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Histories, Myths and Legends of Dwilight

Here you will find listed the many histories and legends from realms across Dwilight, highlighting its colourful history and Background.

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Historical Documents


Many proclaim these to be true, while some dismiss them as merely exaggerated stories. They vary from ancient times to more recent times.

Katrina Dragul's Legends

Katrina Dragul often regaled the realm with many stories of times gone by. They were often related to events occurring as she spoke.


History of Virovene

Virovene is young, but it was based on an older kingdom and has acquired a lengthy history because of that.

Ancient Virovene

(OOC: Ancient Virovene is roleplayed history.)

The history of Virovene begins in the mists of time with the founding of old Virovene by the royal family, De La Fere. Little is known of the early years of this realm, but it is known that it was founded at a similar time to the realms of Old Springdale and the Nifle Kingdom. These realms existed in relative peace, although boarder disputes were inevitable in that early time. Due to its more mild southerly climate, old Virovene was one of the more prosperous lands, with its people enjoying more comfortable living then people in the colder, rainier regions to the north. The people also were the first to begin worshiping the Bloodstars, learning of their effect upon the human condition, and is no coincidence that today’s Virovene’s also worship the same stars, as devote as their ancestors once were.

Old Virovene’s Capital was the great city of Muspelheim, with the fortress of Virovene sitting at its heart, next to Nifelhold one of the strongest fortress in northern Dwilight.

The end of old Virovene came with the invasion of the Daimons. These hellish creatures swept across the old realms like a wave of blood, leaving death and destruction in their wake. The daimons took advantage of the long-time division of the three realms and slowly defeated them. The last stand was made in Mimer, where the army fought the daimons long enough for King Charles De La Fere to escape.

Rediscovering and Founding Virovene

Many years later, long after the old realms had fallen into decay and there tales of the three kingdoms forgotten, many new nobles returned, along with many descendants of nobles who had left Dwilight long ago, including a descendants of the De Le Fere’s, Cato, who had not forgotten the old tales. Soon whole nations had been founded in the regions long vacant of any human habitation. The most prominent of these new realms was the Empire of Springdale. Based upon the ideals of old Springdale, this new Empire quickly grew into one of the most powerful realms on the continent. In this new realm order, Cato rose to prominence as Duke of Muspelheim, his ascendants old capital. After a series of insults from Springdale’s Emperor Neel led to Cato deciding to resurrect Virovene, dedicating it to the new region of the Bloodstars, Sanguis Astroism.

War of Independence

This succession led to a war with Springdale, a war that the fledgling realm would be hard pressed to win, if not for the intervention of another, far more powerful realm, dedicated to the Bloodstars, known as Morek.

Although long time allies with Springdale, Morek was willing to break that bond to protect the faith. The resulting war of independence led to the almost complete destruction of Springdale and allowed Virovene to gain a place of importance within the politics of eastern Dwilight.

Historical Documents


The Legends of Morek

The Manifestation of Morek

"In days now dead, in the lands betwixt Springdale and the ancestral lands of the Luries, the people from the continents of the eastern world settled colonies unto their own realms. The warlike natives of Dwilight, made their power known, tearing the banners of the east asunder. Under the sole of their feet, many of our fair hands toiled, all for the warcraft of the Guntor, as the Dwili called themselves. The wasteful skirmishes of the Guntor showed that Eastern produce was to be left in the field to rot, the crafts to be sold to pay their men of war. The incompetent rulership and bigotry of the Dwili flared the heart, raised the head, and tightened the fist of us. Soon our people made their hatred known, but many did not succeed, crushed by our former masters. It was until The Bloodstars were shown over the west, that The Cloudly One shown that even the heavens were with us, and the stars struck the Dwili with terrible madness. It was then that our people came unto their own, that the Cloudly One made known our righteous people would spread, to the west we advance, to the land of the Bloodstars!" -Under the Bloodstars, Chapter XXVII, ver. LXXI



Astrum...a realm created from the Theocracy of Morek and the Bloodstar society. Astrum's history is long and rich, it is a history of splendour, honour and bravery. A few books and scrolls have been preserved in the Great Library of Libidizedd. You, weary traveler, are free to take a look:

The Age of Infancy:
Memoirs by Captain Gunther


The Legends are still being written! (These will be filled in by popular in-gameRP.)



When the Judge of Shadovar, Sir Valdrix, refused to uphold the feudal rights of Duchess Katayanna Ogren, and instead issued a ban on a Duchess for claiming her feudal rights, Duchess Katayanna seceded her Duchy creating D’hara. Soon after the Ruler of Shadovar disgusted by the actions of Judge Valdrix stepped down, but not before fighting a duel to the death with Judge Valdrix in which they were both seriously injured, causing Valdrix to loose his position. Before the Duel, Valdrix further showed he was a traitor by lifting the ban on the previous dictator of Shadovar. The new judge of Shadovar promptly banned Valdrix and three others for the actions.

Emperor Mathias then stepped down from Ruler of Shadovar and joined D’Hara. As did the Duke of Nebel, and many other nobles. Leaving Shadovar an empty husk of its former self. D’Hara then declared War on Shadovar to reunite the two Duchies under a new banner, and a new Ruler. The war with Shadovar officially ended with Marquis Naracan of Nebel switched the allegiance of his county to the new Queendom of D'Hara, ending Shadovar and reunifying the former duchies together.

And then started the War of Expansion. . .


The history of Everguard begins with the history of the South-East Island. In the early winter of the Last Era (winter 2007), the god Tor revealed to the inhabitants of the island that it would be destroyed, and all people remaining on the island would be killed. The people of the island, especially the adherents of Tor, began to make plans for escaping the doomed continent and what they would do after they left. As the continent was swollowed by flood, many nobles had decided to flee the island for a rumored new land, called Dwilight. Together, many Torenites, Ikalakians, and Taselakians boarded ships and set off for the new land.

Upon arriving on the shores of Dwilight, those who had departed the South-East Island found that many who had tried to make it to those shores had been shipwrecked in other locations, lost at sea, or otherwise not made it. Only a handful of men and women from Toren and Ikalak arrived as planned in Springdale, and they quickly attempted to secure protection from that land as refugees.

After settling in for a short time, the heir to the throne of the now dead realm of Toren, Fisc Arylon, began to seek out the other refugees. He first encountered Henk Van Hoensbroeck, his old friend Mosious Alfjoi Suaht, Hackem de Struct and the Ikalakians Jack Carnes and Lestat Corax. These men gathered together in the capital city of Springdale City and formulated a plan to join together in friendship, strike out to the frontier and attempt to found a realm of their own to carry on the legacy of the South-East Island. Together combining the strengths of each of their respective deceased realms, they did plot to craft the realm of Everguard as the jewel of the west, stronger than any realm previously known.

Just as they began to formulate their plans, a rebellion struck Springdale, throwing the realm into chaos. Immediately, Fisc began to negotiate with the rebel leader - Neel Arya - a man who would soon be King, and later Emperor. As time passed, Fisc was able to secure support from Neel for the formation of Everguard to the north of Springdale.

Weeks passed, and more people began to hear about the realm ready to leave Springdale. More Torenites and Ikalakians approached Fisc asking to join the delegation - as did many native Springdalians, and even some nobles from other nations such as Morek. Together, seventeen nobles had gathered together, recruited troops and set off for the unknown land of the north. The settlers originally planned to settle in the region of Nifelheim, to the north of Springdale, however objections from Neel regarding claims to that city led the founding delegation to instead set off for Valkyrja.

After a long, dangerous journey through unknown lands filled with monsters, the delegation arrived at the white tower of the Stronghold of Valkyrja, and began to set roots, formally creating the realm of Everguard in the early spring.

Once the realm was founded, the nobles elected Fisc as the first High King of Everguard. Once donning the Emerald Crown, Fisc began setting up the kingdom, appointing a Royal Court, Dukes, Lords, and directing the expansion of the realm. His rule saw the drastic growth of the infant realm, and a remarkable unity by the nobles calling Everguard home. There is little doubt that Everguard will continue to develop and be considered one of the continents great powers, now under the guidance of his successors.

Grand Duchy of Fissoa


The Grand Duchy of Fissoa, once a part of Madina declared independence from the Republic of Madina after experiencing increased cultural division through its proud army, the Fissoan Privateers.

The people of Fissoa are diverse; most inhabitants are simple peasants and live on the country side while the richer folk and traders live in the city of Fissoa or the outskirts known as Fissoa fields. A townsland in the north called Drowenton has a sort of independence within the Duchy. The current Countess is a privateer in service of the Grand Duke and Doge of the previous realm.

While peasants do enjoy some simple freedom within the duchy, any instance of rebellion is crushed without remorse: Exile into the desert is common punishment for those that rebel and considered even worse than a quick execution due to the rampaging monsters.

All boys are conscripted into the army school at the age of 6 and are taught basic writing and reading, history, law, wrestling, running, and other useful knowledge and skills. Normally they can visit their homes once every 3 months for a few days but only the richest can afford these trips for their sons. At the age of 16 boys are considered a man and are allowed to return for their families. The wise scholars and capable fighters and usually opt to stay on in the service.

Training includes being sent off into the dense forest region of Manuwai, where they are tutored in the use of weapons such as the spear, sword and shield. If they survive training and pass their final tests they will serve with the small regular forces of the Grand Duchy. The brighter pupils are trained to aid the government in their daily tasks. They are the bureaucrats, doctors, and inventors within the duchy.



Once upon a time, there was a crew of a few dozen men 'n 'his merchant captain. They were on a simple mission, sell the regular goods, fancy some rum (hehe), 'n move on. Nothin' worth of a good yarn ye'd think, eh? But it hasn't even started yet! The Captain was a greedy man, very bad, very greedy keeping all of the money 'n most of the rum for himself. Yes, we know, it were terrible... So one day, his men had enough of it; led by a brave lad called Abbot, his men mutinied and quickly took a hold of the ship, 'n threw the damn captain back in his cabin and locked him there. The Rum 'n the gold were equally divided 'n all voices were equally respected. The celebrations kept on throughout the night, 'n soon every man fell on his ol' drunken exhausted behind. The ship sailed onwards 'n when the men woke up with heads like stone they had the scare of their life. A storm was thunderin' ahead 'n there was nothin' they could do but let down the sails 'n steer upon the waves, hoping for the best. Hours 'n hours passed 'n many men fell, but brave, old Abbot kept on pushin' the rudder 'n supporting his shipmates. When the masts broke, many gave up their fights 'n took there last gulps of rum. The storm kept on for many days, but while some died, many also survived. When Abbot 'n his men checked the captain's hut, there wasn't much left of the captain nor his hut, all there was left was a broken compass constantly pointing to the west. 'n so the crew sailed onwards, 'n for weeks they drifted along the sea. Strangely enough, the water which surrounded them was filled with fishies; never were they left without food. After a long 'n exhausting expedition without any sign of hope, they were surprised by the presence of sea gulls! Aye! the blessed creatures of the shores welcomed them showing up from the west 'n so Abbot turned their rudder and hoped for the best. After much cursing, just before sunset, the men finally rejoiced at the sight of a beautiful, tropical shore. They were blessed indeed, blessed with a wonderful land free of friends or foes, all for themselves to rule. Of course, the brave Abbot was chosen to lead them upon these shores towards a new future, the establishment of the Republic!



The history of the realm dates from the winter time of 6th Year of Dwilight, when Niselur was officially founded as the Astrumian Colony in the Golden City of Darfix. In one of the largest expeditions ever, the realm was founded by the Paladins of the Silver Temple lead by Sir Boreal Arakiss of Astrum, who was then elected as the First King of Niselur. After the ardous and exhausting 2 weeks long yourney, Niselur was established on the 21st day of winter. Soon after the government was formed the Spring Liberation March began, in order to celebrate the end of the winter and to submit the lands under the Niselurian banner.

Pian en Luries


The first King of Pian en Luries, Kaennji Shenron, rallied the natives under one banner for the first time, and founded the Kingdom of Pian en Luries. Upon hearing of this newly-forged land, nobles began to flock to it, and soon the first official government of Pian en Luries was chosen, with Lady Anna Vasata as the Royal Arbitrator, Lady Minerva Seraph as the High Treasurer, and Lady Alanna Anaris as the Grand Imperatrix. With this, the kingdom began to expand, taking several regions, including the city of Askileon, in a short time. It was not long, however, before the King was struck down by a wasting disease, and forced to abdicate for the good of the Kingdom. As he had as yet no heir to succeed him, the nobles of Pian en Luries chose Grand Imperatrix Alanna Anaris as their new Queen. After much deliberation, she chose Sir Diodorus Exiled as Grand Imperator to replace her.

Under her Majesty and the new Grand Imperator, the Kingdom's expansion, which had been halted briefly due to internal disorder, resumed, including the founding of a colony at Port Nebel on an island to the west, and the conquest of the mighty city of Giask. An unfortunate incident precipitated the stepping down of the Royal Arbitrator, after which Sir Finegus O'Shea was elected as the new Royal Arbitrator. Despite his former differences with the Queen, who fought and bested him in a duel not long before she was crowned, he did not set himself up, as some expected he might, as an opposing power. When Finegus was later imprisoned by rogues and lost his position, Ludovico Sforza was elected as his successor, in a hotly contested referendum which once again showed that the Lurians are often divided.

Shortly after, the duchy of Port Nebel seceded from Pian en Luries, to form the tyranny of Shadovar, causing some Lurian nobles to grow a dislike for Dictator Edelstein. Nevertheless, a peace treaty was signed between the two realms. Attention shifted back to the south, when troops from the Grand Duchy of Fissoa marched onto the Moon Bay, a region claimed by the Lurians. Harsh words were spoken on both sides, leading to a declaration of war by Queen Alanna. However, before the first strike was dealt in the Lurian-Fissoan War, the Fissoans withdrew from the Moon Bay and negotiations were re-opened.

Chronicle of Wars

Raivan Empire

The Legends are still being written! (These will be filled in by popular in-game RP.)


The Legends are still being written! (These will be filled in by popular in-game RP.)