Unitary Astroism

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The Church
Holy Prophet Lucius Arundel
First Prophet Mathurin Hossenfeffer
Status Defunct

Unitary Astroism is a defunct,reformist branch within Astroism that followed the theological traditions of Lucius Arundel and other reformist advocates. Unitary Astroism included revised Sanguis Astroist theology, and expanded upon it by including two additional entities of influence alongside the Bloodstars. As a result, Unitary Astroism broke with the Church of Sanguis Astroism, since the two ultimately disagreed on which three sources of influence reigned superior. The three main entities, according to Unitary Astroism, were the Bloodstars, the Bloodmoon, and the Bloodsun.

Unitarians believed that all three entities control and influence everything.

The Bloodstars are a collection of three unique stars: Maddening, Auspicious, and Austere. Maddening boils the blood, and drives mankind relentlessly forward; Auspicious tempers the blood, and unlocks mankind's full potential; Austere augments the blood, and guarantees mankind's supremacy. All three culminate into a single entity of influence because they serve mankind exclusively, working solely in conjunction with one another. It is imperative for a Unitarian to achieve balance between all three Bloodstars, so as to properly benefit from the entity as a whole. For those who require them, their individual phases can be found here.

The Bloodsun was often referred to simply as the sun. Its influence is already well known. While the Bloodstars influenced behavior, the Bloodsun dealt primarily with sustenance. It invigorated the blood, and permited mankind its capabilities. If blood was lost, the Bloodsun restored it. If blood became cold and lifeless, the Bloodsun warmed it back to life. It was no coincidence that most men emerged at sunrise, and retreated indoors at sunset. Yet the Bloodsun's sheer power, made obvious by its blinding luminosity, allowed it to extend its influence beyond mankind. For old, parchment copies of Lucius Arundel's observations concerning the blood of the physical world, visit your nearest abandoned, Unitaryian temple.

Following sunset, the Bloodmoon was quick to usurp the sky. Commonly known as the moon, the Bloodmoon controlled actions unexplained or seemingly uncontrolled. From fear to floods, the Bloodmoon exerted spontaneous influence over the blood of mankind and the physical world. Its overwhelming size explained its power, but its infrequent exertion remained largely unexplained by Unitarians.

Library of Scriptures

Rites, Ceremonies, and Days of Significance

  • Astra - Several times a year, an eclipse will occur somewhere in the world. The Bloodmoon will completely envelop the Bloodsun, and for a moment the two will remain aligned. This is called the Dance of Giants, and it is cause for great celebration. However, when the two align with the Bloodstars over Dwilight, it is called Astra. There is no greater unity, no greater time to meditate than during Astra. Even for the most imbalanced, heretical believer, Astra is a time where total unity with the three entities of influence can be achieved, if only temporarily. It offers believers a taste of pure enlightenment, so as to remind them of what they are able to achieve.
  • Sanguine Games - On the first days of Autumn and Spring, the Bloodmoon reveals its true, red shade to the world as a sign that it is preparing to exert itself in an exceptional way. During this biannual event, the Sanguine Games are held. Courts are suspended, soldiers are pardoned from training, and declarations of war are strictly forbidden while tournaments, feasts, and other festivities run the entire night. The purpose of the Sanguine Games is to facilitate communion with the Bloodmoon by accepting, observing, and even supporting significant and unexpected change. Knights lose to squires, mules outrace horses, taverns pay their patrons to drink, and the beautiful sleep alone. A public banquet is held at midnight, where private gifts are exchanged and nobles provide their servants table service.
  • Dawn and Dusk.
  • Marriage Ceremonies.
  • Religious-Secular Rites.
  • Boreal's Day.

Clergy and Structure

The Courts of Astra

The Faith's Magistratum in the Church of Sanguis Astroism was established by Prophet Mathurin Hossenfeffer as a means to maintain peace within his church. The Faith's Magistratum was manned by High Justices from within the Prophet's Church, and together they dispensed justice. The Courts of Astra are similar constructions, albeit structured with fairness in mind. They are comprised of three separate courts, each with their own functions. Followers are encouraged to acquaint themselves with each one.

The Church of Unitary Astroism in Dwilight

The Church of Unitary Astroism was founded in Niselur. Its first two temples were erected simultaneously in Under Darfix and the Holy City of Darfix. It is now defunct, and no longer boasts a following.