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Ut Trutina is a faith devoted to the salvation of mankind.


Ut Trutina was founded when the prophet Mariah Greyson went on a pilgrimage. On this pilgrimage she was given a vision by the Bloodstars. The stars revealed that they had been corrupted and that she needed to seek out a being that could help save them. The stars informed her that Helm was an agent of the chaos that was corrupting them and that the Sanguis Astroism church needed to be destroyed.

Mariah set out to find this being and succeeded in awakening him from where he slept. In this way, the Avatar revealed itself to the world and to Mariah.


Followers of Ut Trutina believe and serve the Avatar. They do not say that other gods and beings do not exist, but rather that the Avatar introduced them to humanity so that they may live their lives with purpose.

They believe that the Avatar is there to guide them to a new golden age. Under his guidance, followers of Ut Trutina will cleanse the corruption from the world and usher in a new Era of peace.

Holy Sites

Balance's Retreat and the divides are the location of the original order.

Darfix was one of the Largest Strongholds of the ancient order and is one of the holiest sites of the faith.



The Codes of the Avatar

Sacred Texts

Collected Sermons