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Our Purpose

Our motto is Yin and Yang united produce everything by metamorphosis.

Our goal is to develop the inner person into their true being. We encourage the members to grow spiritually through introspection and the contemplation of the texts we hold most dear. We will use our powers together to grow our brethren to the highest ranks possible. We vote in blocs, we nominate our brethren for important positions. We crave power so as to avenge our Five Ancestors and further our cause. We will use our powers to make money, and our guildhouses will serve as sanctuary from those who wish to persecute our brethren. We seek to grow exponentially and members of all realms are qualified to enter the guild.

If you would like to see the religious side of The Order of Ered Luin, visit the Order.

The Discovery

The events leading to the founding of the Order began first when Tsubaki saw a reflection of moonlight on metal near his stables. Thinking it was another batch of assassins, he charged the hill. When he arrived it was not an enemy, but rather a dull and ancient door handle. The entire door frame was covered in reeds and debris. He pulled at the handle but it would not give. A couple of swift kicks and the rotting door splintered and Tsubaki burst through. There were stairs leading downward, but the air from inside was not dank or musty like a cellar, but instead almost as fresh as the spring air outside. He called for his page who brought a torch. Down the flight of stairs he went, and what he saw upon his arrival took his breath away.

As he descended the stairs he next came to a cavernous wide gallery. It seemed as if the entire hilltop had been excavated. There were four Gates exiting from it. On each was inscribed a riddle or thought. He quickly read them but had not the time to contemplate any for the time being. In an anxious hurry, Tsubaki quickly passed through one of the gates and descended yet another flight of stairs into another gallery, this one filled with statuaries of various warriors and gods. It contained rows and rows of pew-like benches, leading up to a dais atop which stood one lone chair and what looked to be a reading stand of some sort. Behind it was a large engraving, the most intricate and beautiful of any Tsubaki had ever seen. It depicted a Lion intertwined in a death struggle with a Dragon. Each had its teeth buried into the other's back. Its sheer size invoked awe.

Hurriedly he ran up the stairs and through another gate. This room had eight chairs, and though it was the smaller of the first two rooms, it was the more ornate. Along the walls were carvings, and in the center were two altars. An ancient tome rested on the first underneath an enormous lamp. Tsubaki lit the lamp and carefully pried open the ancient text. It was dedicated to fallen brethren, and had names written next to many symbols that Tsubaki could only guess was some sort of cipher for ancient and forgotten dates. Fascinating as it was, there was more still. In the back corner of the room sat another shrine, this one detailing the genealogical table of a forgotten Order, and again with the same cipher for the dates. Tsubaki turned to his page and smiled. He was going to be rich auctioning off all the objects in this strange old compound! He again walked back into the main chamber and through another of the gates. This room was an old storage room. It too was an enormous room. Racks of weapons lined the walls, Tsubaki saw some old grain containers and racks where kegs of beer were once kept. Eureka! He discovered a wall with about a third covered in a wine rack. These he would keep himself. Feeling very happy and sure of his newfound riches, Tsubaki made one last journey into the main room and through the last unexplored Gate.

This gate led to a vast warren of living quarters. He opened door after door - all empty. He went down hallway after hallway - nothing. He finally reached a dead-end door, and it was locked. It took a running start and a hell of a bruise to the shoulder, but the door caved in, bursting off its ancient hinges. Tsubaki rubbed his shoulder and looked up with a start - a leering skeleton sat on a stone bench watching him. It still had remnants of a beard and some gray hair stuck with mummified flesh to the exposed bone. A moth-eaten blue robe still loosely clung to its shoulders, and in its lap was a leather sack, tied at one end. "You're not looking so good, old man," Tsubaki said to the old bones, "Better let me hold that for you." He grabbed the leather-bound bag and peered inside. The bag contained a well-preserved manuscript. It read:

"I am Hari Roku-Nan, last of the Mountain Lords of the Order of Ered Luin. I have been locked in this room to finish out my days as punishment by those who seek to destroy our way. Be you thief or nobleman, you will find this of interest, for unto you passes the last of our knowledge. Our Order contained members of all ranks of society, from the lowliest thief to great warriors and heads of state. We were finally broken into by government spies, and every last member was slaughtered. Much like our persecuted Five Ancestors, we were hunted to the ground. In this complex, you may have found riches, but before you sell them, I urge you to consider this - the greatest riches are to be found within. Continue to read. Learn the way of the Mountain Lord, the Dragon's Head. Then make your decision..."

Read he did. Tsubaki read and read. He attended a tournament in Azzal, but was quickly beaten because he had been reading so much instead of training. He took on a new vigor he hadn't felt in some time. When he returned home to Tarasac, he ordered some men to quietly begin work on restoring the guildhouse.

The Order of Ered Luin would be reborn...

Our Headquarters

Much of the home of our Order is open for viewing to the public in Tarasac. We encourage visitors not only to come and enjoy the architectural magnificence of our guildhouse (currently a level 4 vast and splendid) but also to learn about the teachings of our ancestors. Feel free to browse through the riddles posted on the four Gates. What do they mean to you?

By traveling through the Western gate you will descend into another vast room. It is here where the Mountain Lord or his steward will regale you with tales of wars long forgotten outside of the Order walls, or lead you in some quiet contemplation and meditation. On its walls are some priceless murals and engravings, the most impressive of which stands behind the dais and the speaker's chair. At no small expense this has been restored. It depicts a Dragon and a Lion locked in a death struggle, with each one's fangs sunk deep in the shanks of the other, forming a perfect circle. There are also many statues of nameless forgotten warriors, and of the Eight Gods. Enjoy them but please stay behind the ropes. They are quite expensive to refurbish and maintain.

There are secret chambers for members only as well. Our Treasury and Storeroom are off limits to outsiders, as well as the living quarters. There are tens of rooms hewn into the living rock where our senior members are granted apartments and our staff resides full time. There are also meeting rooms with further secrets deep within the complex. These are available only to our full members.

Houses of the Order

  • Tarasac - currently a level 4 vast and splendid guildhouse.
  • Hidale - currently a level 1 small guildhouse. (currently nonexistent)

Our Hierarchy

  • Senior Membership
    • The Lodge of Eight
      • The Dragon's Head, Mountain Lord - Founder and overall keeper of the Order
      • Sing Fung - Vanguard - 2nd-in-command and most trusted, enabled to make policy decisions without prior approval
      • Heung Chu - Incense Master - In charge of all rites associated with the Order and High Priest of the religion
      • Fu Shan Chu - Horse Leader - Recruitment - In charge of soliciting new members
      • Fu Shan Chu - Deputy - General Affairs - Councilor and responsible for quality assurance, making sure that all members' requests are properly addressed
      • Fu Shan Chu - Deputy - Organization - In charge of coordinating new guildhouses and their locations and funding
      • Cho Hai - Straw Sandal - Liaison - In charge of soliciting membership from realms outside the Empire
      • Pak Tsz Sin - White Paper Fan - Education - Mentor responsible for answering training questions from the membership. This position gives priority training to our members.
    • Hung Kwan - Red Pole - Not included in the Lodge of Eight but still senior members; considered the 'gang leaders' of the organization
  • Membership
    • Tai-Lo (Elder Brothers) - The meat of the organization, these are the best foot-soldiers around. They are responsible for conducting Order business and assisting with any guidance the Sai-Lo require.
      • Tai-Lo Master
      • Tai-Lo Dragon
      • Tai-Lo Tiger
      • Tai-Lo Tortoise
      • Tai-Lo Snake
      • Tai-Lo Spear
      • Tai-Lo Axe
      • Tai-Lo Sword
      • Tai-Lo Dagger
      • Tai-Lo Initiate
    • Sai-Lo (Younger Brothers) - These members are still learning and studying our ways, and have yet to be tested for advancement. They study the riddles of our guild and begin to evolve.
      • Sai-Lo Master
      • Sai-Lo Lotus
      • Sai-Lo Orchid
      • Sai-Lo Bamboo
      • Sai-Lo Lily
      • Sai-Lo Water
      • Sai-Lo Fire
      • Sai-Lo Wind
      • Sai-Lo Earth
      • Sai-Lo Initiate
  • Non-Members
    • Blue Lantern - The aspirants to our ranks, these are members who have not yet taken the oaths to the Order. It is their choice when they feel they are ready to commit.

The Thirty-Six Oaths

These are the Oaths that must be recited before the Lodge of Eight in the presence of all the members of the guild. After reciting them a Blue Lantern is accepted as a full member and becomes a Sai-Lo Initiate.

Tai-Lo Contemplations

Here are posted the contemplations of some of the more senior members of the Order that have allowed them to advance from Sai-Lo Master to Tai-Lo Initiate. They do not necessarily reflect the official opinions of our Order, but rather the meditations of our individuals.

Boba, contemplating the writing of the Western Gate-"On the narrow road of the element of metal, you must be careful. Of any two paths, it is clear that there is no impediment on the one which leads to the West."

  • The element of metal symbolizes mankind. For metal has always been a part of the world, but mankind has managed to harness it into greater things. This is the road we all walk down in our lives. We tread with some caution, for there are oaths to be faithful to, but this path — this life of ours - is unhindered.

Conall, contemplating our motto-"Yin and Yang united produce everything by metamorphosis."

  • I believe that this means that the universe and everything in it exist by balance. This balance is a balance of good and evil. Without this balance, the world cannot exist, and when Yin and Yang are in the utmost of balance, perfection exhibits from it. This does not mean that I permit evil into myself, but rather, I cleanse myself of it through meditation on the Eight Gods. They grant me favor and have allowed me to advance to master. I hope to continue as an elder brother and help bring balance to Yin and Yang by teaching my younger brothers.

Gorka, contemplating the message of the Northern Gate-"North at the sign of Barad Falas, the element of water is deep and difficult to cross, but in Rauxod and Eaglin there is a road by which you can travel."

  • It doesn't matter how difficult your path is, there is always another way to achieve your goals, even if this means a longer path.

Hawkeye, also contemplating the Northern Gate,

  • In the way of life, I believe this to mean that keeping to simplicity is the best way through life, seeing as how the sea is too large to make an agent by which to cross it, save for by boat. However, due to the size of the river, the bridge is possible. The bridge also signifies connection and unity to me, thus meaning that unity in the brotherhood is the key to achievement. Without unity and harmony with those around you, it is hard or impossible to gain any achievement.

Sephirah, also contemplating the Western Gate,

  • 'Tis a simple answer. I am a man of simple thoughts. So I looked to the obvious. First, I thought of one conclusion. To the west are our allies. We have no obstacle in that direction. However, after thinking about it more, I came to a second conclusion. The element of metal, which I assume represents the sword, has 2 paths. Fame and glory, or death. Nothing can stop us from our destiny. The road to fame and glory, while hard and dangerous, is in the destinies of some. Unfortunately, the road to death can also be our path. Perhaps it is a testament to our bravery. Perhaps we are a sign to the future through our mistakes or our willingness to die for our country. For whatever reason, death is in the destinies of some; we must always have an honorable death. For honor is above survival. It is better to die honorably than to live with dishonor.

Daddy, On the Western Gate,

  • If there is no impediment on the road to the west then to me it means I should head to the east. The easiest path is often not the best. Plus a road less traveled is more full of unfound adventure.

Morrigan, On the Northern Gate,

  • The element of Water truly signifies the sphere of emotion, a most difficult faction of our that can sometimes feel impossible to tame. However, through proper focus of our mindset, our emotion can find a path, and become as simple to integrate into our lives as a free flowing river through the mountains. Yes, there are rocky outcrops, but surely the flow will reach its destination if it only continues its journey through focus and desire. Else wise it becomes a worthless marsh when the focus is lost, and the river spreads thin. Proper focus of emotion, and desire for achievement, will help us not have to go through life sinking or floating, but rather teach us how to swim.

hikaru, contemplating the message of the Southern Gate-"The Southern road to the element of fire is hot, but in the distance, Stargard, Riverholm and Strombran it is cold."

  • When I contemplate the message of the Southern Gate, there is something that comes to my mind...On the Southern road, I saw my family of Uchiha in Andurus, a fire element family. When I look further, I saw my brother hikari of Tara, a true Uchiha. To me, fire symbolizes life and cold represents death. I believe someday we will bring the fire and life back to the dead region, Stargard, Riverholm and Strombran. I believe it is a destiny, a fate that will happen soon...

Terry, contemplating our motto,

  • I have thought about our motto, and I believe it means that the two symbols stand for light and darkness (not necessarily good and evil). Together they produce harmony and the world may grow through metamorphosis, or change. When they work together everything will grow and change as it should be and the world will be at peace. But when the two are separated, one is destroyed, the world with be spun off balance and things will not grow and change as it should be. Chaos will reign. It is our duty and members of the OEL is to make sure the two symbols remain intact and that evil does not try to destroy the harmony of growing and change.

Big Bad, contemplating the Western Gate,

  • Well metal is obviously a symbol of tools, whether of war or of work it is up to man to decide. The two paths are using metal for peaceful purposes or for war. Everyone has a destiny: whether to work or to go to battle to protect your homeland. For nobles, honour and glory is to be gained through victories, but the path to the west is the path to heaven whence everyone's destiny lies if they live a life of honour. For nobles the unimpeded path is that which gains you honour and glory and your place in the afterlife.

Wendell, contemplating the Western Gate,

  • On the element of Metal-Metal, like a man, is not at it's most useful until it is tempered. Whether this is accomplished through the heat of battle as a soldier, cavalier, or hero, the conditioning work of the bureaucrat or trader, or the fire of the Gods as a priest, a man must travel his own path and learn from it or he will never be of use to anyone but himself, and perhaps not even then. On the unimpeded path-The pathway leads to the West, from Tarasac, to travel this way would lead to our Capitol, through Imperial lands, thus there would be no conflict on this journey. Contrary to the element of metal, on the unimpeded pathway you would learn very little that would temper you into a more complete man. I see these issues as a yin and element that must be forged and tempered and fired to be useful on a path that leads to a place of friendliness and hospitality and order.

Remarque, contemplating the Eastern Gate, "To the East where the element of wood stands it is difficult to go. Sun, Moon, mountains and streams all come from Eastern seas."

  • The OEL Hall embodies the land of the Cagilan Empire. Its Eastern Gate is modeled after the Cagilan Empire's eastern borders. The "element of wood" can clearly be found in the great forests that extends from Avrende to Skalk. It is "difficult to go" because our troops often take much longer traveling through wooded areas, and let us not forget the Empire's enemies, Redspan and Abington, which lie to the west as well. The "Sun" and "Moon" refer to the moon which decorates Redspan's flag and to the sun which rises from the East. The "mountains and streams" refer to the geographical landmarks of the East: the mountain ranges of Eston and the Ash Sea Islands and the rivers which flow from the eastern sea to the Cagilan Empire's borders.

Reed Cedric Garrett, contemplating our motto,

  • Is it not true that anything can produce anything else through metamorphosis? If metamorphosis itself means "change", then it is quite self-evident that metamorphosis produces all. This world would not exist without change, and it is impossible to imagine a world without it. Yin and yang, being two different sides of the same reality, combine in different proportions and ways to form all that we see before us. I would not be contemplative and thoughtful without yin; I would not be able to fight without yang. Each has its place, and each is reflected in all the world.

Zeluioj, contemplating our motto,

  • Yin and yang are often thought of as opposing each other. Black and White. Good and evil. Dark and Light. And so it is. However it is so much more than that. The concept of Yin and Yang is too simplistic. Few people are purely evil. They exist, but are not common. No one but the Naicato are purely good. All humans change, all go through metamorphosis. Everything within our human understanding goes through metamorphosis. So it is that life is created. Our life as we understand it is created through metamorphosis. Together, with the opposing views of the world, Yin and Yang, they are created. Each view of the word shapes us. We are here to encourage that the Naicato are followed, let them shape us. However, our experiences with evil also shape us. Hopefully into good, not into further evil.

Tsubasa, contemplating the riddle of the Western Gate,

  • Metal is the key material in many weapons. One must be careful when handling weapons, as they can do both good and evil. If used incorrectly, weapons can injure unintended victims and possibly the user himself. However, when used correctly, weapons can help the user defeat any physical obstacle with ease. To the west lies Calis, where armor and weapons are forged. Metal, when used carefully, can defeat anything.

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