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This is the place to post the strange, amazing or curious things that happen in BattleMaster. Feel free to correct any records by posting higher numbers as they are achieved.

To make the records consistent, please post your records like this like this:

  • Biggest Monster unit seen: 1.435 monsters (17.586 CS) seen in Jiddington, Beluaterra. 21/07/2005. ~~~~

Note: When you add a record, please remove the old record. With some very few notable exceptions, there should be no second place records. The exception would be if the second place is itself remarkable in some way, such as the tie for Largest Battle. In a like manner, don't specifically add a new entry in second place.

Don't forget the ~~~~ tag after the entry. It will sign your name after the post.

Criteria for New Records

When adding a new record to the list, keep in mind that the items listed here should meet the criteria of "strange, amazing, or curious". They should also be verifiable by an independent party. Categories such as "best" or "worst" are subjective, and should not be listed. If you are not sure whether or not a record should be posted here, discuss it here.


  • Most populated Region:
    • 173,200 - Ibladesh, East Continent -- Gsklee 16:28, 1 June 2007 (CEST)
  • Richest Realm (From total economy)

  • Largest Tournament:
  • Largest Prizes for Dual Events:
    • 10,000 gold first prize, 900 gold second prize, 10 gold entry fee, at the July 2020 tournament in Sirion: East Continent, hosted by Lyanna Arylon. -- Zakky 11/25/2020 (CT)
  • Most time in a realm:
  • Most heroic realm:
    • 45 heroes in Taselak: South-East Island Unfortunately, I only thought of this by the time of the sinking of SEI--there were about 45 heroes when it was 2vsTaselak.
  • Largest duchy:
    • Duchy of Kurlock's Rest (realm Sandalak on the continent of South Island): 25 regions, 1 of which was a city under Duke Enkimahru Dragoness. As of 1/24/2016 by Stinkyoldmen
  • Richest duchy:
    • Duchy of Kurlock's Rest (realm Sandalak on the continent of South Island): 18451 gold. As of 1/30/2016
  • Realm with the highest number of nobles on the Wealth List
    • 7 nobles from Luria Nova- Bruce Wilde (150k), Wassgandr Felsenbach (120k), Durk Spartan (30k), Adam Kabrinski(15k), Ciarghuala Dubhaine(15k), Fulco D`Este(10k), Leonid Castillo (10k), Oskar von Lucker (10k) total of 345k. 12/20/2020


  • Longest reigning Ruler: :
  • Most liked Realm (has most "alliances/Federation"):
  • Most Vassals sworn to a single liege:
    • 32 vassals (Under the Old Estate System: No longer possible under the New Estate System since the maxium number of creatable estate in one region is fixed to 20)- Duke Nightmare of the Aroo family (Perdan City) of Perdan
    • 18 vassals (Under the New Estate System) - Duke Siana Deytheur (Oligarch City) of Eponllyn


  • Largest Total CS:
  • Largest battle:
    • (Against NPC) Total combat strengths: 104759 vs. 22539 (Total CS: 127298 CS)(Siege) Battle of Fheuvenem, 65 units of Monsters/Undead (2034 creatures) vs 39 units of IVF, Nothoi (1626 men)
    • Total combat strenths: 56089 vs. 41249 (Total CS: 97338 CS)(Siege) First Siege of Taselak City May 28, 2015 --Ethan Lee Vita (Talk), Editor and Community Manager 06:35, 28 May 2015 (CEST)
  • Most heroes killed in one battle:
    • 3 heroes killed, Toren, Ikalak vs. Sandalak in Sandalak City, SEI, September 9th 2006
      • Massimo and Karim of Sandalak and Vengeance of Ikalak have been killed - Marouane 18:19, 8 September 2006 (CEST)
    • 3 heroes killed, Norland vs. Minas Ithil in Elost, Atamara, December 18th 2007
      • Griffin of Norland and Lancelot and Denthas of Minas Ithil have been killed - Nylen 09:50, 18 December 2007 (CET)
    • 3 heroes killed, Netherworld vs. Melhed, Old Grehk, Thalmarkin in Unger, Beluaterra on June 6th 2012
      • Norah Questor and Acaelus Guile of Thalmarkin and Thistleogre Archeanis of Melhed have been killed --Iltaran (talk) 16:21, 6 June 2012 (CEST)
  • Most Nobles killed in one battle (Fourth Invasion Mortality):
  • Most nobles wounded in a battle (by percentage):
    • 8 nobles wounded(4 wounded and 4 lightly wounded) in Troyes, Bavol Gottfried and Daniel Risk Nivemus vs 12 nobles of Perdan -- Stinkyoldmen 6/24/2014
  • Most nobles wounded by a single unit:
    • 7 nobles (3 seriously wounded and 4 wounded) by Valkyr Shepard's unit in Ibyp, Sandalak ChequeMate (talk) 10:52, 23 January 2019 (CET)
  • Most lopsided battle:
  • Most Infiltrators in the Realm:
  • Most Infiltrators per noble in a Realm:
  • Battle won with greatest odds against:
    • 136 cs of archers defeat a huge 1000 cs horde of monsters, who have 7.35294118 times the strength of the archers. Lefanis Family/Hericus/Monsters. Ceorl 16:31, 25 August 2009 (UTC)
    • 11361 cs from Westgard defeat 28955 cs horde of monsters in Sabadell on September 29, 2017, who have 2.55 times the strength of the army. (Added because this is an actual battle, unlike the lone unit skirmish above). - Dominic "Chénier" (talk) 18:38, 19 October 2018 (CEST)
  • Most rogues groups in same region (Not Including Beluaterra Invasion):
    • 41 groups of monsters and 1 group of undead, totaling 990 monsters (82,000 CS) and 110 undead (2,600 CS), in Nark, Dwilight. Stinkdyoldmen 13 April 2014 (CEST)
  • Most rogues in the same region (by CS):
    • 84,600 CS including 41 groups of monsters, 1 group of undead, totaling 1100 (990 monsters and 110 undead) in Nark, Dwilight. Stinkyoldmen 13 April 2014 (CEST)
  • Most Gold looted by a single noble in a turn
    • Kihalin Lapallanch looted 327,467 gold in a single turn in the rogue city of Gaston. (Due to the newly implemented looting code)
  • Most nobles held in captive by a realm
    • 14 nobles of Taselak imprisoned by Sandalak. Recorded on 1/24/2016
  • Most Recruitment Centres in a single region
  • Most Size 4 Recruitment Centres in a single region
  • Most Recruits from a single region

Guilds and Religions

  • Most Guildhouses for a single Guild:
  • Most Guildhouses in a single region:
  • Most Temples of different Religions in one Realm:


  • Biggest Mixed Infantry unit:
    • Kihalin Lapallanch fielded 275 Madibarra Elite(70 100/90), under the banner "Hiems" to fight ever increasing hordes of monster. January/2017 --Dalakar 03:13, 16 January 2007 (CET)
  • Biggest Special Forces unit:
    • 135 SF fielded by Bob Baceolus of Melhed, Beluaterra (2016) --Zakky
  • Biggest Peasant unit seen:
    • 2195 - Taselak City (SEI) - Neoro 06:43, 4 May 2006 (CEST)
  • Biggest Monster unit seen:
    • About 5000 Frogs (About 6000 CS) seen in Enweil, Beluaterra. 2004. --Eldar Family 24 April 2006
  • Biggest Undead unit seen:
  • Most Skilled Captain:
    • Captain Wulf (+28), PMW - Atanamir's Elite Haradrim (Infantry), Perdan, East Continent, led by Atanamir of Umbar,
    • Captain Lucius (+28), Blythe Battleswords of Chivalry (Infantry), Perdan, East Continent, led by Blythe Claireborne, -- Fuinur 08:31, 29 January 2014 (CET)
  • Most Damage by Single Unit in a Battle
    • 9,998 hits scored by Wassgandr Felsenbach's 1st Novan Infantry Company(1,646CS / 187men / Infantry).. --Zakky 2020/10/23
  • Most Damage by single unit in single round:
    • Kuda Hitam (5) score 6,345 hits on Aksala's Lancers (10). Walsh Adam of Alara -- 7/31/2018 by Zakky
  • Most Range Damage by single unit in single round:
    • Hiems (26) fire on Monsters (3), scoring 3,888 hits. Kihalin Lapallanch, Strategos of Astrum leading a 90 man R5 Special Force unit with 2,358 CS (Training: 96%)(Weapon and Armor: 97%/89%)
  • Highest repair all equipment damage cost:
  • Most time needed to repair all equipment damage:


  • Highest Family Honour:
    • 2934 by Baceolus family (Bob - 2017, Iulia - 209, Periurium - 544, Rotting Corpse - 164) -- Stinkyoldmen 11/23/2016
  • Highest Family Prestige:
    • 335 by Meadowcrest (Sceptre-139, Dren Septre-69, Sage-57, Handow-32, Coopergill-39) -- Sceptre 4 Apr 2011
  • Highest prestige increase in a battle:
  • Oldest character:
  • Highest Ransom Demanded:
    • 1845 Gold for Haruka Vanimedle, a noble of Thulsoma, captured by Summerdale RestonVanim
  • Longest Titles (not including name):
    • Innocent Noble, Elder Shadowist of Shadowism and Supreme Ruling Lord of the Air and Powerful Lord of the Fire and Enlightened Lord of the Water and Prudent Lord of the Earth of Wetham -- jstephens 04:16, 14 March 2009 (PST)
  • Highest tax income for one person (not valid the tax day just after an investment):
    • 15758 - Mr_Jones Perkele, Darka, Atamara on March 25, 2004, previous tax system. -- Mr_Jones 11:06, 21 June 2007 (CEST)
  • Highest gold on hand:
    • ~780,000 gold - Kihalin Lapallanch (Had to be rebalanced due to the overwhelming amount) -- User:Stinkyoldmen 8/23/2016
    • 24700 gold - Mr_Jones Perkele, Darka, Atamara on April 30, 2004, previous tax system. -- Mr_Jones 12:40, 21 June 2007 (CEST)
  • Highest Loss of Bonds from switching realms:
    • 7000 bonds by Guy Revan for switching from Sirion to Ibladesh to avoid taxation. (User:Stinkyoldmen 29 October 2012 23:04 (CT))
  • Longest time without paying paraphernalia:
  • Most deaths by one character
    • 7 by Lasten Bluelake, the Duke of Fruit (Toren Stronghold) in Taselak. Killed once in battle, died of wounds that same turn, then proceeded to die of wounds(newly added on 6th War Island) again 5 times over the next week. -- Ta|i 30 April 2019
    • 3 by Kurlock Lapallanch, the Wyvern Incarnate of Sandalak. Once in a duel (Revived by Old New Character Protection) and twice in the same battle (In the Second Battle of Taselak City) 6/7/2015
  • Youngest to reach 900 honor
    • 903 honor at 34 years old, Selena Chénier in Westgard. --Dominic "Chénier" (talk) 18:56, 30 October 2018 (CET)


  • Highest Combined Skills (Swordfighting/Jousting):


  • Most Individual Swordfighting Titles:
  • Most Total Tournament Titles:
  • Most Family Tournament Titles:
    • 28 by Meadowcrest (Dren Septre-22, Sage-3, Sceptre-3). -- Sceptre 10 Jan 2011


  • Most family members dead
  • Most heroes lost in battle
    • Barghouti Family, 4 heroes killed in battle (Najib, Kyra, Hassan, Karim)
    • Da Hadez family, 4 heroes killed in battle (Balian, R'guard, Erisha, Karion)
  • Highest Fame
  • Richest Family
    • Tezokian Family 21980 gold -- Zakky -- August 2016
  • Most family members executed


  • Life of Shadows - longest time as an infiltrator without rest:
    • Lina Unti - stepped into shadows in April 2004 and walks still. To date: 5 years --Vita Family as of 25 December 2009 (CET)
  • Largest bounty:
    • 11,000 gold on Deklan Fuor of Alara. 10/17/2018
  • Largest bounty collected:
    • 11,000 gold on Deklan Fuor was claimed by Elros Edain of Perleone on 10/20/2018
  • Most wanted - Most simultaneous bans on an infiltrator:
    • Escent Noble - 7 realms (Talerium, Cagilan Empire, Norland, Tara, Suville, Barony of Makar and Coria) as of 24 January 2010.


  • Most Mentor Points Earned:


  • Most prestigious adventurer:
  • Most Prestigious Item:
    • Daimon Staff of Thunder : +12 Prestige, +26% Swordfighting, held by Ganelon Lefanis, Beluaterra.
    • Sturdy Chain Mail of the Maiden : +12 Prestige, +9% Adventuring, held by Erik Eyolf, East Continent -- now lost