Nifel again. However, there was a brief controversy as it had not been cleared with the military council. Vice Marshal Sejieda Vita had seen the poor condition of the region and decided it would be best to do a brutal takeover with looting, which was prohibited. All calmed down and Sejieda's effective takeover succeeded. The region was in poor condition, however, and took much work while Emperor Neel Arya delayed its lord's appointment.

Acquiring Ymer's Fall

After much discussion in the military council between Marshal Sejieda of S&S and Vice Marshal Galdor Tezokian of DAME, Ymer's Fall, Sejieda's supported region, was chosen over Odenir, Galdor's supported region. Marshal Sejieda then supported Knight Kniva gothicus for the position of Baron of Ymer's Fall. At this same time, Duchess Zyrrin Fallan of Springdale City disappeared. However, Emperor Neel was away partying in Morek and both appointments were delayed. Once he returned, he took several days to appoint the lords. Imperial Inquisitor Sammael Haine became the new Duke of Springdale City, after losing honor and prestige for revoking his claim on Stratford. None of Stratford's knights wanted the lordship so the lordship went to a regional foreigner, Darken Dragon.

Emperor Neel's Insults

Due to apparent insults hurled by the Emperor on Duke Cato, Marshal Sejieda, and former Duchess Zyrrin, and the fact that the Emperor had taken control of the S&S from Springdale Duchy, Marshal Sejieda was removed and replaced with High Marshal and Viscount Malgar Bellmon. This broke the tradition of the Vice Marshal becoming the next marshal and now allowing government positions to hold the marshalship in addition to the army losing its ducal significance. Emperor Neel never followed Imperial Inquisitor and Duke Sammael's decisions regarding the outcome of his insults, choosing to keep the army instead of returning it to the duchy. Because of the long amount of time before a lord was replaced and the incompetence of the marshal Emperor Neel chose, Ymer's Fall soon rebelled. These events to the War of Secession.


Due to the reasons detailed in a letter to the realm, Duke Cato De La Fere seceded Muspelheim to form Virovene. The lords of Mt. Black Nastrond and Nifel soon joined him. Because of his separation and the promised neutrality if he left Springdale, Duke Edward Raiva seceded Aegir to form the Raivan Empire. High Marshal and Viscount Malgar Bellmon then changed White Plain's allegiance to Morek, cutting off Springdale Duchy from the capital. Next, Duke Sammael changed allegiance of Springdale Duchy to Morek, leaving the Empire with only a single region, Nifelhold, which eventually fell to Virovene causing Springdale's final demise.

Other Historical Documents


Many proclaim these to be true, while some dismiss them as merely exaggerated stories. They vary from ancient times to more recent times.

Katrina Dragul's Legends

Katrina Dragul often regaled the realm with many stories of times gone by. They were often related to events occurring as she spoke.


Numerous armies rose and fell throughout Springdale's history.

Active Armies

After their defeat at the hands of Virovene all armies of Springdale became defunct.

Defunct Armies

Armies that have faded into history in chronological order of their disappearance. It is rumored that Springdale has had the largest number of armies defuncted in Dwilight while Springdale lived.

The Spire Guard

Originally created by the former Duke of Nifelhold, Adjunct Alfred Osha. This army was designated as the defender of the capital. When the creator of this army left The Empire, The Emperor Neel Arya dissolved the army.

The Aegiran Legion

The Aegiran Legion was created by the former Duke of Aegir, Terivus Enodscopia. Created by the Duke as an effort to safeguard the city from the constant swarm of monsters that freely roamed to the south of the city on the Mimer Peninsula. When the former Duke fell ill, and the city lost to the very swarm of monsters the army was created to repel, The Aegiran Legion was formally disbanded.

The Duchal Army of Muspelheims Elite

DAME was once one of the premire fighting forces in the Empire. However, when its sponsor, Duke Cato left the empire, taking Muspelhim with him, the army followed, and became The Duchal Army of Virovenes Elite.

Wolves of Aegir

After Aegir was recaptured from the monster invasion, the Duke decided to create a new army to protect Aegir from any further setbacks such as this. Rather then reserect the then defunct The Aegiran Legion, Duke Edward created the Wolves of Aegir. With Aegir leaving the empire this army was disbanded.

Guardians of Springdale

The true incarnation of The Sword and Shield after Marshal Sejieda's illegal removal. Founded and sponsored by Duke Sammael Haine. It's existence was ended when Springdale Duchy changed allegiance to Morek, but was refounded within Morek with the same structure.

The Sword and Shield

Originally known as "The Nobles army of Dalia", this army has since seen many changes over its long life. As the primary defense and assault force of The Empire, the S&S is often called in to take care of large numbers of entrenched enemies.

While the other armies of The Empire are primarily ducal armies, the Sword and Shield's base encompasses more than just the duchy of Springdale, recruiting from every region in the empire.


Although Springdale has no state religion, it does however contain the followers of two major faiths: Sanguis Astroism and The Order of the Seven. The official state stance is that as long as the religion does not effect the region or realm politically or economically, the decision is left up to the local lord.

Sanguis Astroism

Sanguis Astroism's base in The Empire resided in the duchy of Muspelheim in the south of The Empire prior to it succession. The devout Duke of Muspelheim, Cato De La Fere, founded the Springdale sect of Sanguis Astroism in the city of Muspelheim, capital of a duchy bordering Morek, before seceding his Dutchy and forming the realm of Virovene. Although followed by many peasants, no temples exist to Sanguis Astroism within Springdale.

The Order of the Seven

The Order of the Seven was founded in the Springdale dutchy, in the region of Rye by Borric Tyr-Sog. Although much younger than Sanguis Astroism, the new religion was the second most powerful religion on Dwilight, and arguably the largest within The Empire. Practiced throughout the realm where the local lords allow, the religion's priests worked tirelessly to convert more followers. Three temples to the young religion existed although not within Springdale's borders anymore. However, with the secession of Springdale duchy to Morek, the Order of the Seven slowly faded away.