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The Order has two aspects, spiritual and physical. The spiritual aspect is the religious organization known as The Order (a guild) and its physical aspect is The Order of Ered Luin (an in game RP element with no actual guild).

Order serves two purposes, overcoming the fear of chaos, while teaching and encouraging the mind. The purpose of these beliefs is to reassure us that we have nothing to fear from chaos, and that the human spirit cannot be free until the mind and body have become one.

To become one of mind and body, one must understand the balance of life and good versus evil. This is the Order’s goal, to bring an understanding of balance to the world and its people.


The Order was founded by Zadar Nargath in Tarasac, only days before the start of the Butter Rebellion. In fact, were it not for Zadar Nargath's retirement as Duke of Tarasac, One Rogala would never have had the chance to buy his dukeship and start the rebellion.

A detailed account of the rediscovery of The Order of Ered Luin, the beliefs of which create the basis for The Order, can be found here.

The Order has an ancient history which was long considered legend by the people of the Drachenwald mountains, until its rediscovery. We've compiled what we believe is the most accurate account of The ancient history of The Order.


The Order for a time produced a newspaper edited by then Elder Telemechus Barthalemus . It was called The Tai Lo Monthly. He was assisted by Petr Ishimu and Jose Dela Cruz.

Temples and Shrines

The founding temple of The Order is located in the city of Tarasac, Atamara, and lies on top of The Order of Ered Luin guildhouse. A shrine is also located in the outskirts of Tarasac that merchants and travelers visit to pray for blessings on their numerous journeys. Numerous temples can be found in nearly cites of CE and Tara, as well as many other regions. New temples and shrines are being constructed as the faith spreads, giving The Order's followers a place to focus and be cleansed of evil. To date only a few of the Order’s temples have been burned or sacked. The temple at Lothruin has been burned by evil followers of MS-reliogion. The Order had a magnificent temple at Barad Falas but Duchess Renee Quasath showed her true colors when she killed its guards and robbed the treasury only 1400 gold, before burning it to the ground. Cowardly she left Atamara without saying anything for Beluaterra. She shall forever be known as an enemy to the Order. These kind of actions show how chaos and evil can affect ones actions and we must be ever vigilant to maintain Order.

The Order
Percentage of Peasant as Followers
Number of Peasant Followers
Continent Atamara
Founder Zadar Nargath
Main Temple Tarasac, Tara
Temples 33
Followers ca. 209,663 commoners
Noble Followers 61 members 14 aspirants
Priests 5
Shrines 24
Region Temple Size Shrines
Aigaling Small Shack (1) 1
Alaise Primitive Temple (2) 0
Alatol Small Shack (1) 1
Alimonne Primitive Temple (2) 1
Andurus Small Shack (1) 1
Ansalle Small Temple (3) 0
Avrende Primitive Temple (2) 0
Byblack Primitive Temple (2) 0
Cagil Medium Temple (4) 1
Calis Medium Temple (4) 1
Chagasu None (0) 1
Eaglin large temple (5) 1
Esgalons Primitive Temple (2) 0
Region Temple Size Shrines
Etoge Primitive Temple (2) 1
Foda Small Temple (3) 2
Hidale Primitive Temple (2) 0
Jagla Small Temple (3) 1
Lakota Primitive Temple (2) 0
Lamoni Primitive Temple (2) 1
Ledunds Small Shack (1) 0
Lowdale None (0) 1
Mapaxal None (0) 1
Meldeen None (0) 0 (Razed)
Middale Primitive Temple (2) 0
Nardil None (0) 1
Nazia None (0) 1
Region Temple Size Shrines
[Nida]] Small Temple (3) 1
Rauxod Small Shack (1) 1
Ravening Primitive Temple (2) 1
Sauvia Small Shack (1) 0
Skalk Medium temple (4) 1
Stargard Small Temple (3) 1
Strahan Small Temple (3) 1
Tandsu Primitive Temple (2) 0
Tarasac Small Temple (3) 1
Trassing Small Shack (1) 0
Trawiy Primitive Temple (2) 0
Vornion Small Temple (3) 0
Woodglen Primitive Temple (2) 1

Priests & Martyrs




  • Blue Lantern Junge Eirik, Hero, Knight of Lamoni, Cagilan Empire (killed by monsters in Alatol 28/09/07)
  • Templar Xeon the Shadow, Hero, Count of Jagla, Tara (killed by monsters in Nardil 30/09/07)
  • High Priest Petr Ishimu, Priest, Knight of Calis, Cagilan Empire (succumbed to wounds afflicted by followers or Magna Serpaensism in Tichi 06/03/08)

Ranks of The Order

Elder Members

  • Father
  • Father of the Sun
  • Mother of the Moon
  • Fu Shan Chu - Guardian
  • High Priest
  • Tai-Lo Master
  • Lord of The Order

Full Members

  • Tai-Lo Templar
  • Templar - Lords that have financed the construction of a temple
  • Priest
  • Tai-Lo Sword - Warriors, dedicated to the Order
  • Brother/Sister

Aspirant Ranks

  • Aspirant
  • Blue Lantern
  • Follower

Oaths and Rites

The Thirty-Six Oaths

Rituals for consecrating a temple

Spells, wards, and incantations

The Two Paths of Good and Evil

The Tai-Lo Oath

The Tale of Perfection

Religious Texts

The First Book of The Ancients detailing the creation and foundation for all we do.
The Second Book of The Ancients our fundamental laws and structure for The Order.
The Third Book of The Ancients the art of centering oneself, meditating, and Tai-Lo techniques.

Views on other religions





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